Posted by: FromManToWoman | 2005/12/08

Want to be a Woman

I Have posted the following on the Gay,Sexual and Bisexual area as that was where I started to find myself a couple of days ago. I have been living as a man for 44 years but have always doubted my sexuality, until now. I am not gay, but could never understand why I feel the way I do. Now I know. Am I Crazy?

Hi, Me again, and YES, I am wearing panties again:-)
Since my last posting on this great site I started a lot of reading on SRS and the results thereof. What was great was the fact that guys from 18 to 50 had undergone SRS and the success rate far outweights the horror stories.
There is a definite route for any guy to take if he feels the way I do. I will not go into detail here, but just search for 'transgender' on Google and you will be amazed!
The most incredible findings was the photos of post SRS women. The grafting of vaginas has come a long way since the 1950's. Furthermore, it will be possible to live my life as a REAL WOMAN, experiencing orgasm, and providing pleasure to a man as well. Granted, the process can take anything from 6-24 months to start fulfilling your role as a woman, but the question I had to answer myself was- Is it what I really want??? To live the rest of my life as a woman... The resounding answer to my questions is YES. I WANT TO BE A WOMAN. I would be able to bring incredible joy and please in a lucky man's life. I would be able to find love as a woman. I would be able to wear female clothing and be able to feel SEXY about myself. I'll be able to make love to a guy the way it is intended to be....INCREDIBLE. I would be able to flirt, be able to be MYSELF.
It is going to be a long road for me - actually, for anyone that considers this, but after what I found while researching SRS, it is going to be worth it.
Currently I am a woman trapped in a man's body. I will be able to become a woman living in a woman's body.

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A warm welcome here on our site.

I am proud of you, for the amount of "self-research" you already did. And I can promise you, there is so much more still to find on the internet.
I think the most leberating feeling you can experience is to become one with then real you! The woman inside, she needs to be empowered and grow confidance.
I know of a person, who at the age of 80, in South Africa, followed through with SRS, and I can tell you, let your hart follow your dreams.
Keep on chatting to people on this forum, aswell as on the Gender DynamiX forum, as the more people you can meet, the more ideas you can share! If you go onto the Gender DynamiX forum, you will find a lot of information there, and also if you go to resources, you will find some very helpfull links, specially for South Africa! There is some more private SA web pages, and links wrt SA legal aspects aswell!

Please feel free to post here again!

I don't know in which area you live, in Johannesburg and in Cape Town you can also find support and social groups

Hope to hear from you again


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Posted by: Tina | 2005/12/08

I am m2f pre-op. Been out and living 24/7 since 2001. Never ran off to start a new life but instead stuck it out in my past/present environment.

I think I have been through the mill LOL. Achieved things I never thought possible.

If you are in Gauteng then meeting in 2006 will be fine :)

I am involved in various activites and support groups for TG folk and thus have access to loads of information. Amongst our activities we have a support group exclusive to "life partners" of TG's where spouses and/or significant others can find meaningful support in understanding why and what transgender is. In future we hope to widen our awareness campaigns so as to make it easier for TG folk.

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Posted by: FromManToWoman | 2005/12/08

Please tell me how far down the process you are. You really seem to know a lot.
I live in Gauteng, but would not be able to meet up before somewhere early in the new year.

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Posted by: Tina | 2005/12/08

Hi again

R U Crazy??? ... well u will be crazy not to follow your heart LOL.

Your thoughts above mirrors what I always thought about myself too. Please contact me as there is so much to talk about.

If you are in Gauteng then we can meet perhaps as I have lots of information on the mere fact, I have been there, done that.

Regrets? yes a few. FIrst and foremost, why didnt I realise and give recognition to myself a long-long time ago. Second, why did I have to put other people through my living a lie first? Well on both I have but one answer, I wasnt mature enough earlier to deal with these issues and it would have no doubt ended in suicide or something ugly :(

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Posted by: FromManToWoman | 2005/12/08

Hi Tina
Thanks for your reply. I DO appreciate it, and I will take it to heart. Also thanks for your EMAIL-I will get in contact with you.
I know one thing, I will be more woman than what I ever was a man. I always hated the things a man's got to do in order to prove his masculinity. I never fitted in with the crowd - especially those men that always try so hard to be a man - know what I mean?
I can much easier associate with woman: - I love the things they do, the things they talk about, how they would love to pamper their man tonight...and all other good (and naughty) things they 'gossip' about.
I enjoy my new-found realization. When I look at myself in a mirror, I feel sorry for the face staring back at me, knowing that I kept that face in the wrong body the whole time.
Funny, I started looking at guys differently as well - will they be gentle, kind, lovable and so on. One thing, I will only be with a guy once my complete transition to womanhood is completed.
I do believe that I was always a WOMAN on the inside - Now I can convert the outside as well. My inner-self is screaming for joy realizing that I can be free.
Think I'm crazy................

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Posted by: Tina | 2005/12/08

Hi there

I am happy for you and sense that you have done a lot of reading since posting in GLBT Expert ..............

As in your case my awakening started with panties .... ;)

But the road is hard and long and not so brightly painted as it may seems. Please dont get put off what I am about to say but best you know what you letting yourself in for.

Right now you want to BECOME a woman, in time you will realise that you ARE a woman, just not in the right body. I am yet to meet a m2f TS who will say they BECAME a woman.

The first and most important person to impress this upon is YOU and YOU alone. Not your family, not your friends but YOU. Making a decission of this nature is not like buying a new car or changing a job, it is irreversable and once you come out to people it is SAID, there is no going back "sorry I made a joke"

Your next step is to make contact with like minded people and the sooner you do the better. Not sure where you live but there are groups to join and people to meet you have started this process or completed it.

You are more then welcome to make contact with me (not sure my email will be allowed here) but lets try tinaxcd followed by AT and then mweb followed by the ussual coza at the end.

Welcome to womanhood ........... ;)

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