Posted by: The Oracle | 2008/06/26

There is hope for SA yet!

I've been walking around for months now composing an essay in my head to bitch about the inadequacy of drivers in Gauteng. Was gonna have it published on News24 or one of the newspapers.

How it's turning me into a racist as most of the perpertrators I've come across have been African drivers. About how they need to stop buying driving licenses and rather go learn what a car is, what the rules of the road are, and how to apply those rules in order for all of us to "arrive alive".

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I received the following (somewhat amusing) mail from a colleage (African) this morning, which has filled me with renewed hope and a sense of pride.

I'm not going to adhere to any copyright laws here by mentioning the writer: don't want to expose myself or my company! Here goes, enjoy:

The Do's and Don'ts on the road (Compiled by ??????)

1.Never drive on a fast lane at less than 120km/h.

2. During peak hour, leave no unnecessary space between cars with all the cars constantly coming in front of you.In so doing why don't you shift to a slower lane 'cause you are irritating people behind you through 100% precautionary practice.

3. Your mirrors should be adjusted in such a way that your view to the sides and rear doesn't require any body movement i.e. lifting your head, moving sideways etc.

4. Always keep yourself updated as to what's happening behind you, in front and on the sides - that car is no living room where you can leisure around and listen to music but it is a mobile entity of which with slight loss of concentration can cost your life.

5. Shift for anyone coming at a speed higher than yours more especially on the fast lane, maybe he's on an emergency or something else which is non of your business - who are you trying to control his driving speed.

6. When someone drives badly around you, just say thanks he hasn't touched anything on your car. Why start swearing and pointing fingers when nothing has happened - that on its own is not gonna achieve you anything.

7. Ladies, cars are made of different engine capacities. An engine capacity of 1.3L will in no way match 3L engine capacity on a decline or steep hills, so get your brand new small and economic car to a less stressful lane.

b)Ladies you leave big "spielkas" mirrors at at home, and now because you've been driving for a year, you are a professional, you start titivating (puffing) yourself whilst behind the steering using the sun shade mirror - I can tell you, you're asking for trouble.

8. Never try to keep eye contact communicating with your passenger because the minute you take your eyes back on the road, its a tyre skid and a big bang more especially on a traffic jam - just listen 'cause to your chatterbox passenger and your ears are gonna do the listening.

9.Try by all means to access visibility of at least coupler cars away in front of you, so that when the furthest front car in your visibility hit the brakes, it doesn't become a shock to you than to only concentrate on the car you're following.

10. Try always to indicate each and every time you change lanes, turn, off ramp etc. The trend of non-indicating cars is on the increase and to big fast car drivers it has turned to be a habit.

Remember the basic rule "KEEP LEFT , PASS RIGHT and not KEEP RIGHT AND OWN IT.

NB: When out there on the road, consider yourself at work fighting for survival and not sitting at your lounge watching TV, so take it serious and don't just relax in your cosy latest model car, hoping the air bags, insurance, life cover etc will do the trick for you.

NB. This morning (26th June 2008) just after 06h15, six cars just before Allandale off ramp on the way to Pretoria were involved in a pile up, and you ask yourself one thing - where were the other car drivers of the car last on the pile looking....?

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Our expert says:
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Lets not start another "racism" war. Its easy for form assumptions based on experience. Its probably accurate that most of the bad drivers you see are Black African rather than White African, because most of the drivers around you are indeed Black African --- as would be most of the good drivers. But who, except rarely, notices the good drivers ? You expect others to be good, and notice the exceptions.
Actually this is an interesting problem in research. The question isn't about a simple majority of cases but whether there is a higher proportion of X or Y in cases than in the general population.
I thought the Oracle was quoting with pride and approval a message sent to her from a black colleague, as something that helped her to remember not to jump to racist conclusions.

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Our users say:
Posted by: anon | 2008/06/27

Blank & proud...get over you blackness. When are you guys gona stop playing victim over everything . We all break the rules sometimes wat !!!
Thats why nothign will ever go right in this country, becuase of people like you that wana play victim all your life.

Reply to anon
Posted by: The Oracle | 2008/06/27

Glad you got that out of your system, Neo. Feel better now?

Maybe I'd feel bad if I WAS a "fat old white woman". Hell, I'd feel equally bad if I was a fat old Indian/Coloured/Chinese woman.

I have to wonder how much faster reconciliation would happen in this country if people started being objective and seeing others' points of view.

Do you and "Black and Proud" for instance know how deeply it hurts someone to be called a racist, especially if they are not one.

Please start thinking outside of the box.

Reply to The Oracle
Posted by: Neo | 2008/06/27

Oracle - next time rather keep your mouth shut. We all have thought about others and what may not be offensive to you may be to others.... I think you are a fat cow cos all white woman get fat and ugly as they get older....

What I said could hurt others. Is it true that all white woman get fat and ugly as they get older? No it isn't but I could have offended a lot of "white women".

Next time rather keep your comments to yourself.

Reply to Neo
Posted by: The Oracle | 2008/06/26

I hate when people jump to conclusions without having the facts. I said that I felt it is TURNING ME into a racist.

I also hate when people are always standing at the ready to accuse people of being racist. It;s a sure sign of a small mind.

Where I drive the majority of the drivers happen to be black so when something goes wrong: someone comes to a sudden halt in frontof you or parks their car in the middle of the road after a blind corner, the driving is black 99% of the time.

I want to make a positive contribution here and you want to break things down. Think about that. And think twice next time before calling someone a racist - you might reconsider.

Reply to The Oracle
Posted by: Black & proud | 2008/06/26

And your point Oracle? You just wanted to use the forum to bash African people , this racist . By the way I'm african , I follow the rules and I did not buy my licence. Disregard for traffic rules cut across the whole spectrum of our society ( both black and white people disregard the rules .

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