Posted by: Woman | 2013/02/15

To Sello

Hi Sello,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions in such detail. As you know, I am a fan of a healthy democracy and as such view all politicians with mistrust, however, I will always vote for the opposition. The closer the gap between parties, the better things work, as they will fear being voted out and therefore do what they have to to stay in power. In my point of view 2/3 majority is not healthy for the the people in a democracy. So I tend to take the games politicians play to sow dissent with a large pinch of salt.

However this whole thing that is happening now, is of great worry to me. Race seems to be the only thing that is being discussed. My problem at this stage is worry about the future of my children. you see, they were born years after the fall of apartheid, all the violence we see each day they see. Surely it is damaging for children to worry about their safety all the time. Will my child have a job one day. Will s/he have an equal chance at getting a well paying job. Can my children walk safely home, play cricket in the streets, go dancing and walk home?

Sello, tell me honestly, would you rather my family eave here in this country where we are disliked for the colour of our skin and the history of my culture or would you rather we leave the country and not take up jobs in future? And does that go for all whites?

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/02/18

Thank you Woman thats fair eneough. In conclusion let me tell you that I do not hate white people its only when some turn into pigs then i go mad - yes mad mad mad. Although there is a very tiny group such as that of DH etc I think they are being selfisn and foolish because we are building our country and reconcilliation. Woman please dont dispair our children are safe in the general domain dont panic. I wholeheartedly believe you and agree with you that DH would have been the same poep even if he was black, chinese and Indian. Wow I think that was a killer. That man is a real jerk

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Posted by: Woman | 2013/02/18

Sello, I do not want to get involved in a debate with you, because it will revert to name-calling, oaths, threats and curses. You have your point of view, I have mine. I respect your point of view. However you do not. And that disrespect for each other''s point of view, for possessions, for life is exactly everything that is wrong with South Africa today. People like DH and his ilk are bullies and trolls, they know nothing, have nothing, say nothing, and yet they scream the loudest of all. Best to ignore them, because they really should have no influence or your day or your life. He would have been the same disgusting being had he been black, Chinese or Indian. (I am sure you know people like that too)

I did not want to change your mind, but I did want to gauge the average black person''s feelings about white people. Now, away from the sterling economics, and onto social issues.

Your hate shines through in everything you say, so now I have a good idea of what my children can expect one day - since you are raising your children with the same beliefs, all parents do it. There will be no change in the next 5 years, as there haven''t been change in the last 5 years. You keep talking economics - yet I see a mass of humanity eking out whatever life they can in shacks. Hoping for a job, for some money, for some relief. The best we can hope for here, is to be stable - like Kenya, Botswana, Namibia. But then, the people of those countries didn''t HATE another race. No, those countries are Rwanda, the DRC, Nigeria. Where will South Africa be?

Time will tell, I suppose, though I hope that it ends up like YOUR dream, Sello, and I wish you the best of luck in building it.

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/02/17

You are living in fear. Swart gevaar fear and you only have yourself to blame. When I see a white face, I do not see a pig. i have a couple of white people I rub shoulders with. Then there is a pig. Like ET, DH and many more. Not all white people are pigs. Please tell me honestly when were you mugged? When was your child thrown from hi bike with a brick? When last and how many times were you raped? There is absolutely nothing wrong for the president to sing umshini wami. THis is part of our heritage. SA is a stable country and for those companies that left our shores it was their business decisions. But let me tell my dear that since 1994 our economy has grown and there are more international brands and investments that came to SA. Anglo has just invested R43 billion on a new venture. Surely these are positive markers and in contrast to what you have said. Why fear for you children''s future when the private sector employs 10 white managers for every 1 black. What in the blue see is a matter with you? If you continue like this you will soon turn a pig and you better avoid that because already I am getting pissed of your likes. You are complaining about things that are not there and you want to come out innoccent here. No you are not innoccent you are guilty of treason. You are painting a negative picture that does not exist against our country. My advise to you is that migrate to another country and come back in 5 years and discover that you have actually wasted your time just like the many white people who left here for fear ofswart gevaar only to come back and find things were still normal.

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Posted by: Woman | 2013/02/15


Once again, thank you for speaking your mind freely. My only worry is when you see me, and my white skin, will you see a human or a pig. I cannot agree with you regarding crime. We get robbed so often that we rarely even call the cops. I''m talking about at least once a month. Kids get thrown off their bikes, stabbed for phones. This is not normal! You kjnow something is wrong when your kids come up with ways to protect themselves in bed.

When I became a mother, my first thoughts will always be for my children. I do not fear Uhuru. II do not fear the challenges in this country. And I do fear my children''s safety. I fear for their job security, I fear for the brick and mortar I pay off each month. I fear that my son will not come home one day.

Reverse the situation and make you white and me black. If I said all these things to you taht you have said over the past few months and you know my political party is one that sings songs like ''bring me my machine gun"  and you see people staring at you with dislike in the shops and people speaking to each other like you do on the forum, would you not also say - enough is enough and want to leave?

I have given my best, done my best for this country, but the dream of peace in the future seems cracked, if not shattered. And our president speaks of economic growth, but thousands of employers have left, and things like the shooting of the CEO of DC (Is he a pig, do you know?).

And sadly our president blames current violence on apartheid when most of the perpetrators were little children at the fall of apartheid.

I say again, the focus on race is not a healthy thing. When you''re focused on the colour of a person''s skin, you do not see their heart or their soul. Why should it be such an issue here? Why should my kids have to pay the price? Who makes this their burden?

And right now I wonder - who decides what the pig looks like?

You have given me a lot to think about.
Blessings from my home to yours (a Pagan blessing)

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Posted by: DH | 2013/02/15

Woman is not only a moron but she also claims to be a white witch.

Sello - in case you didn''t get my post to you in the Pistorius thread: go f*ck youself

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/02/15

Reading from the way you put your question I can safely say that you are a genuine person with genuine concernes. Yes whilst i really want to see the ANC obtaining a 2/3 majority, I am at the same time a bit worried about that. But we need a 2/3 majority and because we are a 100 year old organisation we will make sure we dont abuse it. Infact the fear of 2/3 is neither here not there because all we need is two more seats to make critical decisions and those seats can come from the Minority Front / APC and even AZAPO. But we have never exercised that advantage so it tells you that we will never abuse that kind of majority. Secondly I think that all these fears that certain white people present are ficticious because there is no evidence to substantiate such fears. For instance, you speak as if one cannot walk to the mall or through the park withouth being mugged whereas there are a lot of people who live their daily lives without being attacked or raped. There are ofcourse incidencies but these are not as significant as they are reported in the media. Also this thing of swart gevaar is very true. White people need to relax because we have proven to them that there will be no harm at all against them. After 1994 white people thought we were going to mass murder them. After Mandela stepped down they thought we will slaughter them but none of those things has happened and they will never happen. My son and daughter has white partners. My youngest son brings his white friend to sleep over and he sometimes sleeps over at his place. Dont worry this is the trend that we have set but yes there are serious questions that need to be resolved. I also want to correct this perception that black people live in squalar therefore lets tell this to all those other black who can afford good life and lets make them feel guilty. Its not workking and its grossly unfair. White people has a tendency of reminding well off blacks about other blacks who are poor. Please this must stop because it is not our fault that we live in this kind of society. I will accept this kind of criticism if it is labelled against someone who has been confirmed to be corrupt whether white or black because it is these people who steal from the poor. Lets move on. Please stay here as long as you are not a pig. We do not have any problem with white people but only those that turn to be a pig and you need to be careful not to be consumed by this negativity that is being spread by pigs like DH etc becuase once you are in that league you are going to find it difficult to come out of it.


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