Posted by: Christian | 2007/03/07

The Bible SAYS:

I say unto YOU, each of YOU, that you are EVIL and SINNERS before our GOD who SCORNS you and VILIFIES every single one of you who even READS this place of EVIL, SHAME on YOU for all your EVIL deeds, The Lord will have no MERCY on your SOULS, REPENT and HEAL yourselves, drive out those EVIL DEMONS of LUST that have taken CONTROL of your WISDOM and your of SOUL, homosex is an ABOMINATION in the Eyes of God, BE WARNED BE WARNED you have been WARNED that you face the WRATH of God who sees all and knows all, just visitng this DISGUSTING forum with your so-called Expert in evil will REDUCE you to the ETERNAL HELL of endless suffering, the WRATH of God knows NO MERCY for sinners, BONDAGE and DAMNATION await you, PAIN shall be your lot, you are reduced to being the VERMIN of HELL! REPENT REPENT while you still have TIME!!!! Some of your souls can be SAVED!!! SALVATION awaits YOU!!!

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Here we go again :(

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Our users say:
Posted by: Ollie | 2007/04/10

... Did he say BONDAGE & NO MERCY...? GRRRR!! Us sick homosexuals just LOVE that, didn't you know? Oh, if I flush...will you go away, christian?

Reply to Ollie
Posted by: Junior | 2007/03/12

This is getting really boring now. Is there not anyway to block these religious zealots from our forum expert? Anyway, here is my response.

Hi Christian

You and your entire group of right-wing christians disguist me. You are obviously intelectually stunted. Your religious convictions don't allow any room for rational though or enlightenment. Why is diversity and difference so appauling to you? Is that which you don't understand the thing which you fear the most. Why do your kind get so angry about things which don't concern you. I hope that you chocke on your own venom.

Keep well.


Reply to Junior
Posted by: Kobela | 2007/03/09

Sorry Sir or Madam. Whatever you say, madam. I won't do it again.

Reply to Kobela
Posted by: BDSM | 2007/03/09

A little bit of bondage doesn't sound too bad to me? Do they also have leather in this Hell place you describe? Mmmmmm...

Reply to BDSM
Posted by: whatwhat 24 | 2007/03/09

Normal, is there a reason you wrote the word guys as "guys"? Are you implying that the men here are not real men, or do you think anyone who is a homosexual is not 'normal' (notice how i put the word normal in inverted commas - yes, i can be clever like you too!)

i have an idea, why don't you crawl back up your own ass and leave us 'abnormal' people alone...i mean, by being on this site, aren't you guilty by association?

whathwhat 24

Reply to whatwhat 24
Posted by: Confused | 2007/03/08

Christian, get a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, or both. Do yourself a fave and get a life.

Reply to Confused
Posted by: Spiderman | 2007/03/08

AAAH i love this site! We the best! ah Normal come here lover boy let me give you a kiss...that right move closer to the screan mmmmmwha! xxx

Reply to Spiderman
Posted by: Nikki | 2007/03/08


WHAT are you doing here?

You are soooooo funny, lost your way to the doctor boy?

Luv you xxxxxxxx (but you cant have me)


Reply to Nikki
Posted by: LONEWOLF | 2007/03/08

Hi Normal. What is normal, and who appointed you to decide what is normal, AND that YOU are NORMAL??

Posted by: Normal | 2007/03/08

Hi "guys", just don't tear your tissues. cannot take the punch from normal people can you! You willl always defend your sick minds!

Reply to Normal
Posted by: GreenEyes | 2007/03/08

hmm... feels like deja vous to me.....
broken record anyone... dunno about everyone else, but i'm seriously bored with with the crap these people post.

Ya know, they obviously don't read through some of the stuff on the sexologist forum... HELL... we're tame compared to some of that stuff :)

Reply to GreenEyes
Posted by: foxsuperstar | 2007/03/08

You are a bit of a joke, u clearly have the brain the size of my left nut. To be so narrow minded, ahhh i pity u, and as DBL said, its people like you that turn people away from church. So u think u sit next to God at the judges table of life. Catch a wake up u foolish soul.

Reply to foxsuperstar
Posted by: Spiderman | 2007/03/08

hehehe Gareth excelant response! i laughed my self silly!

( i needed a bit of humor today!)


these people wil be on this forum and outside in real life all the time. i like the way all you guys stand up for us!

boom boom boom ANOTHER ONE bites the dust!


Reply to Spiderman
Posted by: LG | 2007/03/08

Ag please, not again ....

Reply to LG
Posted by: Nikki | 2007/03/08

Indeed, here we go again, shame

What BRINGS you here C? What exactly ???



Reply to Nikki
Posted by: Steve | 2007/03/08

Hi Christian...

I've been talking a lot to these people about my problem, and how easy my life would be if I could get rid of this "sinful" nature. So... My challenge to: please drive these demons from me. I have been praying, asking for help, I have been fasting, thinking about this, and through it all these things never went away. O, and when you are done with me, maybe you could drive the demons out of some dolphins too, mind you dogs too... penguins... All species that were found to have homosexual sex, all created by the same God who created me... Hey, the list is endless...

Reply to Steve
Posted by: Gareth | 2007/03/08

Oh yes, we are EVIL, and are GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! BEWARE!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! We have an EVIL plan, which involves turning the WHOLE WORLD gay, HAHAHAHA!!! Only GAY people knows about the full plan!! And being such a good Christian, I am so glad that we finally met the person that God chose to decide for Him who is allowed to enter heaven and who must SUFFER in pain!!! And you are SPREADING THE LOVE, just like Jesus has done, he also went around damning people, and condemning them, calling them EVIL. WELL DONE, Your place in heaven is SURELY booked!!! You are a JOKE, and a disgrace for God and Christianity, so go spread your poison ELSEWHERE...otherwise we are going to TRACK YOU DOWN (we have EVIL ways of doing that) and CONVERT YOU!!!! BOOOOOO!!!!

Reply to Gareth
Posted by: TTM | 2007/03/08

Oh for crying in a bucket....get a life!

Reply to TTM
Posted by: Spiderman | 2007/03/08

Whatever Christian.....get a room!

Reply to Spiderman
Posted by: LONEWOLF | 2007/03/08

Hi Christian

I consider myself a Christiam too, but it seems that we read from different Scriptures. Mine has good parts in about the Love of Christ for sinners as well. I suppose your Bible does not have those parts and that bigots like you do not need them. Have a nice day and an even better afterlife.

Posted by: whatwhat 24 | 2007/03/08

this message is a bit dramatic, don't you think...i'm surprised she didn't add audio of thunder and howling wind

Reply to whatwhat 24
Posted by: Paul | 2007/03/08

To Christian
How can you call yourself a christian? - what a hypocrite
What makes you so special that you think you are going to heaven?

Reply to Paul
Posted by: DLB | 2007/03/07

I'm not to partial to the Christian religion but I tolerate most of the Christians I encounter. You on the other hand are doing a VERY good job. It is important that we have more people like you pushing people away from the church. Bondage? Pain? Sounds good to me... ;-)

Reply to DLB
Posted by: Brad | 2007/03/07

Yes we're really bad, we do naughty bad evil unthinkable things, things you can only dream about, you have no idea how good those things feel, how intense the sensations are, how incredible, how enjoyable, we know you crave those sensations yourself, you long for them, you dream of them, you fight against wanting them, you need them. Be honest.

Reply to Brad
Posted by: Oh Dear | 2007/03/07

Christain (or is that Christine?) you've obviously got the wrong end of the stick (or bone?), you sound confused and conflicted, you're saying we're bad but what about you? Where are you in all of this? Has a gay person ever treated you badly? Sister are you worried that you may be gay youself? If so REPENT TO US HERE! We'll understand!

Reply to Oh Dear
Posted by: Chastity | 2007/03/07

YES to Christian, shout your message from the roof tops!

Reply to Chastity

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