Posted by: sophie | 2004/10/19

was i wrong or am i wrong??????/

the man i'm involved is married, so always when his wife is around he tells not to phone him nor send messages, but now i did it or will his wife finds out or he'll or will shoot me or what? the reason i did send the messaage i feel used and neglected by him and i'm not sure if his wife found all thos messages, i just wanted his wife to know how his husband is cheating, betraying and lying to her as he says his wife thinks he's always honest and he's not

i just wanted to know that i also wants his attention.

another thing is that i'm leaving him and he's cheater he will always cheat!!! plase help!!!1

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I'm really not able to keep repeating the same advice for essentially the same questions. Affairs by and or with married people are a really bad idea. Morally wrong, and in practice rarely ending up happilly for the selfish individuals, whuile inevitably beringing pain to innocent others. Dump him.

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Posted by: TW | 2004/10/20

SHAME, you are getting quite a few nastry replies there...

here is the thing, how would you like to be the wife in this situation? And also marraige is such a sacred thing why are you allowing yourself to be treated like a mistress to let him use you sexually whenever...

There is a much better life for you a man just for you..Dont let yourself be used by this man if he has an affair with you he will have more with others to its in his nature. Pls stop this you dont want to ruin this marriage any further now!!!

Reply to TW
Posted by: debbies | 2004/10/20

eish ......sister, poeple like u make so angry. why do sell yourself short and get involved with a married man. you are causing yourself unnecessary pain and suffering. end it now.

this may sound harsh but you even have the guts to discuss it here. you are going to burn yourself. why do u settle for less by taking a married man?

Reply to debbies
Posted by: BC | 2004/10/20

Babietjie, so that the wife can claim big money from the cheating husband. hehehe
you really think that women involved with cheating assholes should act as a hidding ostrich as the best way to live their lives? (u know how ostrich hide themselves dont u? )
live life in full for a change, no-one likes to live in lies, for both wives & mistresses.

Reply to BC
Posted by: zola | 2004/10/20

Why ask for help, you got in the relationship knowing he is married. Now all you want to do is break up his marriage. Go JUMP

Reply to zola
Posted by: Mrs Ex | 2004/10/20

To dearest dumbest Babietje, you obviously have the morals of a pole dancer so why don't you get off your high horse and go and play in the traffic. No I won't have an affair because unlike you I have morals. And no, I didn't do anything to DRIVE my ex to his slut, I just made the mistake of marrying someone without morals. So go bet back in your kennel...

Reply to Mrs Ex
Posted by: babietjie | 2004/10/20

To Mrs Ex
Why dont you go ahead and destroy other marriages, just like other women who destroyed your marriage and your family's marriage,
come on guys dont be so cruel, what is it that the wifes are doing to drive their husbands to the streets? ha?

Reply to babietjie
Posted by: BC | 2004/10/20

get his wife's cell no. or home no. then call her & tell her everything you want to tell her.
you made a right decision to leave him. I am proud of you.

Reply to BC
Posted by: Mrs Ex | 2004/10/20

No of course you are not wrong. Gee wizz! Your needs and emtions are by way far superior to those of the family you have now destroyed. But that's ok, because people like you won't bat an eye when you have to look into your lover's children's eyes and see the pain that has been caused to their family. You clearly have no conscience nor any self respect. It was a woman like you (although "woman" is not a word I use easily on you) that destroyed my parents marriage of 25 years and I "woman" like you that destroyed my marriage. But it's ok - we're the ones who get to look into our children's eye's every night as their little hearts break because their family is no more. So to answer your question Ms Family Destroyer - "women like you" are a dime a dozen. You aren't the first and you won't be the last. In the end, you will always be the loser. PS oneday when someone does this to your family - remember it - when you sit with your 3 yr who is sobbing her heart out. I'm sure then you'll see how worth it your adultery was.

Reply to Mrs Ex
Posted by: amazed | 2004/10/20

get real !!! how can u expect attention from a married man ,he gave u a hint that he respect his wife by telling you not to phone nor sms that shows u have agreed to be used ,please get a life

Reply to amazed
Posted by: Juzlisen | 2004/10/20

Marconi_Love - you are being ugly - not nice.
What this woman did is wrong. Havng an affair with a married man will never be accepted by society, it would be different if she never knew he was married but she did.
Dear Sophie - you are a disgruntled woman becuase you did not get what you wanted now you want to hurt his poor wife - it's not becuase you want to open her eyes about what a bastard he is, you want to get back at him for using you, time reveals all and even if he is a cheat she might forgive him and stay with him or were you hoping she leave her husband, then he can come crying to you? Well he will only cheat on you too - dont you know that by marrying his mistress he only creates a vacancy? Take a good long look at the situatuion for what it is - you and this husband are just the same - him for being a cheat and you for thinking you can get your way by trying to destroy another's marriage.
Take what dignity you have left - get over this prick, start again and find someone who is free to love you completely.

Reply to Juzlisen
Posted by: anti-affair | 2004/10/20

Sophie, don't expect to be treated well by this man. He has a wife and you will always play second fiddle! What you are doing is so wrong! Get out of there!

Reply to anti-affair
Posted by: marconi_love | 2004/10/20

You are a typical woman that cannot get her way. First you fool a round with a married man. Then when you cannot get your way with him, as you know he is married, you go off and tell his wife.
Welcome to the world of -|- ing other peoples lifes up.

I hope his wife turns around and thank you for giving her husband a good time. Because each time he gets home after visiting you he was so horny he could not even leaf or resist his wife. What if he had his cell phone on to let his wife listhen how he is f---cking you. And then his wife is so horny, she use this big vibrator while emagining her husband having a good time with his lover. And in the meantime this husband and wife is using you for there own pleasure.
You stupid idiot, when you had him in your bedroom you should have let him phone his wife and tell him to asked her how she is. And while he is talking to her you are on top of him f---cking your lungs out.
The world is sick, welcome to the sickening world of fooling around.

Reply to marconi_love
Posted by: me | 2004/10/20

Has he got a gun? If he does, then he might just shoot you!
How on earth are we supposed to know??
In your heading you ask - was I wrong? Come on, do you really expect anyone to reply and say - of course not my dear, of course not, you did nothing wrong, it's all his fault. Get real.

Reply to me
Posted by: Jasmine | 2004/10/19

That was a rather vengeful action to take, whether this man is wrong or right. Surely you are aware that you should not have been having an affair with him in the first place? Well done on assisting another marriage to go down the tubes.
You are not going to find much (if any) sympathy here, I'm afraid, let alone agreement to justify your actions.
If he is a cheater then you are too.

Reply to Jasmine
Posted by: Kay | 2004/10/19

You KNOWINGLY had an afair with a married man and now you want to complain about it.........


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