Posted by: MS | 2009/03/19

Vitamin B makes me angry and violent

I am generally a happy person, i' m getting married soon and have a lovely job to go to everyday. i have been advised by friends and family that i need to take Vit B to help me through stressful times, like planning a wedding or work related stress. I have taken the Vit B at various stages in my life, and i promise you that each time i start taking Vit B, it makes me more angry and violent. I become a different person, very angry, so i' ve stopped taking the Vit B tablets. please can you tell me if you have ever heard of this before or am i the only person in the world that reacts to Vit B in this way. can you suggest any other vitamins that i should take to reduce stress levels.

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Very interesting --- I have never ehard of such a reaction. Vitamins actually don't reduce stress levels, so I can't recommend any for that purpose. Counselling helps, meditation, yoga, and so on. But not vitamins

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Posted by: Walter | 2016/08/11

I'm with everyone on this. Hopefully researchers will look into it!

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Posted by: Roberto | 2016/07/15

Vitamin B makes me angry as well. FInd myself fighting with anyone and everyone during my day. Terrible mood.

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Posted by: WNC | 2016/07/02

I have the same problem. A year ago 2015. Went though a rough time when my youngest daughter was born extremely early I had some friends suggested vB to help with stress. After a few weeks I began to get irate and was not myself at all angry all the time and unable to control my rage. I'd break down and get emotional not wanting to be so angry. After my daughter's mom an I split up I didn't take any vB until recently I picked up a bottle looking for extra boost in my dad. Last night I had taken one late in the afternoon around 3 (usually take one in the am. ) And went to a event in my town had 3 beers and went to the bathroom and found myself arguing and angry. Now I'm not an angry person i don't drink a lot but when I do I'm happy and not mean. I literally had to come home and ended up blacking out three times and falling and busted my face and hand. I see I'm not the only person with this reaction to the vitamin supplement but is this more than the vitamin doing this? I've had many concussions over time from rock climbing an skateboarding and bikes snowboards and jus growing up in a small outdoor town I'm not crazy. And this morning it hit me that the vitamin may be instigating the rage sense I had not happened in over a year and this is the only thing i had changed in this time. Any help is appreciated I have two wonderful girls who need there daddy to be there and happy I just want control of my life again

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/06/20

Before a chicken fight, people give roosters a vitamin b shot. I guess it makes them so aggressive that they will fight to the death. I do not condone chicken fighting, but this is something to think about. I also have some of these same reactions with hair vitamins and even Flintstones for kids. I will not be taking any more vitamins. Thank you. I also thought i was the only one

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Posted by: DLL | 2016/06/19

I also have the same reaction when taking vitamin B supplements. Has anyone tried taking B supplements made from a FoodState form. This means that it is in the form in which you would get B12from food. the brand is MegaFood Vegan B12.

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Posted by: Ray | 2016/06/24

That's the brand i'm currently taking, and i can tell you i get the same feeling of rage, hypomania than other synthetic multivitamins. In the past 10-12 years, i have tried at least 15 different kinds of multivitamins and in every case, i get angry, depressed, filled with rage. Megafood is the last brand i decided to try because it's "whole food". But i realized my reaction is the same. You should still give it a try though, not everyone reacts like that, but for me, vitamins just make me angry.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/06/14

I was wondering why I am being so aggressive yet tearful, totally overwhelmed by the smallst thing and decided that it coincided with my vit B12 shots. I decided to investigate the medical experts sites and there is nothing at all about any of this. So thank god I found this site as I now realize that I am not actually having a nervous breakdown!!!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/06/06

I am finding that b12 makes me angry. I just wanted to check and see if anyone else has that problem, and it seems like they have. Thanks to all who took the time to post.

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Posted by: Cindy | 2016/06/10

Thank goodness for all of you for making these comments - I've had two days of hell thinking I was completely losing my mind - so incredibly angry and more - it's the B12 and folate I've taken the last two days - I'm sure of it after reading this..... I hope it wears off soon!!!!

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/05/03

So reassured to read this as I thought it was a bit odd, but yes, I feel so irritable and aggressive after taking a multi B vit - not a good look! Will check this out with the Pharmacist. Thanks for all the experiences

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Posted by: Ile | 2016/04/13

Oh so glad to have found all these comments. Im vegan and too took a sublingual B12 this morning, then went for a walk, I was happy and in a good mood... by noon I started noticing these strong feelings of anger and moodiness. Becoming very strong...I yelled at my husband, I was really snappy and I know I hurt him. I was extremely angry at my husband, my mother, my sister, my dog. I did not remember feeling so enraged, moody and angry. Still it is two in the morning and I cant sleep. I have taken b12 before and this is the first time I experience such feelings of insanity. Hope it will be gone by tomorrow.

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Posted by: P5P Is What You Need | 2016/04/06

Many people are allergic to B vitamins and those of you posting here stating it causes you to rage etc. are almost certainly in that group (as I am as well). Search and learn about and try P5P ( Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate )- it is the active form of B6 ready to go to work for your benefit immediately after absorption. It is shown to not cause the reactions many get to whole B vitamins (B6, B12). This is especially a life saver for those of us who absolutely need vitamin B to function properly, for example people who suffer from Pyroluria.

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Posted by: Hyperwind | 2016/03/30

had the same reaction to 5mg (5000mcg) Jarrow lozenges. I clearly overdosed and took 1-2 EVERY day for 2 weeks. I felt exponentially angrier, much more irritated and aggressive. Now it's 12 hours I'm off it and still angry.

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Posted by: Hyperwind | 2016/03/30

had the same reaction to 5mg (5000mcg) Jarrow lozenges. I clearly overdosed and took 1-2 EVERY day for 2 weeks. I felt exponentially angrier, much more irritated and aggressive. Now it's 12 hours I'm off it and still angry.

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Posted by: BJ | 2016/04/23

I am so relieved to read your comment. I am generally a relativley happy and level headed person, but I started taking a Vitamin B pill on Wednesday and by midday Thursday to Friday I was angry at everyone and husband inparticular (which may be normal for some, but I am blessed enough to be married to my best friend). I just felt so mad and uncomfortable and I was so tired. I am constantly up and about doing things and by Friday afternoon I did not want to even get off the couch. The ONLY thing I had changed was starting the Vitamin B. I thought maybe I was going crazy because everyone says Vit B is so great for you. My last dose was Friday morning and now it it late morning Saturday and I am already starting to feel better.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/03/23

f-me, been going nuts after an injection yesterday, irritability is through the roof and I already suffer from sever major depression. life currently hell. any idea how long this will be in my system? any antidote? water ?

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Posted by: puddlebug74 | 2016/03/16

Thank goodness for Google! I thought I was alone in this. The few people that I've mentioned it to looked at me like I was crazy or lying. When I take it I feel angry and on edge. I get tense & think mostly negative thoughts.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/03/12

Amazing! I came here today because I had my 2nd B12 injection yesterday and had the same really angry/irrational behavior today as I did three months ago when they gave me one. I wondered if it were a side effect and got to this page. I feel like my head tightens and my chest tightens and the result of the two cause havoc with my mood. Like the PMT symptoms you read about sometimes - where women could stab their husbands. Last time I will take this stuff. Could it also be an interaction with alcohol as I do drink every night - white wine - 3 standard drinks (truly standard not BIG glass standard). It may not sound like a lot (375ml over few hours) but i think it could be enough if the two (B12 and Wine) did react with each other. I did ask my doctor about drinking alcohol and he said 'Naaahh- no problem" but maybe he is wrong.

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Posted by: JC | 2016/02/23

I am normally calm, funny, and diffuse conflict in a smart manner. I am the peacemaker. I take aspirin or ibuprofen maybe 3 or 4 times a year. No other pharmaceuticals. I’m healthy in all other regards. Male in my 40’s. My behavior experience/reaction from ingesting a complex B vitamin? Chewing out a neighbor? Yep Literally chasing a solicitor out of the neighborhood? Yep Crazy (bordering on violent behavior) in front of kids and family and dog? Yep Dog runs away from me - Yep (normally a cuddler) Punched a friend in the gut in what I thought was horseplay at the time? Yep (normally I keep hands to myself and have the 4ft american bubble space around me) Stomp around the house cussing to myself for no apparent reason? Yep Drive down the street in road rage - even thought there were no other cars on the road and nothing had happened - totally stupid behavior that I despise and condemn? Yep I am not a super big guy -But I would honestly pick a fight with King Kong in a second. I see nothing wrong with what I have done or while doing it until the next day when it has cleared my system and I have calmed down. If the Nazi’s had given this to soldiers before battles we would have lost the war. I have been convinced (as have others around me) that I was going crazy and at unpredictable times and had psychopathic problems that would just appear out of the blue but sometimes not at all. I did all sorts of blood tests, saw a psychologist a psychiatrist and on and on. Everything was fine, fine, fine. A friend of mine put it together and kept asking me “what changed? What have you done differently? You are not normally like this.” He helped me narrow down the dates and times I was crazy and when I wasn’t. So, being a numbers guy and having an endless curiosity, I made the correlation between Vitamin B intake and outrageous behavior and turns out it that for me it is a causal relationship too. It was so difficult to find the link between the two as my vitamin b use was intermittent and something I thought to be benign. “Taking a B Complex may help but could not hurt” was my thought process. I would sometimes take it for a week then stop for days/months then remember to start taking again when I saw it in the cabinet for all those delicious health benefits. So how could this happen? I was just stunned that my problem was so simple to cure. ONE: We trust the government too much. OK, I trust too much. This is the organization that poisoned alcohol during prohibition, injected people with plutonium, trail of tears, McCarthyism and few other disgusting unmentionables. Yes, I am ignorant for trusting completely. While the US does many things right, they can and still will have some major snafu’s. They are not doing this intentionally. That is a very important distinction. This happens based on numbers. If 1% percent of population has a reaction - that’s their damn problem - because the FDA can still boast a 99% success rate and it does not kill you directly. You may harm or kill others or be killed yourself but that’s an indirect action. So 1% -that’s only 350,000 people with a severe reaction to this stuff -or the population of say …Colorado Springs. No biggie. TWO: Vitamins (most made in China) are considered food by the FDA and not subject to the same rigorous deep testing that pharmaceuticals are. The vitamins I took are also synthetic and are byproducts of other chemical separation processes that are then put into a pill (in a mass dose because more is better) and not a natural source (like eggs, spinach etc.) which is absorbed differently by the body and thus has a much different effect. So a law/regulation (or lack of) allows a potential poison to be marketed freely. It’s buyer beware -guilty party - ME. Lastly, after speaking to my brother in law (a published biochemist/brain researcher in the ivy league) I am fairly certain there is some sort of neuro-pathway blockage going on that ignores/bypasses emotional stages, so calm to hellboy in 1 second flat. I know there’s many many things going on here, but this oversimplification fits and sits quite well. Hope this helps. I am glad it does not affect everyone this way because if it did they could put it in the water supply and BAM! you would have an apocalyptic event instantly. Get into a fight with your neighbor, perhaps survive the road rage trip to the hospital but then the doctor would kill you when you got there. Take care and have a salad. You’ll feel better. I did.

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Posted by: ray | 2016/06/24

I am exactly like you...I have tried like 15 different kinds of multivitamins and in every case, i get angry, moody, irritable and filed with rage and depression. It's weird because a deficiency in any of the b vitamins will can produce these symptoms as well... I guess some people are just sensitive and they it's better for them not to take any vitamins

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/03/05

I feel very angry and irritable when taking vitamin B even when is a drink called Rejuvelac that I made myself, that is supposed to be rich in B vitamins

Posted by: Robin | 2016/02/05

I had thought there was a correlation and stopped taking my sublingual B12 and B6 (after reading this site). Skip to a few months later and I thought maybe I was just being sensitive, and have taken it for the past 3 days. So far I have gone off on 3 people today. And I mean seriously lost it. I cannot take this stuff. Even though it might help me with energy its not good for me. I am throwing my remaining B in the garbage.

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Posted by: Susan | 2016/01/15

yes, yes yes!! every time I try taking B vitamins I get hypomanic and experience severe irritability. my nutritionist has me off all B vitamins until we do further testing. so far I found I have the MTHFR mutation (regarding methylation) and I know that has to do with it but being the non scientific brain I am, I have no idea what that mean. Only that I have to avoid B vitamins for now. very frustrating!!

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Posted by: Deryl | 2015/12/27

My son is Hell on wheels after taking b12. Everyone should report this to the FDA. They claim they have never had any reports of adverse reactions. FDA should know this so they can warn people and fund a study to determine why this happens. It could lead to important medical discoveries. I'm going to report it!

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Posted by: sarah | 2015/12/01

Thank you all so much for your input!! I have been experiencing the same things when taking any Bs! I thought i must be crazy. Anger, frustration, tension, miserable. Clenching my teeth. And the cursing like a sailor!! I feel horrible and guilty that my family has had to listen to it!! I have had a hunch for probably a year and have taken Bs on and off because of these symptoms i thought were in my head. So greatful to have found this discussion!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/11/18

I self diagnosed myself with Pyroluria a condition that causes severe inner tension/ anxiety. The condition basically causes you pee out most of your zinc, b6, and other essential minerals. So I started taking supplements to replenish this loss I notice I began going into a rage, super angry, I mean everthying made me angry I knew it was the B6 because I had similar experience in the past with vitamin b. My question is like many of the posting here, what if your body is desperately needing this vitamin because it causing anxiety symptoms but it's unable to process it. Why can't our bodies process these vitamins,it seems to be causing some type of toxic affect?

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Posted by: lindsey | 2015/11/08

I just found out i had iron deficiency anemia and i decided to top up with b12 as well as taking iron bc its needed for blood. I did not get b complex bc i had rage issues when i took it in the past, usually wanting to yell at people and feeling like everyone looks angry. After just 2 days of taking these b12 tablets i got the same thing ive not had for years, only worse. Also i tend not to have problems sleeping but last night i could not switch my brain off. Taking A-z multi vitamins and minerals does not effect me this way despite them having b vitamins in them. Its possible its related to the thing in isolation without minerals to buffer the effects. I dont get mood based reactions to any other vitamins but B, ive even thought about trying them all by themselves to get to the bottom of just what this is. There was one other thing that effected me like B complex does and that was SAMe.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/10/13

I am also the same way with B vitamins. The B-12 shots my doctor gave me made me so very tired and she didnt know why. My blood work showed low in Vitamin B-12. I quit taking the shots (who needed to feel tired) I kept looking into why in the world anyone could feel tired supplementing with B-12 as it is for energy. I know that our bodies only need a very small amount of B-12, about 2mg only. The reason they are sold in such high mgs in supplements is because of the assumption we wont absorb much of it. I also know that B vitamins are to be taken together. I purchased so many different types, sprays, sublingual, small increments. I am okay with the B-6 and niacin. But B-12 made me so very irritable I could also not handle this reaction. I recently purchased the synergy company totally food based B-vitamins and have the same reaction. I thought If I cannot be sane with a food based what in the world will I do and we all know we need our B-s. I do believe this has to do with the MTHFR, just google it, you will see a website with a wealth of information with a doctor who is very much aware of this genetic problem. It is a common genetic problem and my sister and mother have both been tested and do have it, so I suspect I do as well. This defect can cause a lot of problems and everyone needs to know about it. I purchased their hydro- type B-12 but it gave me headaches. Now I have tried them all, every type, all food based, organics, you name it. Something is definetely wrong with your metabolic pathways if you have this reaction. A great tip I got from the MTHFR website is IF you have just taken your B-12 and / or B-complex (from any source) and find yourself with this irritability issue, take some Niacin. It will calm you down. Now, I opened a capsule and just put about half in water and chugged it back, chased it with a sip of cola. (Use whatever you like) within half an hour, I was myself again and thank goodness because I was heading to work and could not face my co-workers the way I was feeling I would have gotten fired I was so out of my norm! I promise you, this works. If you dont feel the way I did, then consume the rest of the capsule. This seems to balance you out. The capsule I had was a 500 mg capsule, so taking half gave me 250 mg of Niacin. I had no stomach upsets or personal issues if you know what I mean. (no restroom breaks needed) Please, please visit the MTHFR website as this is the only source of information for this problem. Very few doctors are aware of this MTHFR gene testing. You can gather your information and order the testing yourself from 23andme labs, it is relatively inexpensive but you will have to interpret your testing or work with a doctor knowledgeable in this area. There are also two websites that 23andme recommends to interpret your testing for various reasons, they are not allowed to do this for you (its a long story) but completely reliable and trustworthy lab company. I searched the databases for any doctor who can help with MTHFR testing and in the entire state of Florida there is only ONE! so now you know what your up against. Not many across the states are familiar. Good luck to you all, its not just you, its a lot of people.

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Posted by: TL | 2015/10/10

I get very angry when I take vitamin b12. I can overeact at a moment notice. I quit taking them, and I was fine. I just took them again last week because I was getting tired. This time I lost my temper at work and yelled at someone.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/10/03

Me too! I had been taking b12 supplements that were prescribed and became a whole different creature. I was so angry everyday and hated everything. I stopped taking it a week ago and I am me again. People have noticed both changes!

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Posted by: jf | 2015/08/05

I, too, get combative when taking vitamin B supplements. It seems if I take vitamin pills in general I am angry, depressed, and drop the "F" bomb like it was a term of endearment. I did discover though that if I get supplemental vitamins in a food-base such as "health" bars, Boost, or even Slim Fast I don't have these feelings. I don't understand the difference. I'm older and it has nothing to do with menopause because I've been like this for as long as I can remember. I had been feeling run-down lately and also worried about getting enough calcium so I began to take calcium and D, along with an iron pill every other day, and thought gummie vitamins might count as a food base so took those as well. Since then I have been surly, miserable, hate-filled, and both hostile and withdrawn at the same time. In fact, my political views changed! I stopped caring about everyone and ESPECIALLY the poor, the sick and injured, the downtrodden, crime victims, children, and foreign drivers. And my life revolves around helping people! Scary!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/08/03

You may also check to see if you have MTHFR, it involves methylation and they way we process folic acid. I did a 23&me for $99. It's expensive as its own test as labs get upwards of $600 for just that test. But if you have MTHFR you will use all of the information you get from23&me with the functional medicine doctors or naturapaths you may go see. I was the same having lots of anger issues/stress and it was extremely aggravated by the taking if any kind of B's.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/07/30

I have been so irritable and I told my husband my B-12 that the Dr prescribed was the only difference. It was prescribed due to a deficiency in my blood. She also referenced my lack of energy which was a definite problem for me. I do have more energy while taking the supplement but I don't like the irritability. I am going to try drinking more water like someone posted and hope that helps. If not, I will just have to go back to sleeping 10 hrs a day. I am a preschool teacher I need to maintain my patience.

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Posted by: Ken | 2015/07/17

My wife just told me yesterday that her neurologist asked her to take 1000 mcg of B-12 orally, because her B12 blood levels are low. She was given the injections a few months ago, and gradually got severe side effects including: extreme anger, hating everyone she came in contact with, feelings of extreme rage, anxiety, felt like crying, feeling that everyone hated her, extreme negative feelings and NO positive feelings, etc. You get the idea. She stopped the shots and started the B12 pills 5 days ago and got the exact same severe intolerable symptoms after 2 or 3 days. She will not take B12 any more! Thank you for this blog. I will show her she is not the only one........A Concerned Husband.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/09/23

I'm having something similar happen, with the anger that is. It's completely obvious that it's happening because of the B12 shots. Yet it seems to help other symptoms as someone above mentioned. This pattern alone should indicate something. What is the question. Maybe the MTHFR genotype mentioned above.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/07/12

I've been taking a multi-vitamin and have noticed extreme anger, impatience etc and was thinking I was getting depressed, maybe seeking consultation/ anti depressants. After reading these posts, and not taking the vitamins, I have noticed a decrease in anger. Got to be a correlation after reading all of these posts. The vitamins I have been taking indicate 100% of Vitamin B6 but B12 of 833%!! (daily value) * They are senior vitamins. I am thinking now there is a correlation; Bayer product One A Day. Think I will toss!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/06/09

I have tried taking B vitamins off and on for over the past 20 years, and every time, it's the same old thing. I become a raging witch, and have terrible anxiety. Even went to a health food store and bought "raw" B vitamins, and it was even worse! So I give up.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/10/22

I, too, have tried so many different brands with the hope of higher energy with the same results~I become wretched, screaming at my 93 year old mother and my kids. I tried a very small dose of the MTHF Bs with the same result. I give up on Bs. I'd rather get nothing done than to act like that. I also react to a few sips of coffee the same way. And a few times, I'm sure I was given regular instead of decaf by accident and feel the same way...shaking on the inside and wretched to others. It took me a long time to believe that Bs could be responsible because everything used to say the opposite. Now I see more people saying the same thing, so I don't feel like a complete nut! Thank you internet!

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/06/05

I am with the anger part and depression of B12 vitamins. I started taking them again for a week and have not been myself at all. Crying for no reasons, depressed, irritable. I couldn't stand myself too. I take 1000mg of D3 and E vitamins. E for hair heath and growth and they don't seem to effect me. I take D3 for I was very low years back and doctor recommended. I always take vitamins with water not thinking B12 would have a reaction or any reaction with my body. I am never taking B12 again, its like severe PMS symptoms everyday, all day and I live a happy life. I just got engaged, have a nice part time job while attending full time classes. No reason I should be depressed or angry!!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/07/30

I am the same way! I am supposed to take high doses of vitamin B for my fibromyalgia yet when I do I am miserable

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/06/03

I have found a strange correlation between water and anger when taking Vitamin B supplements. It seems strange to say, but the molecules in the water must be used up in the metabolising of the B12, because this is the way I take B vitamins now. I drink an effervescent form of supplement with my evening meal at say 7pm. I may drink a bit of water after the meal. When going to bed at night, I may drink two large glassfulls of water directly as I'm about to retire. (Like just before you brush your teeth). God only knows why, but Guranteed, I can make it through the night without visiting the bathroom. If there is a growing need to go, it almost always has nothing to do with amount. It's like a large part of the water has been absorbed and retained, or changed or something, because it's not appearing in the wee small hours. In the morning, you may want to drink another glass full, and you should be ok. No bad temper. The water deficit - the water that is being "used" when metabolising the Vitamin B - is for some of us causing the bad temper because with the water, the body cannot process the remaining vitamin b or the bodies normal metabolic processes. You end up with too many toxins in the blood I guess, and that sets you off. And for me I just used to loose it completely at colleagues and drivers... Not a good combination!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/06/03

TYPO: for some of us causing the bad temper because WITHOUT the water, the body cannot process the remaining vitamin b or....

Posted by: youngman | 2015/05/07

Yes too much b vitamims make me feel angry and hot too, I think its cause they form more blood

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Posted by: Me too! | 2015/04/10

It happens to me with B5 and B12. Sometimes B6 as well. Took one today for energy and was ANGRY within a half hour. Like when you're starving and irritable, but I'd just had lunch.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/02/06

OMG, I really thought I was losing it. I have been getting so angry, yelling driving the car, no patience, can't stand myself. Crying at everything. I took myself off B12, Vit D, Vit C, 5Http and magnesium. I feel like myself again. No anger, no anxiety....Happy. Then I discovered all this bad news about vitamins. I'm never taking them again. And there are reports that say we don't really need them. It's just big business again. And who the hell knows what they're putting in them.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/10/22

I tried a cal mag vitamin a few times and each time had a constant lower back ache which stopped when I stopped the pill. Same with a friend of mine. Same problem with Bs as you. Coffee too

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/05/16

Oh my gosh! You sound exactly like me, I even split my pill in half and still get irritated!

Posted by: cheryl | 2015/03/31

same with me took vitamin b 12 , there are two kinds and the later one makes me crazy with rage it's horrible ,

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/02/04

Needed a Energy fix I thought and bought a B-Complex + Vitamin C. Took them off and on for the last 2 weeks about. First 2-4 was like super dad on crack, wanted to talk to everyone and just keep talking and talking ALOT! It was like this expression urge it was good but also noticeable. So i stop taking for a while and then tried it again. Everything is fine then lets say kids do something wrong I get up and I am full of this like energy lust to fight or fix things. This last for 2-6 hours after one pill. I am med sensitive and have also had anger issues taking anything related with Green Tea or Caffeine included products. It makes me angry and a complete asshole. I am not joking about the side effects and I even tried taking pills same time for a few days. Did not even take my normal multivitamin on those days when I took the B-Complex. I should also mention I am taking 5HTP once a day sometimes. I have had issues consistently on anything that provides a "substitute for energy" or some complex or diet pills related to weight loss. Monster drinks make me rage so I stopped drinking those. Normal coffee that you brew does not have this effect on me at all.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/01/27

Well B12 makes me angry too. But then Diazepam depresses me.! Fickle I am but usually as fit as a flea, only now I have this blessed anaemia thing and I have to take B12 & folic acid. Just pray that I can tolerate them. When I look at the problems not absorbing them causes and the memory loss thingy I've just got to try. Anyone got a suggestion of how to overcome this nastiness?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/07/19

Try the liquid that you put under the tongue. I have the same thing, but I have been pregnant and nursing, so I also have to take vitamins. After a lot of research I think this is a direct result of thyroid problems. I have had this problem unresolved for 5 yrs and 4 pregnancies, very difficult. Had to take vitamins morning and night and the worst part was no one believed I had no control over my anger, that I was just a mean person. After I looked into thyroid it makes me sense, but now even off the vitamins I started having problems, being so drained after baby 4. I think it progressed I couldn't get up and move around I was so tired and weak. Found gluten free diet is the only thing that makes me feel normal again, finally not angry, but always hungry

Posted by: Candice | 2014/10/15

I am so glad to have seen this. I started a prenatal vitamin with B12, and the past week I have been extremely irritable, very down and very tearful - I am crying at the drop of a hat. I suspected it might be the vits, but now seeing the post concerning the vitamin B, I am starting to suspect that that may be the cause. I will certainly stop taking it now and try a substitute that does not contain it. Any advice or recommendations on a good prenatal vitamin that does not contain vitamin b / b12?

Reply to Candice
Posted by: Candice | 2014/10/15

I am so glad to have seen this. I started a prenatal vitamin with B12, and the past week I have been extremely irritable, very down and very tearful - I am crying at the drop of a hat. I suspected it might be the vits, but now seeing the post concerning the vitamin B, I am starting to suspect that that may be the cause. I will certainly stop taking it now and try a substitute that does not contain it. Any advice or recommendations on a good prenatal vitamin that does not contain vitamin b / b12?

Reply to Candice
Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/10/13

So glad to find out I'm not crazy. I suspected this for sometime but everyone kept telling me that they hadn't heard of this. Just took a Vitamin B complex and I am completely on edge. I'd love to know why this happens.

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/10/05

I do well on B6 but not on B12. My wife is the opposite. Has to do with methylation cycles.

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Li | 2014/09/20

Yes I've noticed this on several high quality B brands form pills to liquid form, I feel happy and then next day or two very bad mood. Why are so many of us feeling this way over the B vitamin supplements?

Reply to Li
Posted by: cam | 2014/07/07

Good to know someone else feels the same way. I get crazy angry after only two or three days taking vitamin B. I don't know why there isn't more literature on this or warnings before taking it.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/08/31

It has made me irritable and angry whenever I take it. Over course of 57 years, I have tried taking it 4 times..each time, the results are the same

Posted by: Muffin | 2014/07/07

Along with Vitamin B12 making me irritable, it also makes me hungry. I've noticed that food tastes much better since I've been on B12; therefore, I'm eating more at meals and have gained some weight over the past month that I've been taking Vitamin B12.

Reply to Muffin
Posted by: Muffin | 2014/07/07

I'm glad to know there are others with the same problem I have with Vitamin B12. I was instructed to take two B12 daily but it is making me irritable so I will try taking only one and see if I can tolerate that.

Reply to Muffin
Posted by: lisa w | 2014/06/04

Omg, I feel so agitated and angry on b vitamins. It was suppose to calm me dwn, not get me angry. I need to find something else natural for anxiety and nervousness. please help !

Reply to lisa w | 2 comments (hide)
Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/12/14

Perfect Calm vitamin from New Chapter with in 15 min. to 30 min. you will feel a lot better.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/12/14

Perfect Calm is the answer it's Great !!!

Posted by: mimi | 2014/06/03

Vitamin b changes my personality. I think it has caused my pre natal and post natal depression and anxiety. It has caused a havoc to my health. My husband thinks I am a neurotic person when I take it

Reply to mimi
Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/05/31

I have Just had a series of B12 shots and have felt extremely irritable. I work shift and do not get sick but Doctor said it would give me extra energy (maybe like the incredible hulk). I am so relieved to see I am not the only one. BTW no real extra energy but do wake hungry in the middle of the night.

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/05/06

Thank goodness for this. I tried a little bit of B2 and B6 this morning, not withstanding my previous sense that I would hurt someone on the road the last time I took B vitamins. I was so agitated today and so depressed it frightened me.

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/04/27

Yep. Me, too. My husband calls them "war pills". I don't do it.

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Jack B Wild | 2014/03/28

the B1 shots make me go Ballistic , but then again , so does the Honey Bear , ( DON'T make open a jar of Honey Bear Whup Ass )

Reply to Jack B Wild
Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/03/09

i do agree with you.

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: mcay | 2014/02/18

Wow b12 will make me punch someone just for breathing to hard

Reply to mcay
Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/01/24

Old thread I know but I was told that when you stop drinking that you should take b-12, I have and after just 4 days sober and 2days of the b-12, I have been snapping at the littlest things. I'm better than that. Gonna stop that b-12.

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Darla | 2014/01/22

I just hit my boyfriend and push him ,this morning been taking B complex.But i ve got diabetes , hypothyroidsm and PCOS.i think its very much related.

Reply to Darla | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: mimi | 2014/06/03

I get very angry and manic for days after taking any vitamin b

Posted by: msh | 2013/12/24

If I take B12 within a short period of time I become a BEAST! I am angry and depressed. It is HORRIBLE! I don't know why it does this. I have heard that it could be an allergic reaction to the yeast that can be used in making the vitamin. I have really no idea what causes it but know that I need to stay away from it at all costs!

Reply to msh
Posted by: hallswer5 | 2013/11/12

Wow! I thought I was going crazy. It's nice to know other people feel the same way. When I take b vitamins I am very quick to anger and jump on the little things. I am taking prenatal vitamins right now and I've been super cranky. I just read that they have b vitamins in them. Someone told me to take fish oil with my b vitamins but it didn't help. I'm not sure how to get the nutrients I need for pregnancy without the b vitamins in them.

Reply to hallswer5
Posted by: Jen | 2013/10/30

OMG... SO glad I found this. I started on a B-6 100mg 3 days ago and the last 3 days of my life have been a nightmare. I give B-6 to my son for ADHD and he functions well on it, it makes him a calmer person and mor focused. So I started taking it too (becuase I am 99.9% sure I have undiagnosed ADHD, and I don't have the time & money to go through the steps of getting diagnopsed). Anyhow, I have been angry and irritated about every little thing. I wake up in a good mood (singing ang dancing and smiling, yes really, that's how happy I usually am), then I eat my breakfast and take my Vit B and it is all down here from there. I really feel off and anxious and I am ready to explode at any minute, like a ticking time bomb. I am going to stop taking it and maybe try a low dose multi vitamin, as I am usually ok on multi vitamins.

Reply to Jen | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/05/16

My experience is exactly like yours! Wake up happy and then full of rage after these vitamins! A simple task like looking for my car keys in purse sets me off! Done taking them for good!!!

Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/10/07

I have just noticed myself getting very angry too and I have just started taking floradix for iron for pregnancy but I also take a multi vitamin with high levels of vit b. floradix also contains lots of vitamin b and was very interested to see other people connecting the two.

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: tammey | 2013/07/23

Thank God I'm not alone. I thought I was going crazy.

Reply to tammey
Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/06/24

I also become very angry, but only after several days of taking 200 mg of B6. I found myself chewing out a neighbor who has wronged me on several occasions and later that night when trying to fall asleep I continued to ruminate about the neighbor. None of this is my usual personality - usually I'm too easy going and people like my psycho neighbor push me around. Perhaps the B6 is correcting that problem and bringing me into a more normal state? BTW - I think that the "experts" reply to this was embarrassingly weak and not worth its posting.

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: CS | 2013/05/03

You're not the only one. I had been taking B12 (aka B Complex, which has all variations of Vit B), and it doesn't take too long after only a single pill before I notice being very agitated, annoyed, slightly irritated. All pretty much out of the blue, or for little to no reason.

Reply to CS
Posted by: jskr | 2009/03/19

I also tend to go into " Hyper Drive"  on vitamin B, then continue to short circuit and become extremely tired...I have stopped using it for this very reason...

Reply to jskr
Posted by: MS | 2009/03/19

Wow, I can' t believe i found someone with the same issues regarding Vit B.

Reply to MS | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: angi | 2015/07/07

This is me!! If i dare take b vitamins i get so angry and depressed. It is awful. Idiots keep telling me to use b vits for energy. No thanks!

Posted by: She | 2009/03/19


No I am with you there, I have found that if I take Vit B or vitamins with etc B &  B6 etc in then I too have a personality change I get angry very quickly and hyper, I have also been told to take them for stress but it seems to stress me more. I would love to know what other people here suggest.

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