Posted by: Nesh | 2009/11/17


Hi i have also used this product, and had a bad experience, i broke out terribly, my skin got darker, i had pigmentation marks, since going to the dermatologist my skin is alot better. i have complained on numerous occassions regarding the product to the customer care, and they had a dont care attitude. I stopped using the product last year Nov, i strongly believe after reading the complaints aginst this product that it should infact be taken up, these people that are selling the product are making alot of money from people longing for lighter beautiful skin.
pls advise on the steps to be taken.

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Hi Nesh, thank you for your comment.

I agree with your suggestions and if you and any other consumers feel strongly enough then my suggestion is to complain to the Department of Health.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

Our users say:
Posted by: Nadia | 2016/06/26

Try the Lilee White skin lightening range! You guys will never go wrong, to order call 0725194861

Reply to Nadia
Posted by: sumaiya | 2016/06/02

The best way, in my opinion,as a skincare therapist is to strengthen your skin and the best way to do this is with the DMK ezyme treatment which helps to REBUILD your skin... it also helps to firm and brighten the skin SAFELY!!! For more info on this amazing product or to book a consultation email

Reply to sumaiya
Posted by: Natasha | 2016/01/20

I have tried pure perfect and my skin ended up so damaged that I had to see a dermatologist and it took months to restore back to normal, I am using a new product range called Lilee White and so far it seems to be doing wonders for my skin, I started on my 2nd jar of night cream and body lotion, so far I'm happy with the results, I made sure to do my research before purchasing, this range has natural ingredients.

Reply to Natasha | 4 comments (hide)
Posted by: Natasha | 2016/06/26

@anonymous yes I'm still using the Lilee white range and very happy with the results, no side effects at all. A bit pricey but absolutely worth it for the results I'm seeing. I've lightened my skin 2 shades and just using it for a little over a month

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/06/09

hi Natasha , are you still happy with Lilee White ?

Posted by: Melissa | 2016/03/17

Hi Natasha Please tell me which Dermatologist treated you as I am also having a bad experience with pure perfect products

Posted by: Melissa | 2016/03/17

Hi Natasha Please tell me which Dermatologist treated you as I am also having a bad experience with pure perfect products

Posted by: Anon | 2015/11/02

i have been using the pure perfect hand and bosy lody lotion.. it just made my body worse!! i got 2 shades darker instead, Fatima (Gauteng) refused to help or give me information about the product ... now im just hoping my skin can go back to its originally complexion :(

Reply to Anon
Posted by: Mooneera | 2015/10/13

I prefer sticking to recognized brands that use plant extracts . Gatineau range is the best a little expensive but it's worth it in the end.

Reply to Mooneera
Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/07/19

Sad that people are being ripped of. We are so trusting! I had a consult booked but after this am skeptical.

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Rod | 2015/07/03

Please be very careful about what you use on your face. Sorisha has damaged her skin for life. The skin gets so thin that the veins show.

Reply to Rod
Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/06/14

Has anyone tried the chystal tomato pulls ... Had them for 3 months, didn't see uch of a difference it when I stopped I had a terrible break out which I did not associate with the pills till now... Was about to go buy another pack tomorrow but now I don't know??

Reply to Anonymous | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/08/20

Are you still using them? had them for 3 months but still very dark. I asked Sorisha who advise that you must take the pill in the morning . So I am not sure anymore

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/06/14

I bought the product 1 month back it'a given me more breakouts than one can imagine at 45 I have acne all over my face and spent a fortune on products to rectify my skin don't buy the product even if was selling for next to nothing I will take this further so woman are not stupid enough to fall for scheme woman want to look beautiful but this product ruined my skin so badly I have to take roaccutne it's should be taken off the market and sorisha should banned from selling the product ??

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Felisha Lazarus | 2015/04/28

Good day Ladies I am the KZN Rep for Marie France SA. Check out the Facebook page and the website Read about the products, lots of people are happy with it and have not had any of the problems mentioned above. Kindly contact me should you require any further information or catalogue. Thank you, Felisha Lazarus 072 790 9982 039 682 329

Reply to Felisha Lazarus
Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/04/03

I too had a very bad expirence on pure perfect

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/02/24

I have recently purchased Crystal Tomato . Going on 20 days now , I have not seen any bad signs yet ? Has anyone purchased this product and used it for a while . Please advise Will help my decision to continue or discontinue the tablets . I am using it in conjunction with Neostrata peels and products .

Reply to Anonymous | 4 comments (hide)
Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/08/11

Hi I have been on Crystal Tomato for 5 months. I was highly disappointed as there was absolutely no change in my skin. I took pictures every week and compared them. It was upsetting to purchase such a waste which costed me R2500 a month and the price increased but my skin remained the same.

Posted by: anoymous | 2015/04/24

Hi please can you tell me if crystal tomato worked on you for lightening I am interested in purchasing it

Posted by: anoymous | 2015/04/24

Hi please can you tell me if crystal tomato worked on you for lightening I am interested in purchasing it

Posted by: Cleo | 2015/03/13

hi anonymous. please get in touch with me on 011 714 5419

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/02/09

i mean really people , really do you think that a dermatolgist or a beautician or whoever the dipshites are that they will actually give you a cure for your problems , i mean give you cure once and for all , then how the fork will these people be able to take their families on expensive holidays around the world and eat and live the best possible life , if there are no patients that keep going back how will they make a great living and plenty of money , have you heard of a down and out broke penniless dermatoligist or doctor or beautician , so catch a wake up , look for genuine proffesionals like the old days where people went into the fields of this kind of work to actually help people and they got joy when they made people get better and cured , try best stay away from these bloodsucking bus studs that are there to only care how they gonna milk you , and believe me these bus studs can actually sleep at night after they milk you for your money , but karma is a thing that catched up with you , and in all the time they milk you , they actually lose a lot in some other way , and they even have the nerve to question \God and ask ohh God why me ,

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/01/06

Hi laddies, I also used the Pure Perfect product from them tablets, parfai to the aesthetic blend it did nothing but damage my skin, since then my skin has never been the same I now have dark marks on my cheeks that are very stubborn. Plus I tried calling Sue and even emailed her a picture of my face how it looked before I started using her product and after using it, all I got from her was that I bought too many products and used it wrongly that was the last time I heard from her. So ladies be warned. I'm however looking for another legit product that I can use that can fix my face.

Reply to Anonymous | 3 comments (hide)
Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/10/26

Hi u can fix ur face go to zen medi spar Dey are at Protea hotel umhlanga for a fee wil do a skin peel that wil remove everything give u flawless skin tried and trusted

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/04/22

Im currently using marie france products imported by a lady in Jhb, Shalom. I whatsapp her on 0713129381. Expensive, but im happy. Google their brand.

Posted by: cleo | 2015/03/13

please please get in contact with me. i am curently working on a story about lightning products. 011 714 5419 or email me on

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/11/25

Which glutathione pills or soap, is really perfect for skin. Where can I get it please.

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Mishca | 2014/10/27

Hi All, I have been using the facial cream and the Soho soap and I have had great results, my skin is even and more radiant. I am sad to hear that some of you had such bad results. I have bought the black bar soap today and I cannot wait to try it out. Regards,

Reply to Mishca | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/11/03

Hi did you use the Soho parfait?

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/10/02

Pure Perfect - Hazardous!! I used it and yes it does lighten but continuous use weakens and thins the skin. I have broken out into acne called cystic acne and cant get rid of it. I am 43 years old battling with acne. I don't think the people at Pure Perfect realise the horrible effects their products have on skin. Will never use these product again! Be warned Ladies!!

Reply to Anonymous | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/10/26

Hi u can fix ur facial issues go to zen medi spar at Protea hotel umhlanga dey wil do a skin peel for u that wil remove everything give u flawless skin tried and trusted

Posted by: Penny | 2014/08/06

Hi can you advise which supplement can be taken to get a little brighter, without damaging the skin.

Reply to Penny
Posted by: janice | 2014/07/21

My skin was damaged because i used certain lightening products. I even went to a derm and that didnt help. I am now under DMK skin treatments and rebuilding home products. I can see a huge improvement. The DMK therapist refused to do any peels on my skin because of how paper thin my skin was. The enzyme treatments have strengthened my skin. I suggest that anyone interested in brightening their skin should look up DMK in Durban. It brightens strengthens and firms. I had 4 treatments and have more to go. I WILL NEVER AGAIN USE ABNORMAL LIGHTENING PRODUCTS ON MY SKIN

Reply to janice | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: cleo | 2015/03/13

hi janice. i am currently working on a story on skin lightening products and how they help or damage the skin. you can email me on or call me on 011 714 5419

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/07/14

what really works out there

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Krish | 2014/07/14

This cream is kak Its a money making thing guys when we die we gonna have our black skin back .....hahahah

Reply to Krish
Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/05/29

Has any1 had a positive result from using the soaps?I'm seriously thinking of purchasing it....

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/05/29

Has any1 had a positive result from using the soaps?I'm seriously thinking of purchasing it....

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/04/25

Hi there. Am just curious - which dermatologist have you guys visited?

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: sandra | 2014/03/03

I bought the products impulsively but did not start. Firstly I had to sign an indemnity..... big warning bells!!!. Why would they not be responsible for adverse effects if it works ? Secondly (dont laugh ), I had to pay 5% extra cos I used my credit card !! Only an indian businesswoman would do that. Shame ! Thanks for all the warnings girls.

Reply to sandra
Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/01/11

when buying the pure perfect supplements always make sure to count the number of tablets in the bottle first because the bottles contain less tablets than that advertised. this maybe due to bottle tampering or fake tablets filled into the supplement bottles. either way this shows that the pure perfect brand is fraudulent.... make sure you're getting your moneys worth.

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Prabashni | 2014/01/02

Hi i have read up on this item and maybe if you follow these rules here it will help. There is mention of the things that have happenned to others in these steps and outcomes for various situations and method of use maybe one should take a look at these, Things you should know before purchasing Pure Perfect: •The Pure Perfect Cream is a skin whitening cream based product that will lift as much as 2-4 shades or as much as your body will allow. • The Pure Perfect Parfait is a gel-based moisturiser that will lift as much as 4-7 shades or as much as your body will allow. • When moving from the skin whitening cream onto the parfait or vice versa, we suggest a break of 3-5 days. •This skin product is a treatment and rejuvenating product and we suggest that a two day break should be taken after every three weeks. A normal moisturiser can be used during this break. (Pure Perfect suggests Aloe Vera Gel) • Please use a sun screen when out in the sun as the product does not contain a sun screen. •The skin product cannot be returned or exchanged and there are no money-back guarantees. • Ingredients in the product can cause skin-sensitivity, we therefore suggest that you contact your dermatologist or physician before purchase. • For maximum benefit we do not suggest that any other skin product be used together with Pure Perfect products. We do not encourage the use of any oils and serums with the Pure Perfect Skin Product Range. • This skin whitening product does not contain Hydroquinone, Benzonene or Mercury. • This skin product is semi-permanent and should be used constantly to maintain desired results, discontinuation of the cream will result in your skin returning to it's original tone, colour etc. • Do not purchase the product if the seal is broken. • The skin whitening product will only lift to the maximum shade that your body will allow. • The skin product works between 7-14 days however results vary and some individuals take a longer time to see results. • If you experience a bit of dryness with the Body Gel and sensitivity we suggest application of the body gel followed by a body lotion of your choice. • First time users of the cream may experience redness in the first 2 weeks of use, which would make one appear darker but is completely normal. • Discontinued use of the skin product should be gradual. • Pure Perfect should be the first product used after cleansing. • Pure Perfect can be used under make-up. • Pure Perfect is a skin whitening treatment product that should last you approxiamately a month and must be followed by a hydrating moisturiser • Due to the fruit acid content, regular facials are recommended to combat blackheads and whiteheads. •You could experience a fine rash in the first few weeks of use due to your skin acclimatising to the skin product. • No money back guarantee

Reply to Prabashni
Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/12/04

Try gluta 20000mg botox filler email me at

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/12/04

Have you guys tried Gluta 200000mg botox filler capsules? You see results in skin lightening in 3 months The capsules are expensive but they work. There are a lot of fake glutathione out there. email me for further info

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Premona | 2013/11/29

My sister and I have used the pure perfect parfait and we broke out in such a bad reaction. White heads all over our skin and dark blotches. When I telephone the lady called Sue she said that we are the first to have a reaction. I have two new bottles which she refuses to take back and five me a refund. She said that it is over a month. Any big beauty company will take it back If you have a reaction what is so special about this.

Reply to Premona
Posted by: Beauty | 2013/11/20

I so wanted to buy the products but now, im not so sure anymore because of the reviews. is there anything else I can use?

Reply to Beauty
Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/11/12

I was so looking foward on purchasing the cream .I am so dissapointed and so afraid of starting new things

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: leeona | 2013/06/27

I began using the Glutathione and kojic acid soaps four month back... I was advised that it would lighten my skin removing blemishes and hyper pigmentation (which admittedly wasnt that bad now that i look back). At first my skin was much more radiant then two months back i noticed i was developing acne... prior to the soaps i hadnt had acne since my teens (im 25) and that too was moderate. Now my face is scarred from this HORRENDOUS new acne!!!! It disgusts me so much that i have made an appointment to see a dermatologist. DISGUSTED!!! Never again will i touch a Pure perfect Product. I simply regret touching the stuff!!!!!

Reply to leeona
Posted by: Chloe | 2010/03/06

I started on the new parfait in Nov 2009, in January I stopped use of the product immediately after the expose in the Sunday times. Initially my skin just returned to how it was previously.Howver in the last 3 weeks I have have had a acne breakout.I havent had acne for 7 years. I had gone to the consultant after the expose and she and Sorisha reckons that it was incorrect use of the old parfait that created the media frenzy, however the new one is an improved version. This is a whole lot of hogwash, as I used the new parfait and are experiencing the same after effects. I have a scheduled visit to the Dermatoligist to rectify my mistake. There is no miracle cream out there...

Reply to Chloe
Posted by: mrs singh | 2010/02/12


Has anyone tried the new improved pure perfect parfait. I see advertisements all over the media, that it is a better product than the older one. Has anyone tried it, and is it good as Sorisha says. i cant believe that this product is still available. It should have been pulled out a long time ago.

Reply to mrs singh
Posted by: zubaida | 2010/02/05

i Nesh, has the department of health come back to you about this, i have friends that are still using this product, and everything that was said above is very disturbing.

Reply to zubaida
Posted by: Samantha | 2010/02/05

It took me 2 years to regain my skin back to its normal self. I spent a fortune on this product and all it did was damage my skin and self esteem. i was so embarressed to go out because of the acne breakout. It was all over my face and neck. I bought it from the Hilton Hotel and the owner of the salon there claimed it was a miracle cream. Sorisha probably pays her alot to say that. Since then i have changed back to my normal skin care and after 2 years thankfully my skin is back to normal. She should be sued for this.

Reply to Samantha
Posted by: anti-ageing expert | 2009/11/25

Hi Nesh, thank you for your comment.

I agree with your suggestions and if you and any other consumers feel strongly enough then my suggestion is to complain to the Department of Health.

Reply to anti-ageing expert
Posted by: Michelle | 2009/11/20

Thank you for the information. My dermatologist have also put me on Depiderm and I am on 8 months of Accutane and this puts my whole life on hold as I was planning to have a baby and I have to now wait 2 years before I do that. This cream has literally ruined my life. I have also read other comments from people on this site with similar problems, I cannot understand how these creams got to the shelves without proper research. My derm told me that he gets 5 cases a day of people who were on this cream who now have acne and pigmentation.

Reply to Michelle
Posted by: NESH | 2009/11/19

The dermatologist has recommended i use neostrata pigment lightening gel during the day, uriage depiderm at night, he also recommeded spectra peels once a mnth for six mnths, i have only been for 3 spectra' s so far. I have contacted the health dept in durban regarding pure perfect i gave them the address of where i purchased the product and the person whom i dealt with and they said they would look into it.

Reply to NESH
Posted by: Michelle | 2009/11/18

Hi Nesh, I have also used pure perfect and had the same reaction. I am still trying to overcome my pigmentation after seeing a dermatologist and the acne was scary, I never passed a person who didnt ask me about my face and it turned black after stopping pure perfect. I think this matter has to be taken further. What did your dermatologist give you for your pigmentation? It would be interesting to know what would help for pigmentation caused by this cream.

Reply to Michelle

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