Posted by: SavanahSmile | 2008/06/10


Hi again everyone.

Just wanted to know if any of you have ever considered suicide as a way out?

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Hi SavanahSmile and a warm welcome to the forum.

I trust I'm not over-reacting to your post but if you're having suicidal thoughts please seek professional help ASAP or, as Deeve suggests, you can contact Lifeline (see the Cybershrink forum for contact details). To chat to a gay or lesbian counsellor please call the Gay & Lesbian Helpline on 021 4 222 500 any day between 1pm and 9pm. If you're in a crisis situation and feel actively suicidal you can also report to the casualty department of any hospital.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: FAILING IS WORST THAN LIVING | 2008/06/19

Hi there

I tried to commit suicide end April. Bokkie believe me when I tell you, It s harder to find the awnsers than just to accept the fact that the attempt has failed and that there is help out there. I am still waiting for my help and understand completely what you are going through. I have a support system through family and friends and would like to get help from a pro.

The emotional and the scars on my arms and the daily pain is not worth the effort I put in to end my life. The scars now is part of my life's trophy and it is not nice to be reminded of on a daily basis.

I am not going to say to you hang in there because I know out of experience that there is nothing to hang on to, but be brave and strong. Seek help and talk about everything that is boddering you. You are special and I am sure a very cool chick.

Good luck. I am feeling for you

Posted by: whatwhat24 | 2008/06/12

yip - i tried an overdoes unsuccessfully (had the whole stomach pump thing)

what i can say is don't do it! i haver the most amazing life now as i have worked through my issues...can't run away from them. to do this is hard so you need support. find a really good shrink and surround yourself with good people.

suicide ain't worth it - hang in there!

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Posted by: H_T | 2008/06/11

Suicide? No not really but I am a cutter, WAS a cutter. I haven’t cut myself in almost 2 yr now :-)

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Posted by: Azrael | 2008/06/11

Hey PISSED-OFF... I've already apologized okay?

Once again - I'M SORRY for being such an insensitive guy! SORRY!


Reply to Azrael
Posted by: PISSED-OFF | 2008/06/10

WOW - I am stunned, shocked - a real person, with a real life writes in here about her pain and two SELFISH ARROGANT queens choose to post stories about themSELVES?

SISS on you horrid little selfish QUEENS! You have no empathy or respect for human life! SHAME ON YOU! How shamed you should feel- how shamed!

Posted by: Neil | 2008/06/10

Hey Azreal :)

Reply to Neil
Posted by: Azrael | 2008/06/10

Sorry, you're right of course... I'm perhaps just a too happy, selfless and careless person to try and give advice. No hard feelings, Neil?


Reply to Azrael
Posted by: Neil | 2008/06/10

Azreal this isn't about you no offense but Savanahsmile wrote in with a serious issue, perhaps you want to focus on her rather

Reply to Neil
Posted by: Azrael | 2008/06/10

So is that an apology then? Thanks! I accept!

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Posted by: Apache_boy | 2008/06/10

Hey Azrael,

Well, i compare myself to what my friends want and to the "stereotypical" norm especially after going clubbing two weeks ago... it does seem asif most of the guys are young and gorgeous, and even though i may not be in their eyes, for me... i dont care... i am who i am... and thats it!

Reply to Apache_boy
Posted by: Azrael | 2008/06/10

Speak for yourself buddy!

Reply to Azrael
Posted by: Azrael | 2008/06/10

Whoa!!! Wait a minute! Apache_boy? "...even the youth (i am 26) anymore"

I'm 34 and I consider myself gorgeous! AND I'm still young! Hehe!


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Posted by: LONEWOLF | 2008/06/10

Yes I considered it quite a few times. Never tried it though. The thing is, you have to deal with the thoughts in a constructive manner. As the other guys said, talk to someone, or get help in some way. There is always a way out of every situation, even if it means going through hurtfull or embarresing experiences. Later on you look back and wonder what all the fuss was about and why the answer was not so obvious at the stage. All the best

Posted by: Apache_boy | 2008/06/10

Regarding your second post, which came up as i was typing mine...

How can u love someone when you dont love yourself...

My question for you is what is holding you back that you dont love yourself? Do you find it hard to accept that you are gay? Does your society shun you?

I must say there, that i also sometimes feel that way, i dont love me, i dont have the looks or the body or even the youth (i am 26) anymore... and even through that i have someone that loves me for who i am and for what i am, with all my faults, and in that i have found some peace that makes me more acceptable for myself... remember, they love u just as you are, and although difficult, try and look at yourself in the same way he/she sees you... love is A 2 way street... so if you love that special person with your whole heart and they return it... then you will learn acceptance... difficult yes, easier said than done, most definitly... but it will happen eventually, have patience and dont hesitate to talk to us or a councillor or a therapist...

And we love haveing you here! And I want to see you back here, even if it is just to say hi ok?

All my love

Reply to Apache_boy
Posted by: Apache_boy | 2008/06/10

Hey Savanah_smile

How r u doing? And why this question, please dont consider it, follow the expert's and Deeve's advice... its not worth it... who would u be making happy?

Yes i have also considered suicide and not too long ago actually, luckily here i have friends that helped me get through my bad spot... I am currently on meds, and although it is not nice, it is something i must do to survive... so please, if you ever feel suicidal, you are welcome to contact us... we are a big family that support each other, some times the comments may seem harsh, but in the end, it is always honest...

Hope u feel better soon...

Hugs n love

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Posted by: SavanahSmile | 2008/06/10

Thanks for all your messages.

I think I should probably talk to someone. Don't know how because I'm crying quite a bit so not easy to talk at this stage. How can everything fall apart so quickly? One minute it is as if everything is working out and the next moment nothing seems to be going well.

How do you really love someone when you don't love yourself? I really don't want to go home today. Just want to stay here and not worry anymore. Why do I care anymore?

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Posted by: Fairychild | 2008/06/10

And me...

It's really not worth it!

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Posted by: Brad | 2008/06/10

Yikes - is this as serious as it sounds? The best thing is to talk to a professional, as the expert says, but also talk to us here - spill your heart out, this is a safe place, what has happened that makes you think of suicide as a way out?

Reply to Brad
Posted by: Azrael | 2008/06/10

Yep, 3 times, then I realized it wasn't one of my "talents"... Hehe! It ain't worth it, if you have love what else do you need?

Reply to Azrael
Posted by: Deeve | 2008/06/10

Hey, Hey, Hey...your question is scarying us...! Please call Lifeline or SADAG, the numbers are on the top of the CS and BI-Polar forums! They will be able to talk you through the pain that you may be experiencing. Please don't 'leave' things alone. Life may not get better without help.

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Posted by: tink | 2008/06/10

jip.... and here i am

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