Posted by: Beyond Tired | 2004/12/22

Some Advice Please - Work matters

Hi there,
Hope someone can help me think straight, mind working overtime.

I have received another job offer, better salary, closer to home and what I enjoy doing, however the company currently working for really stood behind me in this crazy time, the 2 weeks in Denmar, the 5 weeks in the rehab centre, my attempted suicide, etc. but there are also problems, I don't think they want to stand by me anymore, restrictions are being placed on me. I am not happy and have to drive a long distance to work.

I have also lost my entire bonus, part of December and January's pay. The offer for the other job is to start in January, but I have to give a months notice and then will loose my entire January salary as apparently will have to pay sick leave taken back.

What would you do? Confused. Any advice would be great.

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Normally I'd think about the value of staying, but I don't like what you say about losing the pay for January and December, etc. That sounds like, though they were very understanding before, they might not be as keen to "stand by you" from now on ? Q makes sense about contacting the CCMA and checking out your rights. Depending on the technicalities of what would be required at the present job, etc., would the new employers be understandign if you started a little later ? And they surely can't expect you to pay back for sick leave all in one lump some, rather than gradually ? And I'm pretty sure that a specific amount of sick leave is required by law, and not optional or repayable. Good luck with your decision-making !

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Posted by: SS | 2004/12/22

Here's another one telling you to go for it. Regarding the sick leave/salary. Did you sign a employment contract when you started working there? If you did, you should get a copy thereof and look under the clause that normally reads "Sick leave". It will be set out therein to how many days sick leave you are entitled and whether you will get unpaid sick leave after those days have been used up. Your rights will be set out in there. Then you can work it out yourself. On the other hand, did you use up all of your holiday leave? If not, you are entitled to payment of those days that you did not take.
A change is as good as a holiday. Loyalty is is a good thing to have but if you have the opportunity to take another job with more money, closer to home and that you enjoy more (and maybe have the opportunity there to climb the ladder), you must firstly be loyal to yourself. It's your life that we are talking about here. You will be replaced at your current job in no time. It's not always easy to make changes. I wrote a quote on this site yesterday, maybe you should read it.

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Posted by: Beyond Tired | 2004/12/22

Thanks guys, really appreciate it and definitely will make a plan to check in when/if I take the offer. Waiting to hear if will wait until 1 Feb.

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Posted by: K | 2004/12/22

I think you should listen to all the guys and GO FOR IT!

You have been though soooo much in the last few months and this opportunity has come at the right time.

You appear to be a very strong person and I we all have faith in you!

Just one thing though, make sure that you will have enough time in the new job to check in with us. We really missed you when you were away!

Kind regards

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Posted by: IT girl | 2004/12/22


If it makes you happy , closer to home and a fresh new start so people wont be thinking about all the things you had to go through too???

A new you and new year and a new job :-)

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Posted by: Big Brother | 2004/12/22

PS: Actually Q is right, they can't dock you for sick leave, I think they can however for holiday leave, I know that we have a policy that if we go over our allocated leave days and resign we have to pay those days back but sick leave, you're entitled to that! I would do what Q suggested and get in touch with the CCMA..

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Posted by: Big Brother | 2004/12/22

Hi BT, well, it's a tough decision but if I were you I would go for it. It's great that the company has stood behind you through all your troubles but at the end of the day you have to look out for number one and that's you! You're going to take a knock in Jan but maybe you can work something out about paying back your sick leave, most companies these days are quite willing to work out a payment plan or come up with something to help.

They can't blame you for leaving if you're offered a better job and money and doing something that you enjoy, hey, what most people wouldn't give to be in that position. All in all this is business and if you feel that this move is good for you and the way you describe it, it is, then you should go for it..anyway, just my two cents worth, good luck!

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Posted by: Q | 2004/12/22

Contact the ccma and find out you rights!!! I dont think they can do what the just did un less you are a contractor! The can not make you pay for sick leave girl not in n milljion years!!!! If you are a contractor they can say no work no pay but purmanant no chance in hell!!!!! the must give you your full pay for december and if you give 24 hour notice the can prity much not do much about it!!! The cant even tuch your pension!!!! If i where you take the other job and make a freash start with the new year and nail these guys to a wall get a layer an expert in labour relations to sort them!!! Make plans with the people that you owe money to and ask them is it will be possible to skip to months on payments and offer to start paying and higher premium to get the arreers payments payed up!!!! best of luck girl and go for it!!!

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Posted by: Ice | 2004/12/22

Hi BT, I think Me is right.
Loyalty doesn't pay anymore (not in most cases anyhow).
What you've gone through as obviously been a bad patch. but if you see yourself fit enough to handle this new challenge and you WANT to do it (important above all) then go for it.
If you are worried about your January salary, maybe you could consider taking out a loan just to cover you for Jan's expenses, and pay it off which should be easier as you would be gettng better pay anyhow in the new positon.

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Posted by: me | 2004/12/22

Hi Beyond Tired. Go for it. A new job, at the start of a new year is exactly what you need. You can start fresh and put all this years problems behind you. In the work environment, loyalty does not pay anymore, you have to look after yourself. Resign now, so you can start middle of Jan. Good luck!

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