Posted by: De' Ja Vu | 2004/02/26

To Flower

When drugs hit close to home way to close to home then talk to me about drugs.
Don't tell me it's a different situation.

You have no idea what your talking about.

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Cool it folks, let's not assume that others don't have personal experiences that are relevant to any opic, nor reject their opinions simply because they may feel uncomfortable --- that may indicate that they're worth at least thinking over before one tosses them aside.

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Posted by: De' Ja Vu | 2004/03/01

I hope they don't get back together she's much better off without him.
No one said he'd be doomed for life. But when the going gets tough they always go back to what took it away and what made it better.

Touchy, touchy did I hit a nerve.

You very quich to tell me to think about it and to come to my senses, you should take your own advise.

Since you making this all about yourself and the fact that you know so much and that no one has been through having a brother and a b/f go through drugs I will agree on ending this conversation cause I'm obviously talking to an irrational person who can't seperate her personal experience from others. The one having to do nothing with the other.

Reply to De' Ja Vu
Posted by: flower | 2004/03/01

I can clearly see that your a very irrational person, so therefore I will end this coversation.

The reasons why my brother took drugs has nothing to do with you.

And yes, I have also dated someone who took drugs so I know exactly what I was talking about, and Yes I do agree that what he did to that girl was wrong, but that does not mean that the poor guy is doomed for life. Listen to yourself, you made a statement that said "Once a druggie, always a Druggie" How is this guy suppose to make things right with his girlfriend, if he has no support!!!!!!

I do hope you come to your senses.

Reply to flower
Posted by: De' Ja Vu | 2004/03/01


Do yourself a favour and go read everything again and do it slowely so you can actually take note that I spoke to another person and not you.

You have the cheek to tell me that the world doesn't revolve around me or that I'm not the only person who has problems. Little girl my life couldn't be any greater than it is now. There are many other people who have bigger problems in life and I wish them peace and happiness.

Don't take everything so personally I gave my opinion to another that had nothing to do with you and I didn't ask for your comment or your 2 cents worth.

Maybe you should see someone to help you overcome everything you went through with your brother you get on your high horse very quickly and the differences in the topics are great.

You said that I had no right to bring others down and what about what he did to her, who is standing up for her. You have no idea what hell she went through.
Like I said when you know what you're talking about then come and speak to me.

Tell me something flower why is it that your brother took drugs?

Reply to De' Ja Vu
Posted by: flower | 2004/03/01

I really think you need to get yourself some help, it is clear that you are still going through a rough time. The point I wanted to bring across is that just because your going through a rough time, it does not give you the right to bring other people down.

Do yourself a favour and go and see someone to get all that hurt and anger out that your carrying around with you.

And just one more thing - I know this might sounds rude,and I really don't mean it in a rude way but I do think you need to hear it - Your not the only one who has problems, the world does not revolve only around you.... if you just stop think about yourself you will realize that many other people have been there and done that, and maybe these people could actually help you get through this, but until you realize your not the only one to have been dating a lover with a drug problem your going to stay this angry person.....

think about it.....

Reply to flower
Posted by: De' Ja Vu | 2004/03/01

Then why are you getting so bent out of shape on this.
Maybe people can change but once life gets a little tough the first thing they turn to is drugs

Your brother and your lover is totally different he need to understand what it feels like for his g/f. And that is something you wont understand.

Reply to De' Ja Vu
Posted by: flower | 2004/02/27

look, stop blowing this out of proportion, the only thing I said is that I don't agree with your statement that you made which was "once a druggie always a druggie" I believe people can make a recovery like my brother, and the guy who was looking for help in his question on this forum needed encouragement that he can make it and its not the end of the line for him. So if you just relax and read carefully what you said you would see that I was just not agreeing with what you were saying.

end of story.

Reply to flower
Posted by: De' Ja Vu | 2004/02/27

The only one who's on their pony is you and may I say that it's not about you either so you should seriously stop trying to make it so.

I said what I had to say and it wasn't directed to you. So if everytime someone says something and you feel like your toes are being stamped on then you shouldn't be on this forum.
So run along now dear before you get yourself all worked up about something that has nothing to do with you.

Reply to De' Ja Vu
Posted by: flower | 2004/02/27

I know exactly what I am talking about, my brother is a recovering drug addict, and we went through many years of hell, so get off your little pony....... your not the only one out there who has experienced it. Besides, this is not about you!

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