Posted by: Sonia | 2012/10/11

Underarm Roll On

Hi. I have heard that underarm roll on''s can cause cancer. Are there any roll on''s that are safe to use. My 8 year old daughter perspires a lot and I rather start her off on something that is safe &  natural.

Thank You!

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That is correct - it is best to use something that still allows the body to perspires. Dr Hauskha is a natural brand that can be used. She might find that she needs to reapply during the day once or twice. The website has this on offer or available from some Woolworths.

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Dr Debbie

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Posted by: Sonia | 2012/10/16

Hi Dr

I was unable to attach the link. website is called (www surviveandthrivecancer com)

I have Relying on deodorants and antiperspirants to mask body odours is akin to placing a plaster over a gushing wound. It is ignoring the root cause and covering up the symptoms! And unfortunately, as is always the case when we employ tactics of masking the real issue, greater problems will present themselves at a later stage! That problem could be cancer!

Of all cancers, breast cancer raises the greatest concern with respect to these products. Why is this so… … ?

While we have discussed the issue of deodorants and antiperspirants being important in suppressing the body’ s natural wisdom in shedding toxins, which in itself would warrant serious consideration of the use of these products, there is more… … both of these products contain chemicals, namely parabens and aluminium in various forms, that have repeatedly demonstrated links to breast cancer incidence.

Let’ s first elaborate on the 2 different products under discussion:

Deodorants reduce body odours by the use of a germicide which kills the bacteria that are attracted to break down toxins in the excreted sweat. In addition, they contain various perfumes to mask the smell of the germicide. They also contain the chemical compounds called parabens.

Antiperspirants on the other hand work by preventing sweating. They do this through the element, aluminium which occurs most commonly as aluminium chloride, aluminium chlorohydrate or aluminium zirconium. These various aluminium salts act by combining with proteins in the sweat to block the pores and thus prevent sweating. Most antiperspirants also contain parabens.

Now let’ s deal with each of these two compounds  aluminium and parabens, both invariably found in these products.

Aluminium: While absorption of aluminium can occur by ingesting it in contaminated food and water, absorption through the skin has been found to be more significant. It is not new that aluminium has been shown to be a neurotoxin  that is, it is damaging to nerve and brain tissue. In fact this was first proven back in 1886, long before its use in antiperspirants. Numerous studies have since shown the causal link to several neurological conditions, and most notably Alzheimers. In fact one study showed that the use of aluminium containing antiperspirants were responsible for a 60% increased risk of Alzheimers!

With respect to breast cancer  P Darbre Ph D, states that aluminium is “ capable of causing both DNA alterations and epigenetic effects… ..consistent with a potential role in breast cancer” . In addition, she states that aluminium “ can interfere with the function of oestrogen receptors of MCF7 human breast cells” . Both of these mechanisms of action are proven pathways in the formation of cancer cells.

Parabens: Parabens mimic oestrogens. As discussed in my article entitled ‘  The crucial role of oestrogens on breast cancer’  available on this site, this is of great concern, as our life-time exposure to oestrogens has been shown to be directly proportional to our risk of breast cancer.

Added to this, parabens applied to the body can be absorbed through the skin. In fact in one study conducted by Darbre in which 20 breast cancer tumours were tested, 18 were positive for parabens!

In addition, the area of the breast referred to as the upper outer quadrant (UOQ) that is closest to the underarm region (and therefore would be the first area to absorb toxins) has been showing an increasing trend in the percentage of tumours of the breast in line with the increased use of deodorants and antiperspirants: In 1936, 21% of tumours were found in the UOQ  during 1947-1967 this increased to 43-48% and in 1994, the percentage of breast tumours in the UOQ had risen further to 60.7%

When one considers the close association of the breast tissue and the sweat glands of the underarms, it is not surprising that the application of these toxic compounds (with established ability to be absorbed by the skin), should create health issues in the breast such as cancer. This situation is further exacerbated when the excretion of these toxic compounds is hampered by the very products that apply them!

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