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Could you please tell me about Tissue-Salts? What are they and how are they beneficial?


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Tissue Salts are absolutely wonderful!

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In the late 18th century, a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, became frustrated by the crude medical methods of his days, and tried to find an alternative way of treating his patients. What he discovered was that a substance which could produce similar symptoms to a disease in a healthy person could also treat that disease. The theory became homeopathy and it has been around for hundreds of years.

One of Hahnemann's early disciples, Dr Wilhem Schüessler, was an early adapter of this new system of medicine. At first, he used the full range of homeopathic medicines in his practice, but gradually he narrowed them down to the use of inorganic substances and developed a range of homeopathic medicines based upon twelve of the most common mineral tissue salts found in the human body and critical for health maintenance.

Rather than treating "like with like" these tissue salt remedies treat ailments by correcting imbalances or deficiencies in the body's cell nutrition, helping the body to restore itself to health.

Over time, different combinations of these tissue salts were put together and found to be remarkably helpful for different complaints. Currently a range of tissue salts is available from A to S which, being homeopathic in nature, are totally safe. The surprising thing is, however, that many people who use these simple products faithfully have found them to be extremely helpful in alleviating a wide range of conditions. They are suitable for children and can be taken with other medications.

If symptoms persist or you are worried about the condition, consult your doctor immediately.

The great advantage of using the mineral tissue salt system of medicine is that it is safe and flexible, and allows you complete control over dosage and administration. The system is very different from conventional medicine, as the treatments must be carried out over time. There is not an instant cure using mineral tissue salts, because they work by gradually returning the body to its natural balance.

Principal function and indications for use

1. Calc. Fluor.
Calcium Fluoride
REJUVENATION. Maintains elasticity of tissues. Impaired circulation, over-relaxed conditions, varicose veins, piles, deficient enamel teeth.

2. Calc. Phos.
Calcium Phosphate
ITCHING. Constituent of bones, teeth, gastric juices. Impaired digestion, teething troubles, chilblains, simple anaemia.
3. Calc. Sulph.
Calcium Sulphate
SKIN HEALING. Blood constituent. pimples during adolescence, skin slow to heal, sore lips.
4. Ferr. Phos.
Iron Phosphate
COUGH AND COLD SYMPTOMS. Oxygenates the blood stream. The Biochemic First Aid. Chills, fevers, inflammation, congestion. Rheumatic Pain.
5. Kali. Mur.
Potassium Chloride
COUGH, COLDS, RESPIRATORY AILMENTS. In alternation with Ferr. Phos. Blood constituent and conditioner. Children's feverish ailments.
6. Kali. Phos.
Potassium Phosphate
NERVOUS TENSION. Nervous exhaustion, nervous indigestion, nervous headaches. Stress due to worry or excitement. Sleeplessness.
7. Kali. Sulph.
Potassium Sulphate
SKIN CONDITIONER. Skin eruptions with scaling or sticky exudation, falling hair, diseased nails.
8. Mag. Phos.
Magnesium Phosphate
CRAMPS. Nerve Stabilizer and Anti-spasmodic. Neuralgia, flatulence, spasmodic nerve pains.
9. Nat. Mur.
Sodium Chloride
WATERY COLDS. Dryness or excessive moisture in any part of the body, watery colds, flow of tears, loss of smell or taste.
10. Nat. Phos.
Sodium Phosphate
HEARTBURN. Acid neutralizer. Over-acidity of the blood, gastric disorders, heartburn, rheumatic tendency.
11. Nat. Sulph.
Sodium Sulphate
FLU SYMPTOMS. The "liver" salt. Excess water eliminator. Liverish symptoms, bilious attacks, watery infiltrations.
12. Silica
Silicon Dioxide
BLOOD CONDITIONER - HAIR CONDITIONER, CLEANSER, ELIMINATOR. Impure blood, boils, brittle nails, lack-lustre hair, in alternation with Kali. Sulph.

There is not one, simple correct dosage for mineral tissue salts, as the amount you take will reflect the type and severity of your symptoms.

In adults, an average intake will be 4 tablets, 3 times a day before meals. If symptoms are very severe, the frequency of the dosage may be increased to 4 tablets every half hour or so, and then gradually reduced as the symptoms subside. As a general rule, the recommended dosage for children is 1-2 tablets.

As an example of a typical therapy, imagine you are suffering from a bad attack of hayfever. With running eyes, an irritating itch at the back of the throat and sneezing, Combination 'H' is the New Era remedy recommended to help relieve these symptoms. You might take 4 tablets at 9:00 am when the symptoms are at their worst, repeating this dosage at 10:00 am and 11:00 am. If you are beginning to feel better, delay taking the next dose until perhaps 1:00 pm. The following day, the symptoms might not be quite so severe, but they do still need to be controlled. In this case, take 3 doses of 4 tablets: a dose in the morning, one in the afternoon, and a third dose in the evening. This pattern of treatment may be necessary for the time that the pollen count is high, but you can reduce it gradually as the count lowers. When all the symptoms have disappeared, it is essential to continue .

Long-Term illness

Some problems, such as rheumatic pain or sciatica, may need a slightly different approach. For longer-term symptoms, it might be beneficial to undertake therapy at low doses for a number of weeks, increasing the dose or frequency if the symptoms get worse. In these cases, a dose of perhaps 2 tablets twice a day may be adequate to control the symptoms, although 4 tablets could be taken or the frequency of doses increased to 3-5 times a day, if the condition becomes any worse. Again, dosages and frequency of taking the tablets should be tailed off when the symptoms diminish. If symptoms persist, you should always seek professional advice.

No danger of overdose
Mineral tissue salts are quite safe, and you cannot overdose on them. As you use them, you will learn what combinations, doses and frequency suit you. We all have different metabolisms and ailments, and so with this system, you can gear the treatment to your individual needs. Experiment with mineral tissue salts to find out what is right for you.

Indications for use in the relief of various conditions

A. For neuralgia, neuritis, sciatica.
Ferr Phos. Kali Phos. Mag Phos.
B. For general debility, nervous exhaustion and during convalescence.
Calc Phos. Kali Phos. Ferr Phos.
C. For acidity, heartburn and dyspepsia
Mag Phos. Nat Phos. Nat Sulph. Silica.
D. For minor skin ailments and scalp eruptions, eczema, acne, scaling of the skin etc.
Kali Mur. Kali Sulph. Calc Sulph. Silica.
E. For flatulence, colic and indigestion
Calc Phos. Mag Phos. Nat Phos. Nat Sulph.
F. For nervous headaches, migraine when associated with nervous weakness.
Kali Phos. Mag Phos. Nat Mur. Silica.
G. For backache, lumbago, piles and where there is an over-relaxed condition of the tissues (loss of elasticity)
Calc Fluor. Calc Phos. Kali Phos. Nat Mur.
H. Hay Fever
Mag Phos. Nat Mur. Silica.
I. Fibrositis, muscular pains
Ferr Phos. Kali Sulph. Mag Phos.
J. For coughs, colds. The winter seasonal remedy.
Ferr Phos. Kali Mur. Nat Mur.
K. For brittle nails, failing hair
Kali Sulph. Nat Mur. Silica.
L. For over-relaxed conditions of veins and arteries
Calc Fluor. Ferr Phos. Nat Mur.
M. For rheumatic pain
Nat Phos. Nat Sulph. Kali Mur. Calc Phos.
N. For Menstrual pain
Calc Phos. Kali Mur. Kali Phos. Mag Phos.
P. For aching feet and legs, poor circulation and chilblains.
Calc Fluor. Calc Phos. Kali Phos. Mag Phos.
Q. For sinus disorders
Ferr Phos. Kali Mur. Kali Sulph. Nat Mur.
R. For infants' teething pains and to aid dentition
Calc Fluor. Calc Phos. Ferr Phos. Mag Phos. Silica.
S. For stomach upset, biliousness, sick headache. The summer seasonal remedy for digestive and intestinal disorders and lassitude
Kali Mur. Nat Phos. Nat Sulph.

How to take mineral tissue salts

Mineral tissue salts are best taken before eating or drinking. The tablets are simply placed inside the mouth below the tongue and allowed to dissolve. This only takes a few seconds. When giving the tablets to children and babies over the age of 3 months, mineral tissue salts can be crushed and placed under the tongue.

Condition Appropriate Tissule Salt(s)
Aching feet or legs Combination P
Aches and pains (general) Combination G, Combination A, Combination M (especially rheumatic pains)
Acid regurgitation Combination S, No 10 (Nat. Phos.)
Acidity (heartburn) Combination C, No 10 (Nat. Phos.)
Anxiety (temporary due to everyday worries) No 6 (Kali. Phos.)
Backache Combination G
Biliousness (Nausea, Headache, Abdominal Discomfort) Combination S, No 11 (Nat. Sulph.)
Bloodshot eyes (if due to hayfever) Combination H
Catarrh (Inflamation of Mucous Membrane Combination Q, No 7 (Kali. Sulph.)
Chapped hands No 3 (Calc. Sulph.), Combination D
Chapped lips Combination D, No 3 (Calc. Sulph.)
Chestiness Combination J, No 5 (Kali. Mur.)
Chilblains (Swelling caused by cold and damp, near frostbite) No 2 (Calc. Phos.)
Chills Combination J, No 4 (Ferr. Phos.)
Colds Combination J, No 4 (Ferr. Phos.)
Colicky pains Combination E, No 8 (Mag. Phos.)
Coughs Combination J, No 4 (Ferr. Phos.)
Cramp No 8 (Mag. Phos.)
Digestive upsets Combination C, No 11 (Nat. Sulph.)
Dry skin Combination D
Dyspepsia Combination C, No 10 (Nat. Phos.)
Eyes water Combination H (if due to hayfever), No 9 (Nat. Mur.)
Feverishness No 4 (Ferr. Phos.)
Fibrositis Combination I
Flatulence Combination E, No 8 (Mag. Phos.)
Flu Combination J, No 4 (Ferr. Phos.) No 11 (Nat. Sulph.)
Hayfever Combination H
Headache (sick with gastric upset) Combination S, No 11 (Nat. Sulph.)
Headache (with pains) Combination F
Headache (nervous) Combination F, No 6 (Kali. Phos.)
Heartburn Combination C, No 11 (Nat. Sulph.)
Hoarseness Combination J, No 4 (Ferr. Phos.)
Indigestion Combination E, No 8 (Mag. Phos.)
Irritability (temporary due to external causes) No 6 (Kali. Phos.)
Itching (chilblains) No 2 (Calc. Phos.)
Lumbago Combination G
Menstrual pain Combination N
Migraine Combination F
Minor skin complaints Combination D, No 7 (Kali. Sulph.)
Muscular pain Combination I, Combination M (rheumatic)
Nails (brittle) Combination K, No 12 (Silica), No 7 (Kali. Sulph.)
Nasal (catarrh) Combination Q, No 4 (Ferr. Phos.)
Nasal (runny) Combination J, No 9 (Nat. Mur.)
Nausea Combination S
Periods (painful) Combination N, No 8 (Mag. Phos.)
Phlegm (thick) Combination Q, Combination J
Phlegm (watery) Combination J, No 9 (Nat. Mur.)
Pimples Combination D, No 3 (Calc. Sulph.)
Queasiness Combination S, No 11 (Nat. Sulph.)
Rheumatic pains Combination M
Rhinitis Combination H
Sciatica Combination A
Sickness (vomiting) Combination S
Shivering Combination J, No 4 (Ferr. Phos.)
Skin (scaling etc.) Combination D, No 7 (Kali. Sulph.)
Skin (scaling) Combination D, No 7 (Kali. Sulph.)
Skin (spots) Combination D, No 12 (Silica)
Sneezing Combination J, No 4 (Ferr. Phos.)
Stomach upsets Combination S, No 11 (Nat. Sulph.), No 10 (Nat. Phos.)
Stress (temporary due to external worries) No 6 (Kali. Phos.)
Taste (loss of) Combination Q, No 9 (Nat. Mur.)
Teething Combination R, No 2 (Calc. Phos.)
Throat (sore) Combination J, No 4 (Ferr. Phos.)
Travel sickness Combination F, Combination S, No 10 (Nat. Phos.), No 6 (Kali. Phos.)
Varicose Viens Combination L
Weakness (convalescence) Combination B
Wheeziness Combination Q, No 5 (Kali. Mur.), No 4 (Ferr. Phos.)

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: Irene | 2004/11/17

My husband has haitus hernia and takes issue salts no 10. He eats it like smarties, and this is his saving grace! He also takes pantaloc, but sometimes he still has heart-burn, and then the no 10 is fantastic. It really helps

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