Posted by: lulu | 2004/10/28

Those enemies I was worried about...

See? Now I've made those new enemies I was worried about in the beginning.

Geez: I did say that I have little or no sympathy with anyone who got infected by ignorance or careless use of DRUGS or THEIR BODIES. If this married couple both have HIV and they got it by something out of their control, I apologise. What are the odds though?

Lucia: I'm sorry if my comments disappointed you. I say more than necessary sometimes. I'm not apologising for my opinion though, but should have kept it to myself rather.

Just for interest sake again: I posted earlier this week that my sis-in-law was murdered last weekend. We will be laying her to rest tomorrow. You find my opinion on a burst condom saga shocking. Do you know what I found shocking this week? The fact that it was a HUMAN BEING that carved up my sis-in-law like a Christmas turkey and then took the pleasure of smearing her blood all over her house before he left with nothing but her car.

Do you know what else shocked me this week? The fact that two little girls have to deal with their mother's grusome death and that not being shocking enough, they might also have to deal with the fact that THEIR FATHER hired someone to kill her.

I officially apologise if I've offended anyone. I could have just shut up and let it go but found a few minutes of focussing on something meaningless that eased my pain.

Somehow, different strains of HIV seem trivial to me today.

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lulu, anyone with anything of a heart ought to remember your recent experience, and understand the enormous anger and bitterness you have every right to be feeling at this stage. Guys, lighten up here, there's no need to jump on one victim in defense of another ! It is indeed sad when someone runs into disaster by carelessness, even if that might have been avoided by greater care ; but it is somewhat less tragic than the massacre of an innocent person out of sheer bloody viciousness. We need to be understanding and sympathetic towards people with HIV problems, but should also not insult them by treating them as if they had no need to also deal with issues of personal responsibiloity and care.
And lulu, fortunately now, after two foot-in-mouth episodes, you have officially run out of feet !

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Posted by: nog een | 2004/10/28

Hokay hier is 'n aanhaling vir jou ook. "Laat hy wat sonder sonde is, die eerste klip gooi." - Die Bybel

Lulu, ek aanvaar jou verskoning. Jy voel seker nou erger as wat jy gevoel het voor die tyd. Ek is HIV+ en was eers die m0er in vir jou opmerkings, maar ek verstaan nou beter. Jy het my nie offend nie.

Hoop jou eie einas word gou beter.

Reply to nog een
Posted by: Demon | 2004/10/28

I agree with Enough, back off now guys I actualy found it funny the burst condem and all, and like lulu I also have now pittie for some one that contracted it because of carelisness!!!!! To those how got it inosintly I do feel sorry for you guys!!!!!! The should hang people how cause the aids to spread, they are murderers the selves. Lulu to you good luck girl I pray that God will heal the wounds off yourself and your familie!!! God bless!!!

Reply to Demon
Posted by: enough | 2004/10/28

The woman apologised. What more do you want from her?

To all of you above who judge Lulu now for being as judgemental as you say she was I can only say tut tut tut.

She's hurting with a pain not many of us have experienced before. Why not show her the sympathy and understanding you have shown the person she is said to have attacked? Even more so now that she has apologised? Offering condolences after a final stab towards? I find that an insult.

LULU, may God and His devine forgiving grace be with you in this time of trials. May you find forgiveness in your heart for the evil that has shattered your family. May you find some way to vent the obvious anger and resentment you feel towards others in this very trying time.

God bless.

Reply to enough
Posted by: lulu | 2004/10/28

"Meaningless" was the wrong word to use, I'm sorry. I should have said something like "focussing on something a little less close to home for me". I'm taking my one foot out of my mouth just to put the other one in, it seems.

Again, it was not my intention to offend anyone by making HIV out to be trivial. I'm comparing it to my problems in hand, and as sad as it sounds, it truly IS trivial for me personally today. )o:
That certainly does not mean I think people deserved to be infected and I never said so either.

Like I said: I apologise to everyone I've offended. Human nature causes one to go home and kick the dog when your boss upsets you. Maybe that's what I've done here.

Reply to lulu
Posted by: CP MOM | 2004/10/28

LULU - sterkte vir die begrafnis more ek sal aan jou dink mens..... Ons het maar almal ons "af" dae soos jy weet het ek ook al van daai gehad.

STERKTE ! *drukkie*

Reply to CP MOM
Posted by: Hokay | 2004/10/28

So because you had a personal tradegy that gives you the right to be judgemental and downright rude? You went on and on about diluting the virus and whoever being a professional idiot, and saying you can't believe that with all the education and tax payers money being spent people still believe that crap, when you were the one that was wrong!

I suppose your pain means you have the right to insult and hurt other people and their feelings and tell them they are stupid and deserve to be infected..

What happened to your sister in law is digusting and awful and sad, but it doesn't excuse you from personal responsibility for your actions.

Ask any HIV + person if they think its trivial?!

Whoever undertakes to set himself up as judge in the field of truth and knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the Gods.
--Albert Einstein

Reply to Hokay
Posted by: Beyond Tired | 2004/10/28

Geez is right btw. Don't be too harsh and critical with others, their problems to them are major.

I read your posting on your sister-in-laws death and couldn't respond but what you posted now has deeply touched me in that I also do not understand how someone can do something so grusome. I hope and pray your nieces will come through this although it will be a tough one, especially if the father did hire someone. Be strong, although not easy for them and yourself.

Good luck and God Bless.
Take Care.

Reply to Beyond Tired
Posted by: Geez | 2004/10/28

because you find something meaningless doesnt mean that others feel the same. everyones problems are major to them. sorry bout what has happend to your family. it is very sad that people do this to one another. the person who asked the hiv question didnt deserve to be the lashing of your disappointment in us human beings. you and your neices will be in my prayers.

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