Posted by: Confessions and Reasonings of a Long | 2007/04/12

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Why am I here? I'm here to help, yea, if I can. But I'm also here to have a place where I can live out my many personalities, or at least, my many moods, which can at once be kind, naughty, stupid and down right horrible. Sometimes I post under a whole LOT af nics, those represent every mood I feel at the moment. Yesterday I used at least 4 of them, some days they're closer to ten. I'm sort of addicted to this site, but I'm NOT addicted to getting ignored or shunned. I hate that. If I feel bad, I want everyone to feel bad, and when I feel good, loved, cared for, then that's what I need everyone to feel. I will reducule anyone who remotely sounds weird or silly, but if they're suffering badly, I try and lift them up. I live for being here. Every morning I sit my butt down and look forward to the day. With everyone here. But some days all just goes down the drain. If my day here goes well, I feel good and wanted. If not, I feel depressed and drained of life, sometimes even hurting myself rather badly, or feeling suicidal, and yes, I did in the past attempted suicide because my day was failing me. Strange? I'm connected to you people. CS. I follow you dude. Some days I try to please you, and other days I will do everything in my power to shoot you down and show my hate for you and anyone else going against me. In real life this is not the case. I'm always the good, kind, joking mommy. Everyone knows me as happy. Happy. Happy, happy, happy. Whoop de freaking dooo. But here, you give me a platform to expose myself. To be me(an). This place is not good. You become someone you ARE NOT. Long term use turns you into a bloody nutcase. Please, let this be a warning to all. Use in moderation, or else . . .

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I've noticed the plethora of nics. ( Nice word, plethora, and I don't get many chances to use it ) In some ways I appreciate your confession, but ridicule is not welcome here, and could lead to you being barred from the site. It sounds as though you are not using this site in the way which would be most helpful to you, OR to other readers, and you are making yourself FAR too vulnerable by allowing other people's remarks to shift your mood so greatly.
Maybe you've been getting increasingly frustrated at the role of Happy Happy Mommy, and enjoy exploring the dark side of yourself here --- which would be fine except that it hurts other people's feelings --- and many readers are as liable to becoming miserable after unkind words from you, as you are when others say something nasty.
SO, set a great example by taking your own advice, using the site in moderation, and moderately.
Echelle raises the very relevant point that if someone means it when they say they don't care what others think of them, they have no reason at all to change nics, which is more a way of trying to evade responsibility for your comments, than exploring different facets of your personality. It doesn't evade detection or identification --- we can do that behind the scenes, anyway, whichever nic you are using.
And Delene's point is brilliant --- whichever nic you use might fool some other readers, but you will still experience rejection of what you say, through any nic, as rejection.
Now I'm also waiting to find that Old Man you talk about, especially if he has a batch of Barbies to throw about. Generally, I find Barbecues too heavy to toss around. It's like the sign I saw in a store once, which read : "Shop Lifters --- must be awfully strong."

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Posted by: CHILLED | 2007/04/12

Nina, just so you know, it's supposed to be "BLOG" A "Bogg" is a toilet.....

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Posted by: Buzz | 2007/04/12


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Posted by: Echelle | 2007/04/12

I mean, look at me, most of you don't like me, but I'm still using my real name :-)

Reply to Echelle
Posted by: joe | 2007/04/12

yoh yoh yoh ...i am speechless

Reply to joe
Posted by: Buzz | 2007/04/12

True Nina.

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Posted by: lady nina | 2007/04/12

hi there

most of us can identify with you

you must remember no one is all good or all bad that that the beauty of being human, we are all growing and changing
and most of all getting to know ourselves

i think you're scared we will reject you and for that you wear all these masks.

one think i've learned it that unless you love yourself no one can make you feel loved and accpeted, it all starts with ourselves
yet most of us do it the wrong way round , we love our partners or kids or job and think if they love us , we'll be ok
but that not true!!

accept yourself for the wonderful and unique person you are
make peace with yourself and be willing to learn - don't feel scared to be yourself, approve of who you are and where yo are on the road , acknowledge that your not perfect but growing every day, in wisdom and understanding.
and never be to proud to say "i'm sorry"

i've never used another nick and i've offended some people but i'm sure for most parts i'm forgiven, if not liked by all
i'ts not i'mportant to be liked by everyone - you have to like the person in the mirror and sleep soundly

why do you want to be nasty to others? you are the one who will feel bad? why harm yourself? why do you have the need to punish yourself?
rather start a bogg and once you can start being real with yourself, accept even the "bad" parts as being ok and only a way you found to meet a need in your own life.
don't be so hard on yourself be your own best friend


Reply to lady nina
Posted by: Echelle | 2007/04/12

Me - really? Wie wat waar wanneer? So do I know you?

Reply to Echelle
Posted by: Buzz | 2007/04/12

Me, what you say makes sense in a way. Some people will overthrow their own values, they'll do almost anything to avoid rejection, but the yearning for acceptance is never fulfilled because that hole can only be filled by you! You have a right to your own opinion, using your own voice (on and off the forum).

I agree wholeheartedly with Delene - whether you're using your real nic or not, when other forumers challenge/reject you or your opinion, your subconscious mind will perceive it as a rejection of YOU personally anyway since you know which nics you used - so why pretend?

It's empowering to have an opinion in your own voice, this way you learn to open your mind to other opinions, and there's a lot of growth in it. Don't hide, you have a right to be just the way you are and if others don't like it, that's okay. As long as you like yourself.

LOL - I'm quizzy to know who you really are now!!!

Reply to Buzz
Posted by: Snoopy | 2007/04/12

LMAO.Oh my goodness, I'm in stitches here.....thanks for making my laugh, ME, you just made my day hehehe

Reply to Snoopy
Posted by: Me. | 2007/04/12

TFU, you know where I'm coming from. I find it difficult to run with one nic. Maybe to avoid detection, or just to be someone else with different views. From the moment I came across this site, I've swopped and changed many times, using one nic for a while and then going into a many me's phase.

Buzz, as always, your right. But I'm too 'sensitive' to have people hate my 'real nic', so whenever I want to say something I think might get negative response, I use a different nic. To protect my 'name' . . . It's sort of don't affect me so much. . . does that make sense?

Chilled, thanks . . . I think . . . glad I could provide some fresh air.

Echelle, well, you actually know 'me' well. We've talked quite alot. But I know where you're coming from too.

Peace all. Now to see the old mans' response. He ususally throws his Barbies around when I post, so . . . bring it on.

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Posted by: anon a mom | 2007/04/12

Why not start your very own blog. I am sure it will make for interesting reading when people become bored or have nothing else to fill their lives with.

Reply to anon a mom
Posted by: Delene | 2007/04/12

the internet gives you the opportunity to be whoever you want to be. being it real or not, its always the individuals choice.
however, you can't blame anyone for your actions, or for feeling the way you do. We choose that as well.

The problem with the internet though, is that if you keep on pretending to be what you are not, you start believing yourself.
your mind does not know the difference between real & not real. the mind just believes what you tell it.

I also warn people about the internet, not just this site, because its so easy to loose yourself & to loose touch of what is real.
Be who you are - here, and offline.
you will feel better about yourself - thats guaranteed.

being dependend on what people say about you or to you, on here & in real time, is an issue on its own. Once again, you can't blame anyone for what you are feeling. it is something you need to sort out.

You are clearly very confused & hurt, and so not happy. I feel for you because its a bad place to be.
I hope you find a solution.

Reply to Delene
Posted by: Echelle | 2007/04/12

I don't understand why people change their nicks all the time, really! If you are a person that doesn't care what others think then you have no reason to hide your real nick.

But nice of you to confess!

Reply to Echelle
Posted by: CHILLED | 2007/04/12

Hello Me.

What a breath of fresh air you are!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't go please, you make this forum more interresting and fun!!!!!!!!! Oh and Echelle is actually more mean than nice!!!!!!!! I HATE ECHELLE!!!!!!!!!!

Reply to CHILLED
Posted by: Buzz | 2007/04/12

I don't think your situation is unusual - I've always known that MANY regulars do exactly what you're doing, this is quite common and expected without compulsory registration.

The important thing is that YOU know what you're doing and YOU know how it's affecting you - and only YOU can improve it.

I use my own nic to state my opinion, good or bad, and can assure you that it's liberating - even though I've made a few enemies on the way. You should try it!

Reply to Buzz
Posted by: SAY what? | 2007/04/12

TFU are you serious?? Are you actually tryna help the NUT?!
"Select a personality?!" hahahhaaaaaaawhooooo!!!!
I give up! Oh and Me, you will certainly not be missed, so leave if you must. You cant be helped anyway!

Reply to SAY what?
Posted by: TFU | 2007/04/12

What an interesting post - and I do agree with you: as much as this forum can be interesting, one should be careful not to be defined by it or to seek validation through it.

Living vicariously as you may be wont to do from time to time and mixing an exotic blend of pseudonyms into that makes for an interesting day.

Instead of having multiple personalities, why don't you select one thats most like you - your own personality comes to mind - and post under that name only? And if you are a bitch some days and an angel on others, hey, thats the way life can be.

Try to find some other lodestar, some other frame of reference for your day. If the anonymity of cyberspace is irrsitable, perhaps you get a pen-pal.

Then you can vent, rage and sing all you like, in complete safety.

Reply to TFU
Posted by: Me. | 2007/04/12

Echelle, why are you being mean? I don't know you like that?! Ag you know what? SCREW ALL OF YOU! I QUIT!

Anyway, you felt bad yesterday, I supose you still feel crap today, so I'll let it pass.

Hey hey hey. I'm cray-zey.

And CS, it's YOU FAULT. You know how much damage you did to me? And you have every potential to do the same to countless others! Hope you sleep well at night! Hope you SLEEP!

Reply to Me.
Posted by: Echelle | 2007/04/12


Reply to Echelle
Posted by: Me. | 2007/04/12

I'm pouring my heart out and that's the response I get. You nasty, pityfull shyt! It's people like you who drives me to death, or alcohol, whichever is closest. God DO NOT bless you! Maggot!

Reply to Me.
Posted by: Me. | 2007/04/12

Oh, and for the record, I never use anyones nics to cause shit.
Thanks for reading. God bless.

Reply to Me.
Posted by: SAY What? | 2007/04/12

Bloody nutcase indeed! I cant believe i just wasted my time reading that!

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