Posted by: Paul | 2004/11/23

To Vee,

Vee, I am terribly sorry it has been brought under my attention that I may very well be confusing you with Val!

I am truly sorry for being a dire bastard, please accept my sincere apologies.

Kind Regards


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Paul, you really do seem to need a holiday ! Hope you have one planned. Good to see someone have the good grace to apologise ( though I'm left confused as to who you were apologising to !)
And people, chill down a bit, it's not too long till the holidays arrive, and you can go and kick sand at the beach. Till now, try to be a bit nicer to each other --- Inner Circle, Outer Circle, Circular Arguments, United V's of the World, whatever.

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Our users say:
Posted by: Observing | 2004/11/23

Thanks IQ for showing to us your sick upbringing.

Reply to Observing
Posted by: I Q | 2004/11/23

Yes, that is a very, well thought through , splendid idee. You all go on leave and f----ck off from this site so that CS can have a turn to deal with what this site was desighned to deal with.

This site has turned out to follow the same way as the site of the Sexologist--postings and answers that are not applicable at all.

I just love Val's remarks on this issue. She is so correct in what she says, so please, just f-----ck off to the beaches .

Reply to I Q
Posted by: J | 2004/11/23

Thanks for reiterating the explanation about your beef with the “inner circle”, and again, I have no objections to your sentiments.
I was not referring to your response to Paul, per se, but was referring to something else.Also just noticed Jayne and not you laid on what I was referring to. I apologise.

Paul is right…I think we all need a holiday!

Reply to J
Posted by: .... | 2004/11/23

responded accordingly.

Reply to ....
Posted by: Val | 2004/11/23


I have been reading this forum for a while now, every day, but only been moved to repsond when I saw a trend that I found to be unsettling: some regulars had gotten into the habit of turning the forum into an informal chat site. When one them posted something another reader did not agree with, the pack would turn upon this poor sole and berate him or her for even having had the temerity to have being born in the first place.

This inner circle treated this public forum like their own private domain, to the extent that newcomers actually asked if they could 'join'. I pointed this out and incurred their wrath so, whenever I post, the remnants of this inner circle (yes, it is breaking up, thank Heaven) would immediately go on the defensive and attack me, regardless of the content of my post. So, when some poor sod called Vee dared to disagree with one these sainted souls, I got accused, a sort of knee-jerk reaction, indicative of the lack of thought and poor attention to detail that so typified this back-slapping society.

I have no issue with you, J, and, indeed, a contrary position is more than welcome. Unlike the inner circle, I will not accuse you of being an inbred, maladjusted psycopath just because you may disagree with me. Indeed, I welcome it as debate stimulates productive thought.

As for how I can be sure that I have engaged the right person? Why, Paul initiated this thread with a post wherein the very commas drip with profundity and I responded directly.

Reply to Val
Posted by: J | 2004/11/23

Hi Val

I have, on most occasions, agreed with your sentiments regarding the use and/or abuse of the forum. But recently you have resorted to personal attacks and I am beginning to think that you are secretly deriving immense pleasure from doing so. Are you?
I must say, I am impressed with your recollection and insight of events and participants on the forum, but would it not be a good idea to keep those revelations to yourself? Besides, what makes you so sure that you are pointing the finger at the right person ?
Please, it is not my intention to accuse you or abuse the forum. I am merely making an observation. If you feel you want to attack me, please go ahead. I am dying to know how you perceive me.

Reply to J
Posted by: Val | 2004/11/23


I am beginning to agree with you that are a desparate child of unmarried parents (your description, not mine) but, for all your saintliness, you will not be able to dig up a single instance where I have 'abused' the forum. Of course, 'abuse', in this instance, will be subjectively defined but I use it in sense where the forum is not being used for its stated. There have been those that I have frowned severely at but they have deserved it.

People that do not agree with the 'inner circle' get slated in the most ridiculous terms. I am amazed by the wild accusations that have been levelled at me (no friends, loser, brainless, show-off - typical hyterical arguments of the weak-minded) because I do not chorus agreement with everyone else. A contrary view is a good thing. A short, sharp retort is not a bad thing. My view is that we molly-coddle people far too much in this forum and thereby perpetuate their shortcomings. If you talk crap then you be told that. Too many people confuse tolerance and forebearance with cowardice.

So, you dire bastard, tell me when I have I abused the forum? Seems to me your unwarranted accusations about me is a prime example of abuse, a classical case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Reply to Val
Posted by: Paul | 2004/11/23

See I did it again, Val has been abusing. Jeesh I need a holiday.

Reply to Paul
Posted by: Paul | 2004/11/23

Vee has repeatedly abused the forum and its people, I mistook you for her, blame it on the sun as far as I care. I was wrong and admit that, I apologised wether you accept that or not is not my business.

Reply to Paul
Posted by: Mona | 2004/11/23

Whoohoo, i'm not the one in sh*t for a change!! Yeay, lets party!

Reply to Mona
Posted by: Val | 2004/11/23

Paul - Want to get something off your chest, pal, gather your courage to the sticking place and say it. I don't know what your squabble with Vee is (was) but I have a suspicion that you are casting aspersions about me.

If not, please don't scratch where it is not itching.

Reply to Val

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