Posted by: Janice | 2007/03/19

Tail Docking

My question is whether to have the yorkshire terriers puppies tails docked. I have spoken to my vet who told me that it is not necessary as it is purely cosmetic!

I then spoke to a yorkshire terrier breeder who told me that if I don't have it done then people will be sceptical about whether it is a yorkie or not.
Now i dont know what to do. i don't want them to be hurt and i don't want to put them through pain but i am worried that i wont sell them!!!

What should i do?

Thank you

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageCyberVet

Please call the South African Veterinary Council in Pretoria on 012-3242392 and ask them what the latest ruling is on tail docking. It is considered unethical mutilation in most countries.

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Our users say:
Posted by: Chill | 2007/03/22

Very very insightful, Zorro.

It is perfectly obvious to me that the Council you refer to is more concerned about maintaining the status quo so that their 'business' isn't affected - namely, to sell registered puppies for profit.

Of course tails can get injured. So can noses, feet, eyes - in fact any part of any dog. Or cat.

Docking the tails of certain 'working' dogs may be argued - but I'm damn sure that the puppies which prompted this threat are not intended to be sold or used as working dogs. Nor 99.9% of the other pups whose tails are docked.

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Posted by: Zorro | 2007/03/22

Use google and search for "Council of Docked Breeds" you might find it insightfull

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Posted by: WR | 2007/03/20

Yeah, I'm with the anti-docking clan! In some cases docking is needed (a bad fracture etc) but in general docking should not be done. Many a dog-fight results from dogs not being able to 'read' other dogs - yes the tail is not the ONLY way of communication but it is a big part of it and especially when it comes to strange dogs greeting one another. Same goes for the cropping of ears....leave the dogs be!

Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth!

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Posted by: Chill | 2007/03/19

I have a dog of a breed whose tails are normally docked. My dog's tail has been left well alone, and I am eternally grateful that she wasn't mutilated just to meet some idiotic cosmetic requirement.

Even when I have to pick up everything she's wagged off the coffee-table for the 17th time in an hour....! And unless your buyers have extremely weird coffeetables, they won't have this problem with a yorkie.

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Posted by: j | 2007/03/19

It is correct the KUSA is still fighting this law and we can still dock until "July 2007" or until they confirm it with us as members. Vets belong to a group will not do it but there are still some out there. My vet in Pinetown still cuts. I have found that people who buy dogs think you have a mixed breed when the tails are no cut because they see other dogs with no tails. So it is a problem, I will still have mine cut till the very end, they look better and my buyers want them like that. Please remember on thing the docking should be done from the 3 to the 5 day. It is done very fast and they do put up a fight but some vets have them cut and a stitch put in with in 2 mins. by the time they are in there little basket at the vet the cry is over. i am not saying it is not maybe sore for a second on the cut but a good vet does it within seconds.
Please keep them warm. Yorkies die very quickly due to there temp doing down with cold. you must realise that they weigh between 80 to 180grams +- and cannot keep themselfs warm. I use heating pads on the side of there bed so that they can cuddle against or a hot water bottle that is cover nice and thick with a baby blanket so that it is warm but not able to burn them. I do not take them out of this area till the go for the tails to be docked and leave mom at home for that while. If they are screaming then you only upset her. when i come home i try and get a bit of milk on my hand from her and rub it on the babies so that she does not smell to many strange smell. Some mothers do for a while not want to look after them,. I even use a little baby powder to change smells.
What area are in. If you speak to your vet found out when and what is milk fever. They do sometime get milk fever so be prepared for just in case. More knowledge is better than nothing.
All the best. I have a litter or 2 coming up in the next month and it is long hard hours as we stay with them right through bith and have them with us in the bedroom to help till they leave for at 8 weeks.

I am unable to submit from work so it is very difficult and can only do it from home and sometimes i am busy and am not able to submit question and answers.

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Posted by: tim | 2007/03/19

okay, then settled... don't dock, put it out there, if the people really love dogs, or yorkie bred, they won't hesitate to buy them.
i certainly don't mind ... if i had the cash, i'd take all of them

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Posted by: Janice | 2007/03/19

it has got nothing to do with price... I have 5 dogs already i was/am worried that i might add 5 more to the list!!!

Thats what i am worried about!

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Posted by: Blaah | 2007/03/19

to be honest i am completely against docking

in the end it is your choice

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Posted by: Kate | 2007/03/19

My Jack Russell female was born in November 2005 - she was one of 9 puppies.
The vet refused to dock the pups tails.
The owner also had her concerns but all 9 puppies were sold.
I think my Georgie looks beautiful with her tail and I often tell people she is an original Jack Russell.

I hope this is not an issue of what price you can get for docked puppies as opposed to undocked pups.

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Posted by: Janice | 2007/03/19

i have found out. It will only be declared illegal in July 2007. Please dont get me wrong here. I dont want to hurt the puppies i am just a little bit worried that i wont sell them and i will land up with all 5 of them!

I got told that you dont see Yorkies with long tails so i have to have the tail docked!!!!

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Posted by: Blaah | 2007/03/19

If i am not mistaken
it was declared illegal in July 2006
KUSA registered breeders have already stopped docking tails
bu as cyber vet said rather phone and make sure

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