Posted by: Slovo | 2013/01/25

South Africa’ s cANCer Of Corruption

The faith in the promises of Nelson Mandela for a “ better life for ALL”  is running up against an avaricious and secretive clique in a party that operates like a “ family”  in the Costa Nostra sense, putting its own interests ahead of the public interest.

The line between party and government is blurred. Top cANCer leaders move smoothly from politics to the private sectors without flinching an eye, taking care of their needs and their comrade cronies.

In China, they shoot many corrupt bureaucrats  in South Africa, they are largely ignored if not rewarded. In fact, anti-corruption police units and public prosecutors have and are been sidelined.

I never imagined that the “ new”  South Africa, a country that so many millions of us around the world fought for, would succumb so quickly to deep and blatant corruption.

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/01/28

I have asked for evidence that the ANC is corrupt and to date you have produced none. Ek wag not altyd. What evidence or proof do you have that the ANC is corrupt? DH answer this question and stop waisting our time

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/05/10 payers money you idiot.

Posted by: Slovo | 2013/01/28

Say what you want dear fellow, but South Africa''s legendary African National Congress, is destroying itself!! Corruption, cronyism and internal divisions are draining support from your party''s base, and more seriously destroying this country''s economy. Here are many a black politician who are architects of poverty whose main objective is to maximize their own consumption and the consumption of those who keep them in power!! Eventually its all coming to an end, becasue the fight for power in South Africa doesn''t take place at elections, it is being waged within the ANC, they still function like a combat organization.

There is something very wrong with with how the political elite are managing South Africa Sello, and you know it!!

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Posted by: DH | 2013/01/28

More waffle that I don''t bother to read....

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/01/27

Clearly you are in denial here. You are simply too scared to acknowledge that what i write is factual. You keep on blaming the ANC yet you do not bring the facts on the table. All this perception about the ANC this ANC that is nothing but propaganda being pushed by mainly the white people. We will not back down and we will keep on defending our 100 year old organisation. This is the organisation that sends white people to scary heights simply because the ANC has created progressive policies that seeks to accelerate transformation. Here I am talking about affirmative action, equity employment, free basic services, land distribution, black economic empowerment etc. We have seen many black children from poor backgrounds benefiting from this. Today they have emerged from poverty and are living a better life. Obviously everytime a new black employee walks into his/her mew job the white folks starts gossiping. This is affirmative action and he/she does not deserve the job. Bullshit. Meanwhile what does the likes of DH do. Well this guy is nothing but a lazy white bum who sits on MT and complain all the time. In December he did not go on holiday with his family. He snubbed his wife who had to go on holiday with the kids alone. DH claimed he couldnt go because he had to deal with some backlog. Well like a pig he lied. He spent most of the time on MT pushing this white propaganda. Bafanabafana has just scored their goal and i am sure you will attribute this to muti. I want to put a challenge on you DH. Give me one incident of corruption that was commited by the ANC. Bring it up - ek wag. I can give you something from the DA and Helen Zille. Today the Weekend Argus has reported that Zille personally went to the private residance of the Gupta family and ask for money. She was given a fat cheque amounting to hundreds of thousands. Later on she turns and say the Guptas are corrupt. WHere is the cheque she was given. When asked she did not deny this. Now what do you call that? It was a white man behind Fidentia. It was the white man behind TVI pyramid scheme. It was the white man behind the Leisure group. Zille accepted money from Brett Kebble. The DA''s communication tender scandal in the WC and many more. R138 million spent irregualr by the City of Cape Town under the DA. Amazingly the rest of SA is working hard and accumulating wealth and you are far from the scene.
Look at the advert by FNB and see how desperate the white man is in trying to create confusion about the direction this country is taking. Bafanabafana just scored another goal perhaps its a dubble muti. Back to FNB and the white oppositional culture. That advert was commissioned by a white CEO who will soon be shown a door. The claim the girl on the advert is black and she cant even say Nkosi Sikelela iAfrika. She speaks like a Malaysian descendent. They say the advert was not staged yet when you watch it you can see that it is undoubtebly planned and staged.


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Posted by: DH | 2013/01/27

Sello - I don''t even bother to read the rubbish you write- the cANCer are a bunch of insecure corrupt clowns. The cANCer spearheads F_ALL of value. They are so stupid that they are now even giving our old fleet of Alouette III helicopters and spares to Zim (against a UN arms embargo) The cANCer are just too happy for Uncle BoB to use those helicopters against the public. The cANCer and the locusts will eat this entire country and when there is nothing left tey will go sit at the foot of the 1st world with their begging bolws in hand (like the rest of black Africa)

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/01/26

FNB has appologised for the AD. They have acknoledged its potential undue damage. They have futher accepted that it was not in their space to stage such advert or campaign. We are not opposed to people expressing their view. Infact it is the ANC who speareheaded, championed and mastered the struggle that led to freedom of speech. The platform created by FNB was not balanced and they acted in an oppositional manner and therefore it was not acceptable to the ANC. There was a similar situation in the WC where the DA rules. In this instance the knives pointed to the DA and they also defended themselves in the same way the ANC has done. how do you define a clown DH. Certainly it cannot be an organmisation that has stood for more that 100 years. It cannot be an organisation that has grown our economy. It cannot be the same organisation that has created democratic and constitutional institutions. It cannot be the organisation whose policy has led to countless successful black busnesses. It cannot be the same organistion that has maitained stability in SA since 1994. Need i say more

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Posted by: DH | 2013/01/26

....and the cANCer is offened by a little black girl making a speech on TV...the FNB ad.

The cANCer are a bunch of thieving, corrupt, out of contol dictator clowns.

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/01/25

Youve got it wrong Slovo and let me direct you to some hard facts. The lines between the ANC and government are not blured. The ANC won the elections and subsequent to that formed the rulling government. Government is the ANC and the ANC is the goverment. There are no blurred lines here. Infact the lines are solid and intact. The blurred line argument is a cheap political point scoring by the DA and some imperialistic thinking political analysts and business that continues to reap our wealth and send it to London. It is an international and general practice worldwide to see politicians moving to the private sector. It is called progressive cadre deployment and the opposition see this as regressive. Did you know that Zille has shares in Pick ''n Pay - am sure thats new ton your ears. The socio-political and socio-economic structure of China is very different from that of SA. Did you know that China was once the economic powerhouse and America was nothing compared to it. China was worth 37% of the world''s economy. The fact that they shoot corrupt people in China is largely informed by their history. We are still far from that history so dont compare apples with bananas. How ironic everyone wants to claiim that they fought for SA. The thing is they dont say which side of the fight they were. We will continue voting the ANC and we will get our hands into the private sector and there is absolutley nothing, nothing, na oa nkutlwa, zilch wrong with that.


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Posted by: DH | 2013/01/25

The locusts vote for the cANCerous cretins and the Parktown Pig Prawns in Blue ensure that the locusts know who is boss.

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