Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/05/07


Hi CS!

I would just like to hear you opinion and anyone else' s regarding studying part-time.
I would like to start next year with a BCom deg. through Unisa.
The problem is that it has been 7 yrs that I was last in school and I' m not sure if I would be able to cope.
After school I ' attempted'  studying at UWC, Bsc but ended dropping out.T
he work to me was rather hard and I struggled to understand things.
Math was not my best subject and on varsity it was just alien to me.

Another thing is that I don' t think my mind was really there.
I was studying, my parents could not pay fees, we just scraped together the R2000 dep.required and money for text books.
Getting there was another issue as we had no money!I
Just felt like I was sucking them dry but even that was not enough.
I felt rather guilty and ended up not getting the things that I needed and just went without.
Had lots of friends and I couldn' t help feeling envious because they had no care in the world, their parents worked, paid for their studies
anything else they needed.Their parents bought them their own cars to get to and from campus.
Spent lavishly at the caf.while I sometimes never even had lunch.
I just had too many money problems and people say, don' t let the fact that you don' t have money get in your way of achieving your dreams or anything you want to achieve but the fact is that money gets you where you want to be 99% of the time.
If you don' t have money then you can forget about it.
Yes, I applied for a bursary but it' s mostly only students with straight A' s that get them and I was average.

Then I also thought that perhaps that just wasn' t for me.
I left, I gave no one my number and never contacted any of the people I knew there afterwards because I realized that they were just a bunch of phonies.I never told anyone I was leaving just stopped going.
Stayed at home and began job hunting, which was difficult with no money.
I got a casual job and later got a job at the company I am with now.
5Yrs later and I' m still here! Because I need to survive, I have siblings to look after but I still feel like I was meant to be more.
Like I have a purpose and it' s not to sit here in this now hateful office.
I am grateful to have a job here but only because it allows me not to live in absolute poverty.
I got bills from UWC now that I am handed over to lawyers because I never paid my fees and owe them R20 000 right now.
I was there for 5mnths.I can' t pay this.

My bf has offered to pay half of the fees for next year but what are the chances of me being successful?
Am I perhaps just not meant to be successful in anything and this thing in my mind that I believe I was meant to be more in life,
to be something, to have a purpose, to be wealthy, to be happy and able to give my siblings a better life.
Is this just all in my mind, I truly believe I have the potential to be anything I want to be but lack of money gets in my way.

Sometimes I just wish I was rich and could afford to do the things I want and need to.

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Expert ImageCyberShrink

Don't fail yourself before you start ! There's no reason to expec not to be able to cope with such a course. Sounds like the first time round, with the UWC, you had many factors going against you, and many reasons for anxiety whih probably undermined your performance at that time.
I know, from personal experience what it is like to be poor and to go through university lacking the funding more privileged kids had. But money only sems to solve all problems when you don't have it, and are well acquainted with them problems of not having enough money. I have over the years seen so many people be miserable and fail, despite oodles of money.
Check whether Unisa has ( it should ) a student counselling service, that might be able to provide some psych testing and vocational counselling, to help match your interests and skills, to be sure you select a course you will be more likely to enjoy, and which leads to a field of work you would also enjoy.
One thing I'm sure of, is that you are NOT doomed to failure and ARE capable of suceeding, if you work towards goals that suit you.

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Posted by: Liza | 2009/05/08

First of all - 5 years and now UWC is suing you for the study fees? AFAIK that is illegal. Get some legal help w.r.t the money that you ' owe'  them. This debt should be written off and they shouldn' t be harassing you for it.

About studying - go for it. Its not always easy (I' m still busy), but Unisa is quite good with the understandability of their tutorial material. They also have the student counselling department who can help you to find out exactly what you should be studying (if you don' t know already).

Good Luck

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Posted by: Me too | 2009/05/07

Your story is so similar to mine. When i read it, it was like i had written it myself. After school i worked for about 5years, culdnt stdy further due to finances but my 1st love has always been accounting.

Met my now husband who encouraged me to go back to school.
Went to varsity full time and my failed my first year dismillay which really affected so many aspects of my life. I was shatterd and my morale was very low. The plan was i will use my savings for first year, then going forward apply for student loan with Tefsa which i couldnt get then bc of my bad results. From there everything just went downhill. To cut the long story short i fell pregnant, got married and got a job and life just carried on normally.

Been happily married for 6 yrs 3 beatiful kids and have a fairly decent job but i just hate the fact tht without my husband i will never be able to survive financially. And i have this void in me bc i was never able to get one thing that i really degree.

Anyway i have decided to register with unisa for my bcom again:-) I know it won' t be easy with my work and family comittments bt i know things will be different now bc i' m more settled. Also i knw my soul will never rest and i wont forgive myself if i don' t do ths bc its something that i really want and i do have the potential. also there are so many opportunities for black people now so really its up to us how we want to capitalise on that and dont wait for handout.

All said i wish you all the best and believe me you can make if you only put ur mind in it. All the best!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/05/07

Thanks so much for reading all that!
I know its'  alot and thanks for the advise.
I def. will do it.
Those coincidences are rather weird hey!
I' d take that advise and speak about the lotto if I was you yeah!lol

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Posted by: Anonymous3 | 2009/05/07

Very interesting week, Now tell someone how much you' d like to win the Lotto jackpot on Saturday &  see how that goes...   )

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/05/07

This is rather weird, I was doing research on studying next year at UNISA BCom too graduated with a dregree in 1999 need to further myself, you know this whole week has been like this, I was about to phone my bank, then I received a call from them at the same time, asked a colleague about a mutual acquaintance and he phones at the same time, talked about hiring a domestic and next day my casual domestic calls me with propsects of a full time one, and now this......

Probably all just coincidences........who knows?

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Posted by: P | 2009/05/07

If you had Accounting at school, it will be a great help, other wise, like in my case years ago, your first year of accounting is quite difficult, but still manageable if you work hard, go through your study material, do all your assignments and work through the feedback that you receive on the assignments. That is the key to success specially at Unisa where you work on your own, although, as I understand, these days there is communication with the lecturers.

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