Posted by: Tania | 2004/01/21

sperm on fingers?


I am now more than a week late and am starting to get worried. I am going through a really stressful time, so at first I thought it is just the stress that's keeping my period away. But now I am wondering if I can possibly be pregnant. My boyfriend pleasured me with his fingers during the month and now I worry that there could possibly have been some sperm on his fingers. Is this possible? Can you get pregnant by him not having washed his hands first? I have also shared his toilet and am worried that I can get pregnant by his toiletpaper if he had some come on there.

I know I sound paranoid, but I am not usually this late. Is it just stress or should I be worried?

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If your boyfriend ejaculated anywhere near your vulva, or ejaculated on his hands and then touched you immediately afterwards, pregnancy is possible. Otherwise not. You would not get pregnant from using the same toilet.

Best wishes

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Posted by: anon | 2004/01/22

very unlikely that u could be pregnant

Reply to anon
Posted by: f | 2004/01/22

i was in the same situation as you and to hear people making sarcastic and rude comments is not only sad but shocking,we live in a world where aids in rife the main reason being due to a lack of education-this forum is the perfect paltform for people to ask questions and become enlightened where they would otherwise not and remain ignorant,don't judge and look down on others posting questions-help and guide-you yourself might find yourself in a situation that seems trivial or silly to other.

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Posted by: ciska | 2004/01/22


I read a answer from gynaedoc that sperms dies minutes when it's out of the penis. So using he's toiletpaper can't make you pregnant and fingering you with cum on his finger and you being afraid for pregnancy is very unlikely. I don't think that you are pregnant. I don't think you should worry, but if you wanna be dead sure that you aren't, then I suggest that you do a urine test which you can get at a pharmacy for R20. Better to put your mind at ease than to stress all the time.

Good luck!

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Posted by: Kate | 2004/01/21

E - come on! Wake up is right.

If sperm don't last long on the outside (like on toilet paper), then surely it doesn't last long on the fingers too? She has already skipped a period as she stated that she is a week late.

I really don't think she is pregnant. It VERY seldom happens so easily and quite frankly if you are being sexually active then you really should learn about the 'birds and the bees'. We do live in a society where ignorance is the cause of diseases such as HIV Aids spreading.

Tania, you are welcome to ask questions on this forum and you will get mostly 'helpful' comments, you must also realise that it is an open forum and therefore you will also receive the brunt of more serious participants should your question be a little ignorant and should we say 'silly'. You are more than welcome to improve on your knowledge by asking questions and a forum is an ideal place to do that. But just watch how you word things and how 'silly' you questions are. Think about what you are asking before putting it up here.

E - You must also understand that everyone is entitles to their opinion and answer. You don't have to like it, but it is the truth. Sometimes questions are so silly that you wonder if they are legit!

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Posted by: E | 2004/01/21

Hey WAKE UP! Don't be so rude and sarcastic! If people are unsure just guide them through and explain to them nicely. People like you think they are soooo perfect well think again girl, not everyone is perfect! So I suggest that you need to grow up and start helping people around you rather then being sarcastic to them and posting your response on this forum.

Now back to Tania, I think that if your boyfreind masturbated before he fingered you and never washed his hands afterwards then it could be a possibilty that you could get pregnant, if there was no sperm then no its highly unlikely!
And as for toilet paper, sperm don't survive on the outside for very long so no you can't get pregnant by sharing toilet paper.
But if you are unsure then wait for your skipped period and then do a pregnancy test. But I think its due to you being stressed because this also plays a part with your periods.

Good luke though.

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Posted by: WAKE UP! | 2004/01/21


Please try to think realistically about things before posting questions like these.
Any stupid person will tell you that sperm on toilet paper is just a no-no to falling pregnant.

You dont even know how you fall pregnant yet you want to practice in oral sex!!!!!

I think you seriously need to grow up girl!

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Posted by: Kate | 2004/01/21

I seriously doubt that you are pregnant. Do a home pregnancy test if you are really worried, but I am almost certain that it will be a negative result.

And really, you cannot fall pregnant by using the same toilet paper!

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Posted by: Sam | 2004/01/21

Yes, you can get pregnant if he had sperm on his fingers. If you're a week late, do a pregnancy test.

In future, be careful - maybe consider going on the pill, just in case

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Posted by: A | 2004/01/21

Hi Tania

I think there can be a possibility of falling pregnant if your boyfriend fingered you with sperm on his fingers.

You can't fall pregnant using the same toiletpaper even if there where sperm on there.

Good Luck.

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