Posted by: Impressed! | 2007/07/17

Special Aassignment on TV3

Dear Forum Expert, I just watched Special Assignment on TV3 and there you popped up so this is just a vote of support for your views on male sex workers, it IS happening everywhere, irrespective of whether society approves of it or not, and let's see what we can do to make that sex safer, I support the call for legalising the sex work industry but most of all I liked what you said (in a VERY non-judgemental way) and I think you did us all proud and GOOD TO SEE A FACE AT LAST! Keep up the good work you do and God Bless! KEEP IT UP!

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Our expert says:
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Thanks Impressed.

Both Lindi and Anon asked about the statement about sex between MSM being an "irrational space". Obviously the programme was highly edited so this may have been a bit confusing so here's my comment in the context in which it was made:

In Straightville men are generally socialised to be sexual chasers - straight men are programmed to try to get into girls' panties ASAP; women are generally programmed to resist men getting into their panties for as long as possible. Take the women out of the equation and place two horny men together in Gayville and you have two energies that have been programmed to be sexually impulsive. Lust is also "irrational" in that it is impulsive and is based on immediate primal need gratification - it often dominates any voice related to reason such as safer sex. On another level, anonymous sex is often about fantasy and projection.

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Our users say:
Posted by: Koeksuster | 2007/07/19

Gaan tos op n ander plek Truth Seeker en hou op nonsens praat.

Reply to Koeksuster
Posted by: Mother | 2007/07/19

Truth Seeker go get a life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply to Mother
Posted by: Truth Seeker | 2007/07/18

How can anyone protect what isn't moral and creates infidelity and promotes homosexuality and family disintegration?

SHAME ON YOU for promoting SIN, you are as GUILTY as those who commit the SIN!

Reply to Truth Seeker
Posted by: Worried | 2007/07/18

Didn't it suggest that being gay is only about sex? That we are sex-crazed and have to use rent boys because we can't get enough, that we even pay straight boys to have sex with us, that we are nothing but sexual beings with crass desires? I cringed when I heard that, it is the worst part of being gay and I think sex is such a small part of who I am as a gay man. What do the others think?

Reply to Worried
Posted by: Neil | 2007/07/18

I think we miss the point, it is about sex workers and how they suffer not about gay stuff. Like Ferny say we must think of these young men and how they suffer and get abused by the customers and get HIV infected. Sexwork must be legal, the only way to protect everybody in this.

Reply to Neil
Posted by: Shy One | 2007/07/18

First post here but I also agree with everyone.

Reply to Shy One
Posted by: anon | 2007/07/18

I thought the show was not well held together but besides that it maybe gave me hope for the SABC who always run away from "unsafe" subjects so that in itself was great, well done to the people at Special Assignment they deserve our credit as well.

Reply to anon
Posted by: Tiara | 2007/07/18

As a community we need many more informed, intellegent and passionate voices speaking out for our interests, no matter how marginalised we are (and I include gay sex workers here), we are very short of role models so a sincere thank you to Glenn AND to SABC 3 and Special Assignment for giving him the opportunity to speak on our behalf (I'm not a sex worker but I am an MSM) with dignity, respect, insight and passion and your integrity was clear, so THANK YOU for being brave enough to say what other people won't say and for making me proud to be gay. Continue the good work, I am behind you 100%.

Reply to Tiara
Posted by: AMEN | 2007/07/18

MAZELTOV to you Glenn, you say it like it is but in a very positive way.

Reply to AMEN
Posted by: Anon | 2007/07/18

Good show and the forum expert was very professional and insightful with an interesting take on the subject. Obviously these things are highly edited so I have a question, if I may (and Lindi posted the same question above), please explain what you meant by "sex between two horny men.... an irrational space....?"

And for what it's worth I also agree with St-ryker <wink> lol

Reply to Anon
Posted by: Duncan | 2007/07/18

I SO agree with you guys and also I enjoyed seeing who this Glenn character is I hear about (I heard him recently on the Dr Eve show Pillow Talk), and yes they do repeat Special Assignment but I don't know when?

Reply to Duncan
Posted by: Greek | 2007/07/18

I would have LOVED to see this programme, :-(

Sorry I missed it,



Reply to Greek
Posted by: lindi | 2007/07/18

hi there

yes i agree that being gay is not about sex, i understand that i guess i wouldnt know how to detach my emotions when having sex with someone, but i guess tha t what sex workers have to do,

secondly, what i percieved (my perception!) irrational to be based on what glenn had to say on the show was that irrational was in a space where there is no rational thought, highly charged sexual want, where safety is neglected, i am thinking like two people just do it hedonistically, but i dont think this is the case in a loving/ caring gay couples, i dont know what gay men do in bed :) but i can imagine that in a relationship the love making would be less irrational and more compassionate?

Reply to lindi
Posted by: Nikki | 2007/07/18


From my perspective (eXpert can give you some in site here)

Irrational space would be doing or actioning something that is rejected by the norm of society as taboo, a no-go, etc.

I think we have on more then one occasion made it very clear that being gay is not about sex. Being gay is about a relationship, about being comfortable with sharing one’s life with another person of the same sex. This does not necessarily include having sex.

There are many heterosexual relationships that go without sex too. It does not make such a relationship not heterosexual.

As human beings we are sexual. From conservative beliefs sexual activity is only acceptable from a certain age and then only between two people of the opposite sex and actually only once these two consenting people are joined in marriage. From this we can already punch a few holes in what is belief and what people do. LOL.

From the earliest of times, heterosexual men had sex with other men. In the middle ages it is said that during war times the victors would “male-rape” their war-prisoners purely to belittle them even further. So men having sex with men do not suddenly make the “doer/giver” gay and neither does the recipient “become” gay.

Men who say they hate what they do, is purely because of the age old conservative belief systems suggesting that sex is between male and female and not between people of the same sex.

Hope that helps, let’s hear what eXpert says …..


Reply to Nikki
Posted by: lindi | 2007/07/18

i watched the programme too and i agree with the decriminalisation, its awful that some the of the guys get taken to jail over the weekend and we all know what happens to them, there were two things i couldnt quite understand tho:

1) situation homosexuality, m2m, some of these guys have sex with men but they are not gay its more of economical reason that they do what they do, but i couldnt understand how that one guy said if a girl had to like him he would feel ill thinking of what he has been doing with men. it made him feeling sick, i dont know how you can separate doing something that you do and coming home hating yourself?

2) i dont quite understand how sex with a man can be in a irrational space?

Reply to lindi
Posted by: Nikki | 2007/07/18

THanks eXpert, good program and valuable insight for those who think they know it all.

I do agree with decriminalising sex workers.

What was the VOTE on that?


Reply to Nikki
Posted by: st-ryker | 2007/07/18

hi Glenn!

Well done on your appearance on Special Assignment last night... Agree with your views enphatically! It is about time the government had a serious look about regulation of the industry. This will do away with exploitation, disease and tons of unnecessary crime... it will also be another source of revenue for the government by virtue of taxes. licences etc.

Ferny - agree with you - my heart goes out to these boys as well! I try and help where possible with food and clothes, and being an ear to listen where necessary...

Glenn - good to see you in person too! And might I add - mmmm, you are quite a hottie too!!!! hehehehe!

By the way 'Impressed' - was it a Freudian slip using the subject 'Special Aasignment' (with a double A)... hehehehe

Reply to st-ryker
Posted by: Ferny | 2007/07/18

Hi Glenn,

I just want to say how good it was to see you appearing on the Special Assignment program on SABC3 last night.

It was great to see that the producers had made the effort to get an expert such as yourself to comment on a very sensitive subject.

My heart goes out to those young (and not so young) men. It's very easy for society to sit in the comfort of their own homes and be judgemental!!

But once again, as with anything,,,,,,,,,until any of us have walked in that person's shoes, even for just ONE day............who are we to judge???

Many thanks again for the excellent service that you and the Triangle Project provide to the CT community.

Have a great day - Love & hugs - Ferny

Reply to Ferny
Posted by: Yo | 2007/07/18

Oh no I missed it! Damn, do they do repeats of the show?

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