Posted by: THEMBI | 2010/06/30


The clinic gave me something called TRIGESTREL, they say its Triphasil just in different packaging. Can you please tell me the side effect of this pill,

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Hi Thembi

Trigestrel is indeed exactly the same as Triphasil in terms of its composition and dosage regime - It wille also have the side effect profile.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: Cweet | 2016/07/24

I've used Triphesal for 2 months and the clinic where I get my pills gave me Trigestal..I was fine with Triphisal but the time I changed,my periods came heavier,mood swings,surpassed appetite..I felt the worst when I started using Trigestal to a point where I'm thinking of going for a different birth control all together

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/07/08

ths pills are not good at all

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Posted by: Bronwyn | 2016/03/08

Hi this is my 1st time using trigestrel and for the 1st time since my baby girl is born I only got my periods for 3 days is that normal?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/04/02

Hi I have been using triphysil for the past 6 years now and I have just received this new pack of trigestrial and started taking it as of normal I'm already 3 days late on my period and nly have 3 red pills left is this normal could it be the change of pills that's why the dates are changed however I still haven't got it worried here now please help

Posted by: ADEBAYO | 2015/12/02

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/02/27

I've been using triphasil for almost nine years and I had regular periods ever since then i stopped using the pills this year January just after mens truating and guess what I just missed my periods this month February i thought I was pregnant but tested negative i don't know what could be the cause of missing my periods can you please help

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/05/20

Hi, I never had my periods regularly, ever. I would either get it and have it for a month non-stop, or I would skip months at a time. It went on for 8 years, till 2012 when I had it for 3 months non-stop. I was extremely exhausted and low on energy. Went to the clinic, got Oral-con, that was unpleasant as I experienced extreme vaginal burning. But luckily only had to use it for a month. But after that was finished the same thing happened. Finally got up the courage to go see my GP, he recommended me go see a Gynecologist. They did some tests. And my worst fear was not confirmed that I may be infertile or that I would need surgery or that there was a growth on my ovaries. It came back that I had a hormonal imbalance and that, that caused the excessive bleeding. What I am trying to say is just buck up and go find out what is causing the bleeding or lack there of. With the use of the Triphasil I was able, finally, get my weight under control. It help regulate my schedule. The only side effect I have on the pill is some pain before and during periods. And some slight vaginal burning at times. But it helps...

Posted by: jennifer | 2015/01/19

Hi I was on trigestrel for 4 years after my baby was born. I experienced low sex drive, moodiness, bloatedness,swollen ankles and massive weight gain. A week ago I visited the local clinic for my checkup and they gave me triphasil. I feel side effects ..I am full of energy. I hope triphasil is back to stay

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Posted by: Kezra | 2014/11/05

Hi, I originally used Minerva 35 and then moved onto Trigestrel about 6/, months ago. The nurse just gave me Triphasil as my new refill... I hear they are the same... my concern is that the days on the packs differ quite extensively and I'm not sure what I should do... do I just ignore the days now and take according to how the trigestrel worked? Thank you

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Posted by: Tumi | 2014/10/02

This pill has got lots of side effects. Been using triphasils for 11 yrs ; last week the nurse gave me trigestrel without even saying why, I'm on my 9th tablet and its been he breast and chest burning sensation, feeling bloated, frequent urination, dry mouth and mood swings. I decide, pls help we really need triphasils.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/08/14

When am I getting my periods,I ve been using triphasil for two months now but nothing yet.

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Posted by: Cassy | 2014/05/19

My Galfrend also experiance the same issues like others and hers its worse as she even get too wet inside with rush and being moody all the time,lost interest in sex, i advised her to stop using them going forward,they bad for the.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/05/07

i have been on trigestrel and have had huge weight gain, theres something rong with this pills, im stopping them, saaaad

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Posted by: Candice | 2014/04/29

Hey guys, I've used Trigestrel for like 7-8 months. . On the 8th month I stopped before I could finish it. . I've experienced weight gain, breast size increased, low sex drive and mood swings. . I didn't really have a problem with that but thing is. . Since I stopped using them one of my breast is painful. . And itchy. . It started by heating up then itchy now it's painful. . Could it be TRIGESTREL?? or what??. . I'm scared cause I think the pill may cause breast cancer. . Could it be it??. . Please e-mail me if anyOne has the same experience. . I'm scared now :(

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/04/02

Just hang in there I doubt these pills will do that to you rather consult a doctor for help

Posted by: nilly | 2014/04/29

i have used the pills and have the side effects, then i stop using them, but no periods at all just drops

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/04/09

Hi ladies, I don't know why everyone is having "bad" experiences with this pill because since I've been on this pill my skin glows like a pregnant woman, no moodiness, no nausea, and very little period cramps. I used to struggle a lot with my periods, they were irregular, my hormones were imbalanced and the cramps were vigorous. But since I've been on this pill the pains have reduced immensely, my hormones balanced, I got my periods same time and my skin just lit up. I honestly don't think there's anything wrong with these pills, I just think it's a case of different stokes for different folks! What works for me may not work for others, we do have different bodies after all.. But personally, I've had a fantastic experience with these pills and I would recommend them to anyone who's experienced the same problems as me!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/05/20

Me too, expect for some cramps before and during periods. Weight is under control. My skin is nicer, be getting compliments on how nice my skin is. I also know when I'll get my periods. The pill works just fine for me. I started using it because of my hormonal imbalance.

Posted by: Melesia | 2015/01/10

I was on triphasil when i was younger but now i'm experiencing menopause and i've been googling triphasil and want to go back on it. I was also very happy with triphasil when i took it!

Posted by: anon | 2014/04/08

this pill is not right,something is definitly wrong with it. I think i'm just going to stay of it and try and find better contraseption. I got headaches,dizzyness, felt nauses, sometimes to weak to move before my period and no sex drive.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/04/02

I stop this pill for a week and fell pregnant instinatly it is not as strong as triphysil are they doing away with triphysil why are they giving us these new pills

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/04/07

Difficult to get trigestrel without waiting on long quees. Can I get it over the counter

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Posted by: Jlo | 2014/05/15

Hi Go to any CLICKS Store, they have a clinic and it cost less than R50 for 3 packs

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/04/08

That's true i would also like to know if its accessible over the counter, please help

Posted by: Senamile | 2014/03/17

This pill is bad news, they shud brig back Triphasil! Im always yelling @ my kids, cramps, headache! Pls stop giving us this

Reply to Senamile
Posted by: Brydie | 2014/03/10

I've also changed from using hy-an to my pack today nd also abit skeptical to use it.....after reading all these comments but i guess i should try it out first.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/03/07

I've been using trigestrel for the past 6 months and its been good to me no sides effects just little cramps every month when am about to have my menstruation.

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Posted by: promise | 2014/03/01

hey ladies ive also been having a bad experience with this pill,im gaining wait,haevy painfull breast with itchy nipples,n im on my red pills but no periods,well I haven't had much of the problems with my sex drive but im very moody.ppl this pill is not good for our system.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/02/26

Thank you ladies! I received trigestrel recently but I have been too sceptical to use it because of all the possible side effects. But after reading all these comments, I am definitely not using it!

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Posted by: ASHLLEY MMUSETSI | 2014/02/09

shocked by the comments

Posted by: Jayjay | 2014/01/29

ohh my G, I am on a 2 month injection, have been having my periods for over 10 days, decided to see my doctor and he gave me TRIGESTREL, i guess is for stopping my periods, i started yesterday but after reading the comments i am not sure if i should continue with them cause i definately don't want to loose my sex drive....jooooooooo

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Posted by: Bee | 2014/01/24

Hi, I have had no problems with Trigestrel, past 2 months I could not get anywhere and had to use Triphasil, I have gained weight, legs and feet are swollen and my period pains have increased, anyone know where I can get.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/01/04

Been using Trigestrel since 2010 and have always uffered from menstrual migraines. I decided to google this issue today because of the unbearable pain and came across all your comments. Realizing I am not alone, I explored further and came across the following website : I am therefore throwing my pack away and will never touch trigestrel again

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Posted by: Unknwn | 2013/12/26

Im also using trigestrel they r nt gud im always hving headach feeling lyk i cn vomit also feeling dizzy..pls bring back nordettes

Reply to Unknwn
Posted by: Lamar | 2013/12/23

I have been using Trigestrel for four months and find myself gaining weight and couldn't explain it 'coz I'm working out and eating correctly. I thn asked a friend who is a doctor and he confirmed due to hormonal changes,one of the side effects is weight gain.I was happy with the pill as for the first time my periods were normal.

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Posted by: Liesl | 2013/12/01

I started using this pill bcoz I wouldn't stop bleeding. Had a period for 9 weeks straight, so I went onto the pill to stop it. But it hasn't been good. Mood swings, constantly thirsty, severe headaches, pimples, constipation... And the moment I skip a day... I start bleeding again. Going back to my dr definitely

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Posted by: Portia | 2013/11/09

I hv startd usng trigestrel 6 months ago i hv stppd my period its bin 6 months i hvn't my period

Reply to Portia
Posted by: Smash | 2013/11/07

I jst gt a pack of trigestral n i'm scared shud i start usn da pills aftr ol da commnts i jst saw

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/10/15

Iam changing to nordette. I have used triphasil for a long time and the clinic also gave me trigestrel. I dont sweat but since using trigestrel i constantly have wet under arms! Weight gain 7kg in two months and i have been eating normal and healthy. reading scary stuff about this pill

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/09/28

Hi ladies its my second batch of trigestrel after my 1st check up 2 weeks ago. I started them in july and experienced a normal period last month. This month I haven't menstruated as I started the new batch after my check up so would that be the cause of it? I've also experienced numbness in the left hand side of my body. The shoulder..arm and even chest. Headaches and dizziness have also been a concern. Is there something wrong with this trigestrel?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/09/28

Hi ladies its my second batch of trigestrel after my 1st check up 2 weeks ago. I started them in july and experienced a normal period last month. This month I haven't menstruated as I started the new batch after my check up so would that be the cause of it? I've also experienced numbness in the left hand side of my body. The shoulder..arm and even chest. Headaches and dizziness have also been a concern. Is there something wrong with this trigestrel?

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Posted by: Papa Joe | 2013/09/26

can the pill cause you to have cravings? my girlfriend has been having them for 2 months now. im just worried case she says that it is getting stronger buy the day. she does have her periods normally. or could it just be a her immune system acting weird due to the change of seasons?

Reply to Papa Joe
Posted by: kgontse | 2013/09/13

Oh gosh this pills are not good,im always moody,vomiting and my weight gain is out of on my red pills now but theres no blood..i cnt wait to change dis pills!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/09/09

i was on the triphisal for three months it was very good, i was then given trigestrel and im totally not happy with this pill, spotting, no sex drive, overeating when i get my period it is really heavy.

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Posted by: Trigesterel. | 2013/09/05

My breast a swollen and painfull after using it 4 my fisrt 2weeks changing 4rm depo,is it normal or I hv 2 stop using it.

Reply to Trigesterel.
Posted by: Thobi | 2013/08/21

I've been using the TRIGESTREL for 14 months ever since I lost sex drive this pill is bad news and I don't know what to do now I'm always moody when comes to bed with my partner please help.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/08/12

Its Strange seeing these coments as I have no side effects with Trigestrel all the other pills have made me sick or made me gain weight.

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Posted by: Kenny | 2013/08/11

My girlfriend has been on Trigestrel and I can frankly say it is like a curse I do not remember the last time we made love due to continuous menstruation and spotting.

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Posted by: Linzi | 2010/09/22

Dont use the pills! Stick to what you know, Traphasil,if not try Nordette. I''ve been on it for 2 years, its a absolute pleasure. Its worrying that there is a minimul amount of information about this Trigestrel product!

Reply to Linzi
Posted by: noby | 2010/09/21

oh my goodness! nothing positive whatsoever about this pill :(. i just went to the clinic to get my first time pack so i just decided to google this pill just to get an idea of how it even scared to start using it!

Reply to noby
Posted by: Chantel Swart | 2010/09/21

I have never had regular periods, so from last Friday I have been using this product. I want to get pregnant thus I want to regulate my periods. After reading this I am n bit worried..should I stop using this sex drive is fine and I''m usually a bitch so no change there...other then feeling like vomiting and headaches I have had no side affects.

Reply to Chantel Swart
Posted by: yaya | 2010/09/20

hy ladies
my breats have become very itchey and i feel bloated all the time ..even get cramps..
i strongly believe they should bring Traphisil worked wonders for my skin and no side effects..

Reply to yaya
Posted by: Margarita | 2010/09/16

I have been on Triphasil for the last 12 years and have had absolutely NO problems. I was recently given Trigestrel by my clinic (as a supposed replacement for Triphasil) and I have been experiencing weight gain, short temper and my sex drive is non-existent. Surely these pills cannot be the same (as the clinic sister told me)? Are there any doctors who can comment on this. Also, it seems a lot of ladies have the same problem.

Reply to Margarita
Posted by: Ngenz | 2010/09/15

I was using NORDETTE after there was a side effect my private part was very sow like I have a rash on its, I tried to get Triphasil the doctor give me TRIGESTREL from there I have lost sex drive, I was in a red pills but my period started after 2 weeks I though I am pregnant was very heavy for my period for over 2 months I go to doctor, he gave me medication but not stopping I buy OVRAL then were stopped. OVRAL doing the same thing with NORDETTE. Something is wrong with this TRIGESTREL

Reply to Ngenz
Posted by: Leanne | 2010/09/13

Ive started this trigestrel two wks ago,eversince then ive been hungry alot and i have mood issues! What the hell is this ppl givin us! Triphasil wrkd perfectly...and nw they givin us ths ''generic''.im even scared nw ,aftr readn all ur jus glad im not the only one experiencin these effects....thers obviously somethn wrong with ths product

Reply to Leanne
Posted by: Lindiwe | 2010/09/13

Are the tryphisil coming back or what

Reply to Lindiwe
Posted by: Anon | 2010/09/10

I strated useing contraceptives for the first time last month and was given Traphasil to start with and it was great and worked well with my skin as well. This week I had to report back to the clinic to get the rest of my pills and was given Trigestrel, I was confused cause the nurse at the clinc could''nt even tell me where to start with this new pack. I decided to google the product and came across these stories I decided not to use this product untill thiers more info. Thanx ladies.

Reply to Anon
Posted by: sqeeqy | 2010/09/09

girls dont use anything when it comes to contraception go do researce on what the doctor or pharmacists give u. Ive also been using Triphasil for 5 years and it''s been the best for me i never got any side effects and maintained my weight. But today the pharmacist gave me something im not fimiliar with TRIGESTREL which they also told me it''s a generic from triphasil. Well since iv read all ur comments on it iv decided that im going back and demand the only trusted contraceptive that im fimiliar with.

Reply to sqeeqy
Posted by: nomsa | 2010/09/05

i''ve notice lumps on my anas, can it be trigestrel

Reply to nomsa
Posted by: Shades | 2010/09/04

I was using Triphasil for about 5 years and had not had any side effects - the clinic has now given me Trigestrel, also saying its the same as Triphasil. I have now been on Trigestrel for almost two months and have broken out with pimples all over my face - I have never had acne in my life and now all of a sudden I am getting this. I do believe its the Trigestrel because nothing else has changed in my diet or anything else I can think of.
Does anyone know if these contraceptives can make a woman infertile?? I am a bit worried that I won''t be able to have children one day. I have not taken one break from the pill.

Reply to Shades
Posted by: concerned | 2010/09/03

Why has Triphasil been replaced by Trigestrel?Iv read all the comments and its obvious that Trigestrel is creating far too many problems and concerns.Why was there a need to change the pill? I still hav 2 old packs of triphasil left and im startin to worry after readin al de negative comments about TRIGESTREL

Reply to concerned
Posted by: Dipuo | 2010/09/02

I was also on Triphasil for years. Last month the Doctor gave me Trigestrel, first week my mouth was dry, then headache. I menstruated for 2 days and the period was very very light, with severe period pains. Yesterday I took the pills back and asked for Ovral, because Nordette has also changed. At the moment I still has light headaches and feel dizzy. I feel like drinking in order to mens again. Have any of you exeprienced dizziness?

Reply to Dipuo
Posted by: Kay | 2010/09/01

A doctor suggested that I use TRIGESTREL for my hormonal acne. Has anyone had nay experience with this drug getting rid of this kind of acne?

Reply to Kay
Posted by: hawi | 2010/08/31

hi i have just removed a tumor from my breast and now i stared to take this TRIGESTREL i just wanted to know if it has side effects on me

Reply to hawi
Posted by: brightangel | 2010/08/27

Hey! am about to start using it now after using Triphasil for 6 months. TH only difference I can see is that Trigestrel''s pack is marked with different days than Triphasil...The first active pill is on a monday, but Triphasil''s first active pill is on a I am wondering if that might not be too much of a shock to the body at first? And I am also wondering if I cant just go on using the pills like I did with Triphasil(start on the saturday with the active pills)? I

Reply to brightangel
Posted by: Pearl | 2010/08/24

i started using trigestrel its a month and i was on Tripasel and now i have rush on my back do you think is there something there that its not good for my body

Reply to Pearl
Posted by: New User | 2010/08/24

I must say I have been trying to locate information on this pill for a while and this blog is the best I have come across. Also, our bodies are different and we will not experience the same side-effects. I have started Trigestrel a few days ago  during the first few days I notice that I have lost my sex drive and get nauseous and moody when hungry. I have stocked up on fruits to snack on whenever I am hungry, to eliminate gaining weight as I am always eat since the start of the pill (and believe me I can go two day living on juice only).

Reply to New User
Posted by: Just as Worried | 2010/08/23

The clinic nurse also told me that this is the equivalent of Triphasil. I have been on Triphasil for 21 years. Any doctor who can reply to our mutual concerns?

Reply to Just as Worried
Posted by: Worried | 2010/08/18

I was on Mirelle for a few years and have started using Trigestrel. I finished my first pack last night and have still not received my menstrual cycle. My period stopped as soon as I started using it and I did not have my normal approx 5 day cycle. When can I expect my period to start?

Reply to Worried
Posted by: Emily | 2010/08/12

I have been on Triphasil for 20 years. I was given Trigestrel over a month ago and can confirm that I am experiencing the same symptoms as some of the readers above. I was supposed to have started my menstruation but nothing, I feel like a bloated fish. I am also extremely short tempered and have a continuous head ache. Fair enough that we are told that the composition is the same then how is it that we all are experiencing the same symptoms as each other and all of us are concerned. Surely there must be something different.

Reply to Emily
Posted by: RONELLE | 2010/08/12

good day

its been my first month on trigerstrel, i am in the red zone and have not started my menstraution cycle. i am afriad that i will be getting it heavy when out of the red zone and i have nothing there to catch the bleeding.

please advise why i have not started.
i started the trigerstel straight after i finished the triphasal cycle as mentioned in the leaflet.

Reply to RONELLE | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: Masoli | 2016/07/07

Hey Ronelle This also my first month using Trigesteral. I started using it after my Triphasil cycle. I didnt experience much problems with it, just that I gained some weight and I'm on my 4th red pill but I still haven't seen my period. This a concern as I used to start spotting with the 3rd red pill and got my period on the 4th red pill when I was on the Triphasil.

Posted by: Tebogo | 2010/08/11

Is it safe or works like Triphasil?

Reply to Tebogo
Posted by: Ntombi | 2010/08/07

i just went to the doctor for my usual pill triphasil and he gave trigestrel and said it is exactly the same,will have the same side effects as i had with triphasil

Reply to Ntombi
Posted by: D | 2010/08/05

i was also on triphasil for many years without any side effects - but since being forced to change to trigestrel i find myself moody and short-tempered, i''ve also lost sex drive??

Reply to D
Posted by: Audz | 2010/08/01

Been on Trigestrel for three months now and not happy simply because I have been spotting throughout the three months and have been having very heavy periods. Was on Triphasel before with no side effects. I am definitely going to speak to my doctor about this.

Reply to Audz
Posted by: pulane | 2010/07/31

Been using nodette now just started trigestrel,are they the same.

Reply to pulane
Posted by: Nome | 2010/07/23

I must admit, since i have been on trigetsrel, im always hungry, and if i dont eat, i get nauseous..... Any advice?

Reply to Nome
Posted by: thandi | 2010/07/13

i''ve also been put on it. i just hope that it doesnt make one gain weight or vomit. does anyone know its equivalent in the UK? i am moving there in a month''s time and wish to continue with the a pill with a similar chemical make-up. i have tried to find the pharmacy''s detials online but havent come across anything.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/05/25

im also looking for a good pill in uk i was on triphasal in south africa now im lost and have gained alot of weight.

Posted by: Natasha | 2010/07/06

just want to know if the pill trigesrel or triphasil. can couse me to loose my temper. i get mad realy fast and than i start yelling at my boy friend and child.

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