Posted by: Estelle | 2004/11/10

vinstrol steroid

Is it save to use, i have osteo porosis in my spinal?

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Please consult a doctor regarding this. It is vitally important!!

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Posted by: Rob | 2005/10/29

Winstrol and Vinstrol are exactly the same steriod but just with different manufacturing names. The ingredient used is call stanazol which is a low androgenic substance. The steriod can be used for cutting and lean muscle growth. It is one of the safest or cleanest riods around apart from deca durabolon. In any steriod the injectable is always better to use as it puts less strain on your liver. For stanazol to work efficiently 30 - 50mg should be taken every second day, but if using the injectable every second day scar tissue would develope so it is better to take twice a week and start off with 2-3ml in your first week and build your way up to 5ml a week. The tab however should be taken on your workout days and 3-5 tabs (depending on the strength of the tab) should be taken on that day. Stanazol injectables usualy comes in a 20ml bottle and it is 50mg/ml whereas the tab is anywhere from 5-10mg per tab. Remember when usings riods it is always better to take vitamins and liver tabs. To gain resulst a proper diet and traing program shoud be used.

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Posted by: pig | 2005/10/11

can vinstrol help you lose weight if you use it correctly? if that is the case how should i use it?

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Posted by: Micky | 2005/09/26

I'm doin gyming n weight training since las 2 yr, but i hv not been regular, i use 2 weigh 102 kgs wen i started Gyming, i did all cardiculoar exercises in begining n a little weights n controlled on my diet, wid in 18 months i came down to 75 kgs, now d problem is my muscle growth is not good, since las six months i'm workin out like crazy but not gettin desired results, i hv lots of loose flab on my tummy n lower chest n it's not goin away no matter how much i work out, i hv taken lots of proteins, fat burners, muscle stiffness capsules but d fat is not goin anywere, pla help me, now my coach is recomending me 2 take VINSTROL in injection form, Is It safe??? wil it suit my body type??? plz plz plz help me let me know asap...

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Posted by: Keen to Cut | 2005/09/13

Hows it going with you guys 8 months later? Have you picked up any weight? What do I need to eat and how much exersize exactly?

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Posted by: silver_bull | 2004/12/18

just some info im a guy of 23 on Vinstrol tabs, been on them a week and two days, lost a kilo (as i need to loose a few anyway) and have lost 3% body fat. my srength is increasing nearly everyday i started by taking 4 tabs a day and was told after two weeks of 4 tabs a day everyday to increase to 6 tabs a day im not taking anything other than some hecticly strong fat burners (with ephadrine in). i want to know how long can i take them for before i need a break, how long should the break be and wen can i start taking them again.

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Posted by: Guy | 2004/11/17

Winstrol does make a womans clit grow though - it start looking like a little penis - no jokes - cos my wife went on it - and her clit has grown - even when she stopped it stayed the same cos you must remember a womans private parts are underveloped penis's but i dont mind her clit its actually cute - cos it looks identical to a penis head except miniture

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Posted by: Chick | 2004/11/17

Start off 1 ml then go max 1.5ml - you must inject every 3rd day - i iwll email you

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Posted by: gym freak | 2004/11/17

Thanks so much for the advice. i will give it a bash. My fiance has some at home that he is not going to use. could you pls give me some advise on the mg I should take per week, and how long my cycle should be. you can send me a mail if you want effpropman at mweb dot co dot za.

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Posted by: Chick | 2004/11/17

I am telling you i get excellent results - got so much more definition - Well let me be honest i had like NO side effects only slight slight skin issues but like i say maybe once or twice but other than that nothing - Probably worst side effect was i was hungry all the time lol - it is really good i have to take a break now but after 4 weeks will def be back on it again - I would reccomend it to ppl

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Posted by: gym freak | 2004/11/16

Hi chick. Did you really get better results out of the injectable? I wanted to go on the injectable, but was advised against it. Are you trying to build or tone? I am very hapy with my shape and size, i just want to tone a bit. please give me your comment.
Also what are the side effects of the injectable?

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Posted by: Chick | 2004/11/16

dave you are right the tablets are much worse for you - i am a woman was on a 6 week course of 5mg tabs then went on injectable just come off now (23 F) and they injection is absolutely much better than the tabs the gains are fantastic. I started the tabs 1 day worked up to 3 then back down to one. You should also take essentialy with the tabs. To be honest i would rather pay 650 for the injetable its worth it

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Posted by: Gym Freak | 2004/11/16

Dave, The injectable winstol is 250 mg while the tablet is only 5 mg. I think that women should rather take the tablet every day. My coarse was 1 tab a day in week one then 2 in week two and 3 in week three and then back down again. It worked like a bomb. It is not so bad on your liver if you drink plenty of water and take milk thistle 3 x a day

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Posted by: Dave | 2004/11/15

Winstrol is a fairly safe drug with low androgenic effects which means it doesn't really mess around with the bodies hormones etc. As mentioned above diet is crucial with any training program. I would suggest rather getting the ijectable version of Winstrol as I have read that the tabs do put much more strain on the liver. You should use the injectable every 2nd or 3rd day.

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Posted by: gym freak | 2004/11/12

I am using the vinstrol tablels and am peaking at this time. I started them 4 weks ago and have achieved more lean muscle than I did during 2 years of just using fat burners and protein shake. You must eat properly and train properly.

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Posted by: Chick | 2004/11/11

flygirlbcsathotmaildotcom - msn me - but i have u on my contacts already!!

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Posted by: BillaBoy | 2004/11/11

Chick, give an email (billaboy at webmail dot co dot za), or if you are on messenger. billaboy at hotmail dot com

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Posted by: Chick | 2004/11/10

You can use it - it is good - i finished my course of that about 2 months ago - BUT you must eat properly and train properly if you dont train properly you wont cut just get big - also you must take essentialle with it because it puts alot of stress on your liver - how many pills you taking a day -

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Posted by: Estelle | 2004/11/10

hallo my trainer by the gym give it to me to me he said it will give me for cutting muscle. It is vinstrol. On the bottle says vinstrol
Stanozolol USP 5mg.
Do u think its the wrong tablet please help me.

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Posted by: Chick | 2004/11/10

What do you want to use it for - btw it is Winstrol or winny not vinstrol

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