Posted by: Sue 2 | 2005/11/23

Tips to say I love you

We all love our partners...right??? How often do we actually take the time to show them how much we love them?? I'm not talking about the quick kiss on the lips to say hi or bye, the "I love you dear" just before we close our eyes a wait for slumber, the sms that reads - ' dont forget ot fetch the kids! luv ya'.
I'm refering to those (sometimess really silly) little things that we all do when our love for someone is new like a newborns bum and fresh as a daisy!!
I have opted to keep that feeling alive - 7 years into my relationship I still do those silly little things. I thought I'd share a few tried and tested methods with those of you who will take the time to read my silly little post!!
P.S I have done all of these and they have all worked to get the message through.

Make a love card 8cm x 5cm big. write a poem, a phrase from a song or even a "for a good time call" note on it. When you take a new toilet roll out to put in the holder insert the love card into the folds of the roll!!! Hope and prey that hubby/B/f is the one to use that piece of bog roll!!!

Write a silly "I wuff you" note in his/her diary.

Okay this one may take a little time and is quite tricky too.............
Buy a single WHITE carnation flower. Slit the stem in two (both must still be attached to flower!) Get two glasses or bottles. In one glass put water and green food colouring in the other water and red food colouring. Place one side of each slit stem into the coloured water. Leave somewhere that lover boy/girl will not see it. After a few hours ( best overnight though) the carnation will have taken on the colour, half will be green and half will be red. Give flower to lover boy/girl with a note saying that you adapted something beautiful to make it even more beautiful - just as beautiful as her/she is.

Hang a twig of missletoe (SP!) above the door just before love gets home. Wait at door and surprise with a smackeroo of a kiss!!! (ohhh I'z all gooshy now!)

Make a slit in a chocolate wrapper with something really sharp. Insert a love letter and reseal the slit. Put chocky in lunch tin or jacket pocket. (whala, instant "I'm mad about you" message)

Ladies.... we all have that yucky shade of lipstick that we thought would look good but makes us look 10 years ahead of ourselves, right?! Why waste it when you can use it to write a 'just to say I love you" on the mirror in the bathroom?? PS... Domestos takes it of with no mess no fuss!!

Thats it for now folks, I'm off to get hubby a bunch of flowers!!!

Keep the love alive!!

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Our users say:
Posted by: Dee | 2005/11/23

I love the love tokens!
My husband travels a lot and thats the perfect thing to send him off with.
You guys have great ideas and I think its really positive stuff like this that would just make the world a better place.
Looks like love is in the air today...

Reply to Dee
Posted by: Dev | 2005/11/23

I loved hand writting my ex a poem and stick it on the fridge , when he comes back from work he would find it or under the pillow even spraying my perfume on the pillow if I know that i won't be with him that evening,once did a suprise dinner for 2, told his friend to take him out as i was preparing it.Unfortunately we are separated but in any case I found someone who loves me so dearly and intend to keep that up....

Reply to Dev
Posted by: Delene | 2005/11/23


THAT is just soooooo cute!!!! Really very sweet.

Reply to Delene
Posted by: Nicolai | 2005/11/23

When my man and I first were together, we were so broke we couldnt pay attention! I'm talking potatoe and onion stew (yetch).
Anyway, on our 1 year anniversary I tippexed a few five cent coins and stuck on a gold sticker on one side - on the other side I wrote "1kiss" - hehehe "love tokens". The container was an old melrose box with packing tape sealing it. "break in case of an emergency". We were short of a lot of things, but not love or romance.

Reply to Nicolai
Posted by: Frusty | 2005/11/23

Delene, and there you have hit the nail on the head! As you say, the more you get the more you give. I love to hear the success stories, it gives me hope.

Reply to Frusty
Posted by: Delene | 2005/11/23

how beautiful

and sum great new idea's!!!!

Frusty, unfortunitly, these things are a two-way street.
The more hubby does, the more i want to do & visa versa.
I dont think i could give, give, give & not get nothing back
and i'm talking about appreciation......

Example...I used to hate cooking, till i got married, cuz hubby LOVES my cooking & just appreciates it so much i cant tell you. I mean, EVERY DAY he says to me " Thank you for cooking, really thank you so much. its so so so nice"
(he likes repeating himself 3x)
he doesnt see it as my JOB, and just take it for granted.....
the result
I LOVE cooking just to see how he enjoys the food and appreciates the act.

Its such a two way street.

Reply to Delene
Posted by: Frusty | 2005/11/23

You are all wonderful women and deserve all that your men do and say. I am not going to try and bring you down, but when you try and try..... and give and give and get squat in return, you do eventually give up. Example, I did the underwear in the briefcase story as well as all of the other things mentioned and then some, but either got completely ignored or got told it was the wrong thing to do with some scathing comment following.

Enjoy it and keep doing what you are doing.

Reply to Frusty
Posted by: CP Mom | 2005/11/23

MY porra's so cute, I forget to drink my ad's on weekends and the last couple of weekends i've been fine not moerig by sunday as usual....i found out he put's my ad's in my coffee over weekends! No wonder he's making the coffee over weekends...

But yeah it's true you do get back what you put in, especially with a man like mine who struggles with the 3 words "i love you" - sometimes I think the little things is maybe better than hearing those words.....

:-)) like last week he bought me a thingy you put on your cell so you can see a sms come in before it sweet - just a little kak gadget but the idea's so sweet.

Reply to CP Mom
Posted by: Buzz | 2005/11/23

Sue 2, isn't it amazing how much you get back, when you go the extra mile? And it really is no effort, it's quite a lot of fun.

About 9 years ago, hubby and I were driving in two cars from somewhere. At a traffic light, I bought him 12 yellow roses (there were no red ones), and the vendor gave it to him. He still talks about how special that made him feel!!!

We still write each other handwritten letters and cards, lots of e-mails, sms'es. I get flowers delivered just for just, every birthday and Valentine's day, he sends me a message in the Star Classifieds. I've done some silly things, like leaving (obviously clean) underwear in his briefcase. I've once stuck a note on the boot of his car (without his knowledge), saying "The man driving this car, is loved by his wife" he said people kept hooting and smiling, showing thumbs up etc., and he only realized when he came home and I showed him, what I did. Last night, when he came home late (the kids were sleeping already), I hid in the back of my car as he pulled into the garage, had on my leather coat (birthday gift from him this year), with nothing else on. The most beautiful compliment my husband ever pays me, is when he tells me he looks forward to coming home to me.

I think we are fortunate that our feelings are reciprocated, but the fact remains: the more you give, the more you get.

Reply to Buzz
Posted by: Frusty | 2005/11/23

You girls are so lucky and I am sure that you appreciate and value what you have. Look after those men of yours.

Reply to Frusty
Posted by: Dee | 2005/11/23

Delene - its is really no wonder you have such a postive energy - your man takes good care of you!

My husband loves surprising me with things. As we have two very young ones (1&2yrs old) - our movie-going days are really on the endangered list - so he always sets up these surprise movie trips. Once we even went to the Drive-In which I hadn't done in aeons and he packed an awesome picnic basket - it was fabulous.
In the past two year - Mother's day has been a big mystery as well cos he pops up with surprise things as well and makes our bigger kid an accomplice - like in he toddled with a rose to give to mommy even though he could hardly walk last year. Such sweet stuff. THeres so much more......

Reply to Dee
Posted by: Delene | 2005/11/23

Well thanx Sue2......I always try also to do at least 1 small thingy every day.
And I buy my man flowers too...I think its nice.

he has never bought me flowers...LOL

Yesterday he did sumthing so sweet..... usually during the day id get an sms, or an emaill , yesterday I got a hand written fax, a beautiful letter.
I never expected the fax...I Loved it!!

Reply to Delene
Posted by: Frusty | 2005/11/23

Tried all those and lots more besides! Given it up now as a bad joke on me.

Reply to Frusty
Posted by: CP MOM | 2005/11/23

I do the lipstick thing but I leave a kiss on the mirror and then there is of course the wonderful PS-choc's and those YES/NO sweets that help.

And let me tell you men also like getting flowa's so try that as well!

And if you make him sarmies for lunch put his favourite sweet or something in every once in a yesterday I put cherries in his lunch box!

Reply to CP MOM

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