Posted by: Linda | 2005/07/01

To KC, pathetic

I think the way you posted to GUY on his fetish was ridiculous. Who are you to say were he should post his problems. You are pathetic and if you do not have any positive input, I think you should stay off this site. I am sure alot of people would agree with me.....

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Cool it, guys. I know that many people seem to consider the "Sexology" forum a bad joke, but imagine someone with a real sex problem or concern posting there and being treated as a joke ? If they then post here sincerely, looking for advice, why shouldn't they get some ?

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Our users say:
Posted by: Karen | 2005/07/04

You attitude stinks, I was trying to help but you insist on getting everyone's backs up.

Reply to Karen
Posted by: KC | 2005/07/01


On sexologist - its only once in a while, and i've also never gotten this sort of response. You negative people are so demoralising and i dont think u realise that.

Anyways, i wont post where i'm not wanted, but where i can give advice, i will - even if i must do it under another name if i am to be treated like a leper.

Thanks to u other guys for the support. I know i musnt respond, and this will be the last to these sorts. I apologise for all the wasted space on this forum due to this posting.

Reply to KC
Posted by: Karen | 2005/07/01


You need to understand a very simple concept, what consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business no matter how disgusting you may think it is.

I see you are voicing your opinion on the sexologist site too and it won't be long before they tear you apart.

Live and let live, if you don't like to content don't read it and if you have nothing helpful to say, don't say anything.

Reply to Karen
Posted by: irritated | 2005/07/01

LINDA - you cow!!!

This site is for people to day there ~ OWN ~
Opinions here...

H E L L O !!!

Reply to irritated
Posted by: Lola | 2005/07/01

It was my turn yesterday, I was told I sleep around, have std's and am a general no good slut. Because I didn't agree with their superiour views.

Its childish and doesn't solve anything. Just ignore them.

Reply to Lola
Posted by: SR | 2005/07/01

The problem is that you see the Sexology Site and the Cybershrink Site as two totally different and they are actually mutually inclusive. Why do you think Guy came asking for advice here?

A fetish is a fetish. Some top corporate CEO's who have everyone's respect at work find themselves being subjected to demeaning sex with their dominatrix wives.

Some quiet unasuming woman in the office could be a ravenous sex addict and may even be sleeping with your husband

Some big mouthed braggart Macho Guy could have a small weenie and maybe penile erectile dysfunction on top of it.

One thing I have found on both forums. No one has empathy and we all stone the first person who comes along with their little problem causing them to shut down or change their nic because they are embarrased that they have asked the question.

Who here is without issue that they can afford to throw the first stone.

Sometimes all of you should do some introspection before you say what is right and what is wrong.

If our eyes were really open we will find that whats happening in real life right here in South AFrica is ten times worse than what they show on Bold and Beautiful or days of our lives and we tend to cry foul over those programs.

Thats just my 2 cents worth

Reply to SR
Posted by: KC | 2005/07/01

CP MOM - thats how i feel........everyone just waits for a slip up to pounce on you.

No room for mistakes and misjudgements in this forum....

Gee whiz, we dont even know each other...

Reply to KC
Posted by: CP MOM | 2005/07/01

En hier gaan ons al weer.........

Reply to CP MOM
Posted by: KC | 2005/07/01

U guys win. If you read under the original posting, you will see that i apologised.

I was not being nasty, and have been trying to be helpful all morning.

I unfortunately thought it was a joke, but it looks like everyone here is still in school, because nobody knows how to let go!!

Yes, people post about leaving work early, and i dont see her getting any flack about wasting time in cyber space.

Choose your damn battles....

Reply to KC
Posted by: Nadine | 2005/07/01

Sometimes certain postings are a bit over the top - I wonder if that guy is being serious about peeing on someone. That is quite gross. If i had such a strange fetish i don't think i would even post it here - even though CS is an expert on advice i would still be totally embarrassed telling everyone. Which i suppose is quite stupid because you people don't even know who i am - you can't even see me. lol.

Reply to Nadine
Posted by: Joe Don | 2005/07/01

What GUY is doing is not necessarily a problem. KC do you know that some people defacate on each during their sexual games? Probably not?

You probably think that oral sex is "where you are too tired to actually have sex, so you just talk about it.

If urinating on each other turns GUY and his other hald on, then leave them alone. They are not hurting ANYBODY. Least of all, YOU.

So instead of posting crap on this site which is for people with problems, (yes we don't need to know that it is your anniversary and that you are going home at 10.00. In fact it's 11.00 so why the hell don't you just run along and stop wasting cyber space....

Reply to Joe Don
Posted by: KC | 2005/07/01

I have only tried to give advice. I voice one opinion, and i get blasted.

Did you see this posting at sexologist?? Its a joke there.

I honestly dont get why you guys are offended. Look at all the other advice i've given.....does all of that get cancelled out??

Linda - you are a miserbale person with nothing better to do....

I never imagined that u would react like this!! This guys asks me a sexual question about fetishes and u ignore that??

Linda.......i dont even think thats your real nic....

Reply to KC
Posted by: Linda | 2005/07/01

KC, i think you should get a life. Dont post your negative answers on a site were people are looking for positive answers.
We are all here to help each other, if you have nothing helpful to say, go somewhere else.

Reply to Linda
Posted by: Bird | 2005/07/01

People are allowed to voice there problems no matter what on this site. Everyone here is permitted to getting advice from other people with similar problems, and expert advice from Cybershrink. I do think that your comment was harsh and very uncalled for. We all are here because we have problems.

Reply to Bird
Posted by: KC | 2005/07/01

Funny how you didnt think 'Joe's' question about my fetishes was uncalled for.........oh, are you playing the name swop game???

PS Sorry if i offended anyone else. I just hate these personal attacks.

Reply to KC
Posted by: KC | 2005/07/01

Excuse me.

Urinating on people?? Sorry if thats normal to you, but i think its weird.

I am allowed to voice my opinion....or not.....I thought this was a forum?

Please dont waste time posting stupid things, some people are here for real advice. If u dont like my opinions, ignore them.

I am sick of your troublemaking kind.....

Please dont reply.....

Reply to KC

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