Posted by: Rose | 2013/01/30

Two year old needs to put on weight

I have twin boys. Whilst my one little one has put one weight nicely, his brother is underweight. He is a very small eater - we practically force feed him. He doesn''t want to swallow. Will have his formula nicely, but refuses to eat.

The paed says we must just be patient with him. He did suffer reflux as a baby and the paed says maybe he is hesitant to eat becos of that.

Please, can anyone advise on what I can do to help him put on weight. Are their any special formulas that he can drink? Will Pediasure or Promise PE help? Anyone tried them?

Any special foods we can make? I will just about try anything for him to catch up with his brother.

Please advise.

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Posted by: rose | 2013/02/22

Thanks ladies. I can''t help but worry. i look at my boys together and the size difference is so big. He just won''t swallow solids. He even chews things like small pieces of bread and then spits out. We even try to get him to drink his porridge.

i am scared that this child is not learning to eat properly like his brother. So hard to feed him with a spoon because he won''t swallow.

Oh mums, you know how easy it is to become so stressed out about your kids.

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Posted by: Lea | 2013/02/15

Dont worry Rose. My son was very small and thin, I used to worry, he never wanted to eat the foods that I gave him. But he grew up to be a very big boy and now at age 16 he is way bigger than lots of kids his age. So I would advise moms not to worry too much if your kid is eating way less than what you think he should.

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Posted by: Peta | 2013/02/07

Give him Pediasure - it has all the nutrients he needs and even if he has to drink only that he will be okay.

my son survived soley on Pediasure from age 1-3.

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Posted by: Me | 2013/02/01

Pediasure will definetly assist. I had the same problem with my boy

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