Posted by: Dude | 2004/11/22

sunday screams

Hi there…

Appreciate the last reply Doc ead ;)

Had a wicked weekend.. Doing loads of things one shouldn’t do but yesterday something happened which although not a huge issue affected me…

Was upstairs tryna relax after some earbal remedy, just got out of the Jacuzzi bath, things were quit and the afternoon was sleepy. Lay on my bed and counted the spot lights slowly drifting into bliss…

HIGH PITCHED SCREAMS from something that wasn’t human… I jumped up and looked around, it was awful… something bad is happening… I pulled on my Nike pants but they these funny gym ones and they stuck to my feet so there was a bit of a delay…

More SCREAMS… I ran to the door… Max was pantin and wantin to go check stuff out… I grabbed him by all his loose skin and pushed him across the floor… he slid a few meters, enough to let me get out…

Down the driveway into my neighbors… a sausage dog… small and female… standin starin into the bush and growlin… in the bush, a white bundle of fur… my neighbors bunny got nawled by what seemed to be an innocent jovial sausage dog…

The fur was still breathin… I chased the little dog away, the fur opened it’s eyes, we saw each other and I felt it dyin inside I it’s little leg was chewed up and could swing 360 degrees, it was a shyte state of affairs… what to do… phone the neighbor… shes not answerin, this guys not going to make it, what to do, get a box and take him to the vet… I looked at mr bunny and said I’d be back and so sorry for everythin that has happened to him… got the box and came back…

Mr bunny died whilst I was away… I was sad cause I have issues with bunnies and they are a symbol that means something positive… they always helped me out… look at that dude in Alice…

Anyways… today is hell… my hell left and now I didn’t feel anything now a bunny died and my world feels empty…

All alone…


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Our expert says:
Expert ImageCyberShrink

As ever, you reveal what a very nice and sensitive bloke you actually are. ( also, with a significant talent for writing !)
Sorry to hear about the fur --- it's always sad, to any intelligent being, when an innocent form of life suffers unnecessarily. Part of your reaction could be one that's actually quite common ( among us reasonably intelligent life forms ) --- you have recently faced on very distressing situation, losing your pal. Sometimes, though we're coping apparently reasonably well with such a loss, we're still much more vulnerable than usual to react severely to other losses, even in another species. I've seen, for instance, someone who seemed to cope well with a death in the family, and then when, a week later, the budgie died, they became deeply distressed. Keep working on it. Surely the rabit appreciated your care, and there may be other rabbits in your life, to come.
doc ead

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Our users say:
Posted by: Charlie | 2004/11/22

Howzit Dude,
Chasing the white rabbit, I also chased them one day in my lucid mind, those screams will drive you into insanity till you have a spiritual experience.

keep the peace Dude

Reply to Charlie
Posted by: Chelle | 2004/11/22

Jayne, I don't see anywhere where I have laid down the law. See me as you will. It matters not. All I try to do on this forum is help people who might be feeling bad. Sometimes I can, and sometimes I can't.

Reply to Chelle
Posted by: Jayne | 2004/11/22


Thank you for "trying to point out Dude's sad situation" but it is entirely unnecessary as his position is abundantly clear and obvious to even those of the meanest of intelligence. Your patient explanation is entertaining but does nothing to advance to argument. Thanks anyway.

This is monotonous now, for you too I'm sure, so lets leave it at the point where I accept that some people will be moved by 'nawled' (whatever that may be - mauled, perhaps?) bunnies and that others will moved to tears by murdered childrens' bodies found in drains.

Reply to Jayne
Posted by: Jayne | 2004/11/22


I apologise for my last remark: it was unkind and uncalled for. Sorry.

Single Girl, I suggest you read just a little more of Dude's postings. He is bright indeed but I suspect that if you take the time to read his stuff you may find that the extra information you glean by reading between the proverbial lines may alter your views.

Reply to Jayne
Posted by: Lucia | 2004/11/22

To Jayne

Hi there - I am not fighting either, I am trying to point out Dude's sad situation - he's upset because of other problems in his life and on top of it all this happened.

This is what CS wrote to Dude - "you have recently faced one very distressing situation, losing your pal. Sometimes, though we're coping apparently reasonably well with such a loss, we're still much more vulnerable than usual to react severely to other losses, even in another species. I've seen, for instance, someone who seemed to cope well with a death in the family, and then when, a week later, the budgie died, they became deeply distressed".

And as for the caging bit, once again, why judge Dude and assume he caged the animal - this is what he wrote - "my neighbors bunny got nawled by what seemed to be an innocent jovial sausage dog…" He did not know the bunny or the Daschund - he tried to help but could not.

All I am saying is that when life deals us a blow, we become so wrapped up in self pity that we do not even notice the things that happens around us, this guy still had the savy to try and do something for the poor animal and now he is being told "why do you care about a stupid rabbit when kids are dying" ? Yes this is a sick world and it is very distressing that people are dying at the hands of others every day, but you know what, we are not superman or superwoman, we cannot save peoples lives everyday even if we tried, but we can show compassion towards an injured animal when it happens in our own vicinity.

Your statement just sounded as if you are trying to say that because people are being murdered everyday, why the heck should we care about bunnies being mauled to death? Caring starts at home, compassion starts at home........ Maybe if the murderer were taught to care for animals, he would not see human life as an even lower form of existence which he could just wipe out as and when it pleased him/her.

Reply to Lucia
Posted by: single girl | 2004/11/22

Dude's the kind of guy I would love to meet......

Jayne, on the other hand, sounds like the kind of person who kicks kittens.

What do you want him to do, Jayne? Ignore the suffering bunny and spend his weekend crying over dead human bodies? He did what any reasonable, gentle and caring human being would have done. Would only a sad posting by dude re the dead people make you feel more positive about Dude, Jayne?

If more people cared about animals, the ecology of this planet would not be in the state it is today. Their is more to caring for life, than to only care for humans. Compassion should be universal, including all life forms.

Reply to single girl
Posted by: Jayne | 2004/11/22


Since you appear to be another one of those self-appointed forum nazis who think they should lay down the law, here is a simple lesson in reading and comprhension:

I pointed out that sobbing over an abused bunny was less important than the shocking fact of four murderd people, two of them adults and that the outpouring of such emotion was misplaced. We should be grieving over the murderous society that we live in and, in context, the passing of a bunny is insignificant.

Talking of animals, Chelle, are your lambs still silent or do you hear them scream from time to time?

Reply to Jayne
Posted by: Chelle | 2004/11/22

I doubt everyone is fighting - I certainly am not fighting with anyone.

Reply to Chelle
Posted by: Parent | 2004/11/22

Now now kids, this posting was about an experience that Dude had, it wasnt about what is the worst thing that happened on earth this week. Why is everyone on here fighting these days?

Reply to Parent
Posted by: Chelle | 2004/11/22

Okay then Jayne - please tell me exactly how your comments were helpful then? Did I miss something?

Reply to Chelle
Posted by: Jayne | 2004/11/22


Helpful? How? Like yours? Despite trying to sound balanced and wise, you are just as judgemental as most of the people here.

So my pointing out that child murder is more shocking than a neglected and abused bunny being bitten by raoring daschund is unhelpful?

You are missing the point somewhere, hypocrite. Sheesh, and you have the nerve to tell me my comments are unhelpful? Self-righteous and double-standards....

Reply to Jayne
Posted by: Chelle | 2004/11/22

Jayne, you are right, there are far worse things happening in this world of ours, but everyone's pain is relative, and sometimes we see things that disturb us greatly, although to others it might seem trivial. So, if you think the issue is trivial, fine - but do you have to be so unthoughtful and try to make a person feel small for feeling sad about something they witnessed.
I agree totally with the sentiments expressed regarding the caging of an animal, but did Dude actually cage the animal?
I just don't think your comments were helpful in anyway, which I do believe is the purpose of this forum.

Reply to Chelle
Posted by: Jayne | 2004/11/22

A - I'll leave the hiking to you as it seems you need to get out more. Strange how you accuse me of being a dictator and then you rattle off some orders. Sorry, genius, but I'll not opt for either of the two choices you offered me but I'll make my own.

Sorry to hear that Dude has been having a hard time. Hope you feel better Dude but I still think murdered children are more of an issue than a captive-bred bunny that escaped from its cage and was frightend to death by a Cujo-sized Daschund, for Pete's sake.

Lucia, you insult me by suggesting that I should think. I do. And Animal Lover makes an excellent point about the unbelievable cruelty of caging animals for our own pleasure and then we want to cry when we let them escape and get killed by rabid sausage dogs. What about the cruelty of the caging?

Reply to Jayne
Posted by: bee | 2004/11/22

of course the murders are disturbing and just plain bloody awful, but doesn't mean that the cries of an animal in pain are to be ignored. I'd have done exactly what The Dude did and attempt to help the animal in distress.

Reply to bee
Posted by: A | 2004/11/22

Jayne - take a hike - YES we do care about the human murders - its happening ALL OVER THE PLACE - but its also okay to show compassion towards animals.

Who made you dictator and do you know what a hard time Dude has had over the past couple of weeks - give us all a break or dont come here.

Reply to A
Posted by: Animal Lover | 2004/11/22

Isn't it strange how we breed animals for our own pleasure?We stick them in tiny little cages, deprive them of their freedom, keep them dependant upon our memories to feed them and then, through, our neglect, they die.

I think its so very sad that we cage animals for our pleasure. I've yet to see an old bunny in captivation. 90% of them get eaten or brutally attacked and hurt becasue, we, their keepers, are not doing our job properly. Anmd then we want to cry about it.

Reply to Animal Lover
Posted by: Lucia | 2004/11/22

To Jayne: why so cynical - think for a moment. The person who killed those four people in cold blood obviously has no respect for any life form and I am sure most defeniltely not for a bunny either. Here's a good guy who was most upset because a poor bunny died brutally and you are telling him to catch a wake up call because he cares about an animal. He is so distressed about the bunny dying, try to imagine what his reaction would have been had he been able to save one of the four people that have died.

It freaks me out that there are people out there that cares about all life forms and they get ostracized for showing compassion. Believe me Dude here cares (maybe he cares too bloody much about everything that breathes), he cares to the point where it hurts.

Be cross with the person that committed the murders - don't be cross with a bunny/animal lover. Dude is the kind of person who would do anything to prevent the death of another life form whether it is human or a ball of fur. Think before making senseless statements.

Reply to Lucia
Posted by: Jayne | 2004/11/22

Reality check: last week 4 bodies were found in a drain near Midrand, two of them were kids.

In these times I would slit my wrists if I got so upset about a bunny being chewed up by Daschund (!) and was not more moved by the murder of children.

Check your pulse, Dude.

Reply to Jayne
Posted by: Jitterbug | 2004/11/22

Oh Dude,

Sorry, sommer feel like crying my eyes out. Hope you feel better soon. And thanks for trying to help the bunny. It was his time - nothing you can do about it :-((

Stay cool.

Reply to Jitterbug
Posted by: lulu | 2004/11/22

Goodness, and here I thought I had a crappy past month or so! I'm sorry you had to go through mr bunny dying on you too. Good on you for trying to help though...

Reply to lulu
Posted by: Mona | 2004/11/22

Ah what a sad story! As if you need any more drama in your life right now! Thanx for trying to save mr bunny, i'm sure he is smiling upon you from bunny heaven......

Reply to Mona

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