Posted by: tambotam | 2004/10/14

Very Confused!! Take or avoid supplements during chemo?

Please, please help me!
My mom was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, which was malignant but successfully removed in surgery. she is now undergoing radiation treatment (with two weeks to go out of six) and is also taking Temoxil as a chemo tablet every day for the next two weeks and then only five days out of every month for six more months.

Her other medication includes eglynol (anti depressant), epilim (anti convulsive), decadron (anti inflammatory 0,5mg three times a day) an antibiotic and probiotic and zantac (150mg twice a day).

Initial advice I received was to avoid all supplements during this time, except for Glutamine, Whey protein and something called Clear Form - which helps with detoxification (an amipro product full of vitamins and things like taurine). We have also been giving mom salmon oil capsules and bear claw garlic and have made fresh juices daily.

A few days ago I visited a nutritionalist who told us to cut red meat, dairy, fruit and gluten out of her diet and suggested Ester C, CoQ10, Barley Green (and Just Carrots and Redibeet juice concentrates). These are strong antioxidants and as I was orginally advised that antioxidants are to be avoided so as not to interfere with the chemo drug - I am extremely confused! Please could you tell me what you think is best?!

We are giving mom one portion of whey protein (17grams) and one 10mg sachet of glutamine a day, as well as only one scoop of the Clear Form (instead of two). She is also having two glasses of fresh carrot and spinach/cabbage or tomato juice daily. Is that sufficient if she is eating well - we are sticking to organic produce, lots of fish, beans etc. Also, will it harm her to have fruit, organic butter or cheese occassionally?

My other question is : I had heard that flax seed oil / seeds were excellent mixed with yoghurt or cottage cheese, however, I have also heard that it is not good to have too much omega 3 and that the salmon oil and olive oil is better? What sort of quantities should we be looking at for both?

I really don't know how to decide what to do and feel so powerless, so I would be most grateful for your help. It is very difficult making these decisions when it is someone you love that is involved!

Thank you for your time!
Kind regards

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Dear Tambotam
I am so sorry to hear about your dear Mom's illness. Because you are so confused and she has a serious illness and is receiving so many treatments, Please consult a a clinical dietitian (not a nutritionalist) (check the List of Dietitians on this Website or phone 082-593-0276 or send an e-mail to or look in your local telephone directory or Yellow Pages, to find a dietitian in your area). She/he will work out a diet for your Mom that takes her condition and the treatments into account so that her supplement use, etc, will not interfere with the treatment and that she will be strengthened by her diet. Click on 'Diet' at the top of this page and then on 'Food as medicine" for some additional information. But see a registered clinical dietitian ASAP.
Holding thumbs for all of you
Best regards

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Posted by: Jack | 2004/10/18

Have a look at www (dot)

It's typical that a website like that one has to be hosted in Togo to avoid censorship by Big Brother corporates.

I find it interesting that some researchers find a link between cancers and the presence of root canals in teeth. That's one that pops up quite often, and is worth looking into.

Reply to Jack
Posted by: Jack | 2004/10/18

Oops, I meant to write "Apricot kernels" not almonds. That's what happens when one tries to write on complex subjects in the early hours of the morning!

Almonds are very good nuts, from a nutritional perspective but don't contain the necessary anti-cancer molecule. Many types of fruit seeds do, however, including appleseeds and pear seeds, and of course, apricots.

You'd have to find a *really* enlightened oncologist to assist you with administering large doses of ascorbate intravenously. It's necessary to monitor carefully so that you don't proceed too quickly, as I mentioned before.

You can't very well expect the medical profession to work with "alternative" therapies. There's no profit in it for them.

Your average oncologist will recommend chemotherapy, even in hopeless cases, because he or she makes a huge profit from administering them. And the oncologists know full well that the combined success rate for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy combined is in the 10 to 20% range for epithelial cell cancers (the most common kind).

Surgery IS indicated for many brain cancers, because of the problems caused by the pressure exerted by the extra mass inside the skull.

I strongly encourage you to do your research, and take charge of your health and your mother's. The doctors, sad to say, are only in it for the money.

Reply to Jack
Posted by: tambotam | 2004/10/17

Dear Jack

Thank you so much for taking the time to write with advice - I really appreciated it.

I will take a look at the websites you recommend and have made notes of your suggestions. A friend of mine has an almond farm, so I think I could get hold of the kernals without too much of a problem.

Mom only has eleven treatments left and her oncologist insists that because her tumor was aggressive and the chemo dose she is on is low, we do not touch high doses of Vit C or use antioxidants. So, I think we are going to wait until two weeks time and then begin using everything we can with regards to alternative remedies and antioxidants!

Its a great pity that the medical profession and alternative practitioners don't work more closely together.

Anyway, once again, thank you!
Kind regards

Reply to tambotam
Posted by: Jack | 2004/10/16

Dear Tambotam

The medical fraternity have an interesting way of showing a united front, and covering for each other.

In a nutshell, your nutritionist does have some excellent advise.

Cancer is mostly a problem of oxidative stress. Anti-oxidants will help.

The problem with dairy products is that most of them are pasteurised, which totally destroys their nutritional value and makes them almost indigestable. If one feeds calves on pasteurised milk, they die.

Fish is problematic, because it tends to contain a lot of mercury.

There are some excellent natural treatments for cancer, but since they can't be patented, the pharmaceutical companies can't make billions of dollars from them, so they have completely suppressed them, and gone out of their way to publish outright lies about them.

One of these is Vitamin B17 (aka Amygdalin or Laetrile). The drug companies found that it works, but would threaten their profits, so they fudged the results, and got the FDA to ban the sale of Laetrile on the basis that it contains cyanide, and some people supposedly died from using it. Well, Laetrile does contain cyanide, but it is tightly bound to a molecule, and is harmless unless the molecule is broken down by an enzyme called beta-glucosidase, which is present all over the body in minute quantities, but in large quantities (up to 100 times the normal levels) in cancerous cells. So, in other words, we have a chemotherapy agent that is harmless to normal cells, and kills cancer cells, and cancer cells do not build up resistance to it!

Ask around at health shops. You can buy almond kernels if you try hard enough.

Secondly, there is the issue of Vitamin C. Large, intravenous doses of ascorbate have been proven to kill cancers. We're talking about doses of up to 350 grams per day. Again, it's non-toxic, and the only problem with it is that it can cause necrosis because it kills the cancer faster than the body can remove the dead cells. Ascorbate isn't a great mystery. It's just chemistry. The overload of oxygen radicals (positively charged oxygen ions) is neutralised by the ascorbate, which readily gives up electrons.

I highly recommend that you research B17/Amygdalin/Laetrile on the Internet, and also Vitamin C. Start with www (dot)

Best wishes.

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