Posted by: SB | 2013/02/04

Unfairly treated at work

I cannot afford to seek a lawyer but I feel I am being treated unfairly at work as my bosses treat people differently. I''ve had a lot of health issues the last 6-8 months and I missed a fair amount of work, I''ve caught up quite well (my colleague who has been here is MAJOR behind in her work but nothing gets said - she plays spider solitaire a lot) I feel that I am being treated differently. Also the boss''s son can come and go when he wants but if we leave 15 minutes early then there are raised eyebrows. I am the ONLY one who works in short time - if I am an hour or two late I work it in. I work through 80% of my lunchbreak virtually everyday. The receptionist leaves at 15h45 to miss traffic and my other colleague leaves the same time even though she lives 5 minutes away. The boss''s son sometimes leaves at 14h30.
Granted I have had a lot of short time due to illness (coming to work late because I was nauseous and vommitting in the morning), car hassles, maid arriving late every week... so I do understand having to work in the time - but why is nobody else held to this?
The one department is treated differently from the other - the receptionist (she has been with the company forever) has a company petrol card so she doesnt pay anything for fuel - she sits on the phone every day for at least a cumulative hour on personal calls. She has 1 week leave more than us.

My other colleague was on leave for 4 weeks when we closed and then an additional 2 weeks (granted she does not usually take leave during the year and I always take a week for our timeshare) but apparently she was within her leave allotment. How long can leave be carried over?

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In some ways, bosses SHOULD treat people differently, as we are, as people, different in significant ways. But sadly, some people get treated unfairly BETTER than they deserve, and better than other workers do. Especially when they're related to the top guys.
OK, you've had a number of problems and hassles in your private life, but I suppose a company might not see why they should suffer from this and your consequent lateness.
There are routine ways to deal with apparent unfairness at work. There should be an HR person to try to sort out grievances, and their are mediation processes, etc. ( where I'm no expert ) worth following. And I gather there are set procedures they'd need to follow if they wanted to fire you, including specific written warnings, and attempts to find solutions

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Posted by: Alyson | 2013/02/06

The CCMA gives free advice

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Posted by: Me | 2013/02/06

I would say if you can find another job just leave.
If this is a problem with the boss dont go further it can get worst.
Some peolpe just have the need for power no humanity.

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Posted by: Gaby | 2013/02/06

You sound like the problem child at work. I wouldn''t want to work with you. You know way too much about all your colleagues, what they do when, when they take leave, etc etc!!!

Maybe you should stop worrying about your colleagues actions so much and focus on your work instead - you''ll be far more productive!

Life is not fair, there will always be some people who get away with less work. Rather be grateful for your job and look after it. In the long run, hard work DOES pay off and people will notice.

Regarding your health: if you really have serious health problems, you should be able to discuss it with your boss,. If, after your discussion with your boss, you still feel that you are being treated unfairly, why not go to the CCMA? Be proactive!

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Posted by: SB | 2013/02/05

Yes Doc
There are specific procedures that need to be followed before you can just " Fire"  someone - performance reviews, performance management, disciplinaries etc. We don''t have an HR department : small company so manager just assumes HR role as well even though he has no qualification on procedures.

I do understand from their point but all I was pointing out is that the same procedures should be follwed across the board. I am a hard worker and will put in extra time if I am short. I always meet my deadlines and take on the extra work given to me even if I dont actually have the capacity - but u can''t exactly refuse it.

ANON/Purple.... you can''t just " fire"  someone for health problems. If it is serious problems that they cannot go to work at all then there are procedures to have someone medically boarded. All I was pointing out was that I have made up the short time even though nobody else is held to it - I don''t abuse the company phone, or take 2 hour lunchbreaks - neither do I play solitaire all day. I have worked very hard to catchup work even though I know my colleague is more behind than I am and she hasnt had health issues. I still have health issues but I am at work every day - trying to push through whilst I try find a way to sort out my health.

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Posted by: Purple | 2013/02/04

If you are concerned about differences in the way people are treated, raise a grievance. Put your concerns and the evidence of them down in writing, see your direct manager and if there is no success, their manager.
Seing a lawyer is a bit of overkill.

Basically, you''re there to work. Sounds like the manager is not managing very well that he doesn''t notice that everyone is taking him for a complete ride. Either do your job and forget what others are doing, or chagne jobs to somewhere where there is more fairness.

As callous as it sounds, yes, people can be fired for being sick. There is a business to run, and if someone is off so much due to illness that they can''t do their job anymore, and therei s no way to accommodate them in a different or altered position, then they can be dismissed for incapacity.

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Posted by: SB | 2013/02/04

You want to fire me if I am sick.... ??? You have obviously never been sick a day in your life, nor experienced life.. oh and by the way I was a victim of an armed robbery at knifepoint so excuse me if I don''t want to leave my house " available"  so that I don''t have to wait for the maid! I am a hard worker - just had a hard time with health.

I am not saying that I am perfect I''m just saying that there should be one set of rules across the board... I am grateful I have a job, but I would like to have my rights too... if I was a union member I would have someone to back me up!

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Posted by: Annie | 2013/06/23

Three of us saw the manager to complain about two other staff getting sweets each week from the supervisor. The supervisor is quite hostile toward us. Now our jobs have been swopped with the in-groups jobs and they are making our lives miserable. Any suggestions?

Posted by: ANon | 2013/02/04

If I was your boss, I''d fire you. All of you are abusing your employer! Get to work on time - actually it is not your bosses problem if your maid is late etc or if there is a lot of traffic. I am pretty sure you would not want to employ someone like you if it was your business.

Grow up and be greatful you have a job!

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