Posted by: eve | 2004/01/27

to xerxes

my friend you should learn how to read. regarding the posting "doomed for helping a black friend". i never mentioned any colour in my statement. I read newspapers daily and my family members have been attacked continously by barbarians and i am suprised they have come out alive! So next time open your eyes and dont come acting like an almighty, we have all been through crap but amazing enough we dont stick together and fight the injustice we just simply give up cos we lazy, and would rather attack each other and you one of those. If you hate s.a's way then why dont you leave or do something about it, instead you sit and put the country down.

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Pleased you found the responses helpful ; and how nice of Xerxes to take all that tnme and energy to so perfectly illustrate the problem !

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Posted by: XERXES | 2004/01/29

TO: Totally Forgettable Eve (with her own mop and bucket business)

So much frustration and so little vocabulary to express it with. Perhaps through a process of transferrence you simply expose your complexes if your last rambling crappy (you'll understand that word no doubt) posting is anything to go by. If you don't understand the process of tranferrence then post uncle Cybershrink and he will indulge you with a layman's explanation. And oh, don't forget your obsequious political correctness when you hand out the buckets and mops tomorrow, twerp.


Reply to XERXES
Posted by: eve | 2004/01/28

do you read the dictionary all day? cause it seems like you do not have anything better to do other than that, your fancy words are not impressing anyone! why dont you go somewhere else and bore some other people to death!!!! Maybe go play with your grade 12 classmates! we will do fine without you. GOODBYE

Reply to eve
Posted by: XERXES | 2004/01/27

To: All of You Above (including the avuncular Cybershrink)

All four of you profess open mindedness as long as everyone sucks up to your interpretation of reality. As soon as someone disagrees then they are suddenly KKK, Nazis, etc. You then attempt to create a persona based on pure supposition that fits your hysterical analysis of your antagonist (you included uncle Cybershrink). After all, excessive political correctness is all you cling to in the hope that it "may get better" if you just wait long enough. Why don't you examine the profanities that Monkey on a Chain (alias 007) has to use to express ITself. The fact that IT supports you is suddenly OK irrespective of the crud a cretin like IT has to manufacture and regurgitate to try and make ITself heard.

You are all just as bigoted as anyone else but try so desperately to hide the fact until someone jabs you. Your hypocrisies are nauseating.


Reply to XERXES
Posted by: Joe Slovo | 2004/01/27

Dear Eve

Thank you for your interest and good advice – also to the Doc and the other readers, not excluding Xerxes.
He actually confirms just how unlikely it is for these people to have changed or disappeared over night.
Notice how unfriendly and hostile they are, Eve?
Their true colours are easily exposed when operating from behind faceless Klu Klux Klan type masks. And yes, they’re still all over the place, right under our very noses – some even disguised as friendly, helpful, smiling, innocent Mr Nice Guys.

Anyway, I’m not going to hurl insults at anyone.
My story has now been told (for the 1st time) and I have little more to say.
I approached this forum for assistance and found an abundance of it.
I can face tomorrow with a little less fear, now.

Actually, to the Doc and the Readers I do have a lot to say: –

Reply to Joe Slovo
Posted by: eve | 2004/01/27

i actually have my own business and im not a whiner unlike yourself and i am not trying to be anybody i have nothing to hide as you may well see my name is eve, unlike you i dont hide behind nicknames.we actually trying to give help to someone who asked for it instead of putting him down like the way you did, and maybe the people who are left behind in south africa will do something about the country unlike you, you probably one of those that always complain about the state of the country but dont even go and vote to get some justice... broaden your mind a bit and read properly!!!!!!

Reply to eve
Posted by: 007 | 2004/01/27

Yeah, well said Eve. Xerxes should also learn how to spell his name correctly, i.e " J e r k" !
Bet he wouldn't have the guts to say what he said to Joe from a township platform now would he?
Joe had the guts to stand up for what he believed was the honourable thing to do despite all the odds levelled against him by people like Jerk. When the shit hits the fan, his type run like cowards. Speaking of which, I hope he joins the chicken run as soon as possible rather than stick around and do even more damage.
There's work to be done in SA and enough willing, optomistic people left behind to do it.

Reply to 007
Posted by: XERXES | 2004/01/27

To: Eve (or whoever you're trying to be)

Your problem of supposedly being victimised by your company is one that belongs to another forum - is it perhaps you that has the problem of interpreting issues incorrectly? Why come to a site that offers psychological assistance to those, with related problems, to gush about labour relations issues within your company. Because you aren't receiving the outcome you believe you so richly deserve drives you to distraction? The only way forward that your parochial and compromised iintellect sees is to politicise, no racialise, the issue. That should get the attention you so crave. Most probably everybody is so sick of your caterwauling that no one chooses to listen to you any more - so you visit this forum to give your one-sided rendition of events.

Also typical of your ilk is the standard infantile retort that:"if its so lousy, then leave". That makes murder, corruption and mayhem acceptable to everyone left behind?

And, yes, why don't you follow your own abyssmally pathetic injunction - LEAVE YOUR COMPANY IF IT'S SO LOUSY !! You won't, simply because you're to craven to do so.


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