Posted by: Mr G | 2009/02/18

To Bianka: A squirting orgasm

This is not a question to the Expert, but a reply to Bianka' s question on how to have a squirting orgasm.

What I' m about to give you is a description of how to have a " squirting orgasm" . This is from what I have read up on the subject and also my personal experience to what works the best. I' ll explain this from of view that you are going to do it yourself. If your man is going to do it he should follow the same instructions, but communication is then very important as you have to tell him where and what works best. Some might disagree, but this is what I have found to work the best:

Start by going to the toilet and make sure your bladder is empty. This will help in the " relaxing"  that is required and put your mind at ease that you are not about to urinate since you emptied your bladder.

Then take a big towel and fold it a few times and place it under you. Again this it to help you relax and not worry about getting the bed wet when you do squirt.

Then start by inserting one or two fingers as deep as possible into your vagina. Start by massaging the side/wall closest you stomach with your fingertips. You should use quite a bit of pressure, but not so much that you hurt yourself. While you massage start to slowly move out to the opening and then slowly back in again to as deep as you can. Do this a few times and note what you feel at the different depths. The “ extreme”  feelings that you might feel is either one of two where you get to a point that is extremely pleasurable or the other extreme being that it might feel as if you have a huge “ pee pee” . Usually it is a combination of both rather than just the one. This is your “ g-spot” .

Once you have your “ g-spot” , play with the speed and pressure of what you massage your g-spot with till you get what feels the most pleasurable. Then with your other hand, of if you have a vibrator, start to stimulate/rub/play with your clit. Again play around with the speed and pressure on both your clit and g-spot till you get the combination of what is the most pleasurable for you.

During all of this there are two major things that you must remember. You must relax! I cannot stress this point enough. Even though it will feel to you as if you have a pee just relax. You can even stop, go to the toilet, and then continue again if it will help you relax. The other major factor is not to think about “ getting an orgasm” . Rather feel what is happening and enjoy every movement rather than thinking again about the orgasm. You will only be denying yourself the full pleasure if you try and “ race to the finish line” .

Ok, back to the motion of things. The chances are very slim that you will squirt with your “ first”  orgasm. The orgasm should however be very intense. Once you have orgasmed, remove your fingers from inside your vagina and only stimulate your clit. This should happen rather quickly after your “ first orgasm” , say within 10 to 15 seconds. Again, you must relax and you will have a “ second orgasm” . Usually during this second orgasm you will “ squirt” .

The actual fact is that these “ two orgasm”  are related to one another. Think of it in terms of a cake: The first orgasm is the base or filling of the cake and the second is the cream and cherry on top. You can have the first without the second, but the second one just makes it that extra bit more special.

And don’ t worry if you don’ t succeed the first time. Try and try again. As I said not many do have a “ squirting orgasm”  the first time they try it, but after a bit of practice and getting use to the idea and feeling of what is happening you should succeed. And you can have more than one squirting orgasm in a session… 

I would appreciate it that when you have tried this that you give feedback on your results. This is not just for me, but to the rest of the people who might also be reading this post. I took the time to write this and any feedback from anyone trying this will be of help to others who read it and also want to try it.

Mr G

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Posted by: Mr G | 2009/02/18

To " B" :

The problems sometimes with a vibrator, especially if it is a powerfull one, is that it " overrides"  all the other feelings and can lead to a women not squirting or very little if she does. That is why it is important to " feel"  both feelings of the g-spot and clit stimulation.

As a rule I never ever have a watch or any sort of time indication near when doing this, or any other sexual activity. If there is a " time limit"  I set the cellphone alarm and put it away where I can' t see it (but usually give myself at least a 5min warning/snoozing not to miss the given time). So I can' t really say how long it takes. But I would guess from start to finish at least 5 to 10min depending on horny she is. It might even be longer, but I don' t think any shorter. Except when we go for the 2nd or 3rd or... round then it usually takes a little less time. But would even say that takes at least 3min.

Hope that answers your question.

Reply to Mr G
Posted by: B | 2009/02/18

Hi Mr G

Roughly how long does it take for this orgasm to happen cos I tried this but with a vibrator and nothing happened so I was just wondering how long it normally takes for your partners to get to this point.


Reply to B
Posted by: Ken | 2009/02/18

It should be mentioned that what works for one woman, won' t necessarily work for another, they all different, makes for interesting experimentation

Reply to Ken
Posted by: Bianka | 2009/02/18

Thanx a million Mr G. I printed out Sexperts link yesterday, and we tried last night again ... and again it didnt happen. Im gonna print this out and Il give you feedback tomorrow.

Reply to Bianka
Posted by: Ken | 2009/02/18

My girlfriend also makes sure she goes to the toilet first, then as mentioned above, places a towel under her buttocks..then I use a vibrating egg on her clit, this drives her wild, she almost always ejaculates this way, and it gives her very powerful orgasms.

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