Posted by: a woman | 2011/06/09

The foreskin debate

There seems to be a lot of letters regarding foreskin at the moment, so I thought I would share my view as a woman. I have had both circumcised and men who are uncut, and I can say I prefer them with the skin intact. I love the feel of it when playing and sucking it and have decided I will only have men who are not circumcised in future. My man is uncut and is the best lover I have ever had and would not change him for anything.

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Posted by: asdasd@asdasd | 2011/08/22

God made the foreskin and the bible says to remove it ....

the catholic bible

Reply to asdasd@asdasd
Posted by: Anon | 2011/06/26

Sonskyn, well said. You are a woman after my own heart.

Reply to Anon
Posted by: Sonskyn | 2011/06/17

Me: There is a huge difference between being narrow minded and believing that God did not create gays as the bible tells us that it is wrong.

Call me narrow minded, I feel rocks. I believe in the word of God and believe that satan is behind all your desires for the same sex.

Reply to Sonskyn
Posted by: Anon | 2011/06/17

Nella, way to go. One intactivist less that we have to listen to with mouth diarrhea with a love for a pungent foreskin and no common sense. Just Wondering cant handle facts or stand up to a debate. Very typical....

Thanks for your great response!!

Reply to Anon
Posted by: Just Wondering | 2011/06/16

Nella. You obviously miss the irony of the Vagina Spray.(THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK) I am not hung up on it and you comment about me using it is childish at best. You are obviously battling to debate on an adult level regards this issue. You probably regard a clever reposte ( COUNTER ARGUEMENT) in a debate as " Shut your face" . So I will no longer discuss the issue as its a waste of time on someone like you. Bye.

Reply to Just Wondering
Posted by: Nella | 2011/06/16

Me, if gay was normal I too will ask the question how would you procreate?? I''m sorry, but being a fag is NOT normal. God made Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve. Until anyone can convince me otherwise, I will continue to believe and practice as Adam and Eve. Since you claim to be clean, how can shoving a penis up your arse be clean? That is where your s*& t comes out AND the biggest reason AIDS spread as much as it has. Highest AIDS rate in the gay communities. Period.

Just Wondering, how about you google smegma as pointed out by another poster here, and you will find out that the uncircumcised penis is always producing smegma especially when aroused and erect due to the higher blood flow. That is a fact. Again as stated by many males, they do not find the vagina smell offensive, but many women find the smell of smegma offensive. As for your vaginal spray hang up, you must be getting high on the stuff. I dont know of anyone who even uses it. Do you use it on your penis??

Reply to Nella
Posted by: Just Wondering | 2011/06/15

Nella and Laurei.i You girls are just too defensive. The whole issue centered around this " smell"  of an uncircumcised penis. I pointed out that if the owner of the penis washed it, kept it clean etc, there was NO smell. However, this did not seem to satisfy some readers who vehemently INSISTED, that no matter what, it was always filled with disgusting stinking smegma, or words to that effect and that you did not want an uncircumcised penis near you. No problem, your choice. All I maintained that a vagina also smelled, due to natural discharges/ periods etc, quite understandable, so you cannot sit there and pontificate about unpleasant smells when you yourself sit with the same problem, albeit somewhat different. If you wash, keep clean etc, no problem, but if you slip up it does smell and not pleasant. Dont be silly regards marketing 101. The manufacturers did not just suck the concept of a Vagina Spray out their thumb." Hey, lets make a vagina spray and I am sure people who do not need it, will buy it" : Come on, get real. They did it because there was a NEED for it. Just relax. A smell is a smell is a smell.

Reply to Just Wondering
Posted by: Me | 2011/06/15

Sonskyn: i hope that you not precreating as we dont need narrow minded ppl like you in the world.

I feel sorry for you if you have a son/daughter and they come to you one day and say they gay!

Reply to Me
Posted by: Sonskyn | 2011/06/15

Being gay is not normal, in fact.. it is unnatural. All species have to procreate in order for the specie to survive - insects, animals, and humans were designed for this purpose.

I don''t see gays procreating..... conclusion: they go against nature and our purpose as a specie.

Reply to Sonskyn
Posted by: Me | 2011/06/15

Nella, who says that being straight is normal? if that is the case, I am happy to be abnormal! who would want to be a borning normal person like you. just do me a favour though, do not stereotype gay ppl by saying '' just dont have my hard earned money have to pay for your HIV medicine because you chose to live an abnormal lifestyle''. because you have no idea what you are talking about. i am in a happy relationship and we are both clean, it is a called being mongamous you stupid b*tch!

Sonskyn: Everybody for their own preference. Just some advice, try not to hang around on the gay and lesbian forum, if you are so against gay ppl

Reply to Me
Posted by: Nella | 2011/06/14

Laurei, tell Just Wondering the facts. This guy does not know what a vagina is and I dont believe that he has any experience with one, which means he knows nothing about a woman at all.

Marketing is the reason there are sprays. Great marketing encourages you to buy. Looks like you may be rusty on business 101 as well.

As for your attacks, they are just that. Clearly you missed the facts. Nobody here has stated that a vagina does not smell. They do, but very differently from smegma under a foreskin of an uncircumcised penis.

Pay attention to the facts.

Reply to Nella
Posted by: Laurei | 2011/06/14

Actually, sprays are not necessary for women who practice good hygiene. Good hygiene can range from using a douche kit to rinse out all the discharge/fluids in the morning, washing with a antibacterial soap, the adding some powder to light breathable underwear. Keeps the are dry and fresh until bathing time in the evening.

Reply to Laurei
Posted by: Just wondering | 2011/06/14

Nella, you cannot presume to analyse my reaction to comments. I do not believe that I have " attacked"  anyone who disagrees, but merely pointed out anomalies, like the concept that. ''vaginas do not smell "  Now for me, that required a response, not an attack, so I asked the question, why are the vagina sprays necessary. The fact that you don''t use them is neither here nor there. There is obviously a great need for them or they would nopt be manufactured. Now why would they be manufactured and why would women buy them if there was no need . You get it ??

Reply to Just wondering
Posted by: Sonskyn | 2011/06/14

Just wondering: please get it right - as Nella says: not many women use vaginal sprays. I don''t even know where I would have to go if I want to purchase the product. I asked around and my friends also don''t know, and yes, they would be honest with me.

Me: I am sure that most normal people would agree that a vagina smells better than @ss.

Reply to Sonskyn
Posted by: Nella | 2011/06/14

Just wondering, I have viewed your other posts and have seen that you really have an issue when people dont agree with your opinions. You then attack because you are a spineless wuss. Vagina sprays are not used by many women. Those that use them may have to because of the smegma filled uncircumcised penises that they make love to.

Me, your sexual choice is your own doing, just dont have my hard earned money have to pay for your HIV medicine because you chose to live an abnormal lifestyle.

Reply to Nella
Posted by: Just wondering | 2011/06/13

Nella. If the 4pm test is so easy to pass, why the need for sweet smelling vagina sprays and why are women so obsessed with " the smell" ?

Reply to Just wondering
Posted by: Me | 2011/06/13

Nella, now wonder i am GAY! The smell of a vagina wants to make me throw up! Been there, done that!

Reply to Me
Posted by: Nella | 2011/06/11

Me and Uncut, sounds like neither of you like the FACT that some or many women are supporting and enjoying a circumcised penis more than one with a foreskin.

As for Just Wondering''s comments about a woman passing the open leg test at 4 PM, I would challenge an uncircumcised man to a vagina smell test any day and be judged by the opposite sex especially if the foreskin was pulled over the glans all day. Almost all men, including married men, find their women''s natural smell a turnon whereas every girl I know that is with an uncircumcised man finds the smell of his foreskin just pulled back rather foul smelling, especially at 4 PM or later when not having showered all day. See how many men give a thumbs up vs. women.

Reply to Nella
Posted by: me | 2011/06/10

lol...peace....both have their perks...

Reply to me
Posted by: Sonskyn | 2011/06/10

Just wondering... ag, please get over yourself. I am entitled to my opinion and I am sticking to it. I even said in my posting that uncut men should not take offense.

I also said that the smell was off-putting... please note: OFF-PUTTING, no " disgusting"  as you claim. " Disgusting"  is a very strong word.

If someone had to smell me and that guy at 4 in the afternoon... I would bet my bottom dollar that I would smell much better. I don''t know, maybe I just had a bad experience with him. He gave me the impression that he is clean from his appearence, but maybe he only polishes the body parts that people see LOL

Again, please don''t take offense! Peace?

Reply to Sonskyn
Posted by: Skinny | 2011/06/10

I am uncut and must admit that all women i dated still miss my uncut penis.Just keep it clean , the rest is enjoyment

Reply to Skinny
Posted by: me | 2011/06/10

Rose, your uncut man must have had some excess skin cause as soon as you get an erection and enter someone, the forskin pulls back and the penis head is exposed= lots of pleasure... An uncut man has extremely more pleasure as their penis head is not permanantly being exposed to rubbing against underwear and is therefore more sensitive giving the man more enjoyment. All the ladies here keep on saying oh how great a cut penis is, do you think about the man and how much enjoyment he gets?? I can guarentee you now that an uncut penis in alot more pleasurable for a man!

Reply to me
Posted by: rose | 2011/06/10

uncut for me, no thanks. i rather have no man than uncut. oh no please help me, i just can''t. i had an uncut man, he was clean and he bath now and then, but when we go to bed that foreskin is the first thing to enter me, you can''t feel the head of a penis. if you know the difference you can''t go for uncut penis. those one that has been cut, it has a taste that i cant explain. yoooohhh, you don''t know.

Reply to rose
Posted by: Just wondering | 2011/06/10

Well said Me and Uncut ! Someone calling themself Sonskyn had some really unkind and unecessary comments about the uncut, talking about disgusting smells etc. I reminded her of a shopkeeper who encounted a woman pulling the legs of chickens apart and smelling them fior freshness. He said to her, " madam, would YOU pass that test at 4 o''clock in the afternoon ?" 

Reply to Just wondering
Posted by: uncut | 2011/06/10

I agree with you Me, just because you have foreskin does not mean it''s unhygienic. It is easy to keep it clean and my lady says I have no odour or anything else down there. There is NO reason for any smell or smegma. I have had ladies that are really smelly down there.

Reply to uncut
Posted by: me | 2011/06/10

All you ladies that complain about smell etc of an uncut man, i feel sorry for you as you been with some really dirty unhygenic men! I am an uncut man and i have had no complaints in that department! Maybe you should pick you men better

Reply to me
Posted by: Kari | 2011/06/10

Ladies, please do respond and let us know your choice of having sex with a circumcised or uncircumcised guy.

Circumcised for me all the way. No smelly, smegma filled foreskin is allowed anywhere near my vagina.

Reply to Kari
Posted by: Another woman | 2011/06/09

Yio uncut for me too please...

Reply to Another woman
Posted by: Roselin | 2011/06/09

i agree with CUTMAN, it''s your choice remember. no body can force you to circumised penis. i just can''t imagine myself kising that skin, it''s so disgursting

Reply to Roselin
Posted by: CUTMAN | 2011/06/09

I like they way you express yourself woman, but its entirely your choice, and it''s your mouth that''s going down there and who know where the uncut penis was last. the reason why most men are circusmised is that it reduces the chance of contracting viral diseases eg HIV and then AIDS. the foreskin covers the penis yes but also holds alot of bacteria if not cleaned all the time, all you need is blood and semen to contract HIV.

Reply to CUTMAN
Posted by: Anon | 2011/06/09

This is getting very boring now, give it a rest already. Some like it cut some dont. We get it.

Reply to Anon
Posted by: Sexologist | 2011/06/09

No comment

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