Posted by: Girlie | 2013/02/04

Touching yourself

I know it may sound weird, but my parents are still pretty young and have very loud sex and sometimes late at night I can hear them and I cant help but touch myself.
Is this bad or is it something other people have done too?

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Posted by: Big C | 2013/02/05

Hello Clarence!

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/02/05

eeee I touch myself when theeeee goats go humpa humpa

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Posted by: Cyclist | 2013/02/04

Touching yourself is not the issue here as that is fine,however,your parents should not be making that much noise that you can hear.
I think you should find a way and tell them that they are making a lot of noise at night when you are trying to sleep.They will then hopefully get the hint.

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Posted by: Daniel | 2013/02/04

If you would like to chat you can mail me - daniel dot daniel985 at gmail dot com.

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Posted by: Jane | 2013/02/04

I think you are just a horny girl.

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Posted by: Tom | 2013/02/04

There is nothing wrong with touching yourself - but it is sick when yuou overhear your parents having sex then you get i the mood and touch yourself. They are your parents afterall. I think they need to keep it down whyen having sex.

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Posted by: Anon | 2013/02/04

When one watches lots of porn they tend to do this often. For how long is this happening (touching yourself)?

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Posted by: Daniel | 2013/02/04

I think we are are guilty of youching / playing with ourselves. Nothing wrong with that.

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Posted by: Daniel | 2013/02/04

Sorry meant touching

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Posted by: Girlie | 2013/02/04

18, Mom39, Dad41 what does watching porn have to do with things, I have seen some porn.

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Posted by: ANON | 2013/02/04

How long is this happening? Do you watch porn?

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Posted by: Johan | 2013/02/04

How old are you and your parents?

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