Posted by: CP Mom | 2005/12/15

So Unhappy

I can show you letters attached to my CV. I've always impressed and got 13th cheques and big increases. My last one at the previous one was 18%!

This place is breaking me. No Increase in Jan only after Financial year the auditors check the books on 1 March - this year they only came in November.

% wise the boss himself, the tea girl and the black staff in the ware house got 100% 13th cheques. The laaitjie who mucks up the most got 150% and little old me, who should have got 50% coz I've only been here since July gets 25%....its' so does that make me feel?

Here I sit to "nafie" to give a shit right now and everybody's running around getting visums and last minute goods for their holiday.

NOW the boss wants me (who will be alone in a business park with a guard rented to watch over me) to help customers who might pitch up so im getting a crash course in sales this afternoon...what if they rape me ? or kill me ?

F*k dit ek sal nie oopmaak nie!

Ag ek voel sooooo misrabel!

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Dont dwell on this so much, as it's only making you more miserable. And lets hope you get the chance to sell up a storm, and put them all to shame

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Our users say:
Posted by: Paul | 2005/12/15

Sorry, had to vent somewhere or it would have been a homocide.

Reply to Paul
Posted by: Paul | 2005/12/15

Moenie so kla nie vrou!!!

Ek ry my gat af agter 'n site aan wat ek alleen na moet kyk, want die vorige het gatvol geraak en gerrokof.

'n hele volle maand ry ek op en donners af tussen hier en rivonia en sorteer hulle kak uit left right and center. dit fok my senuwees op en ek raak misluk met my huis mense en my regte -|- rak begin agter raak. (darem het ek die res van desember om dit uit te sort).

My tally vir all my efforts? R400 vir petrol (1.4% van wat hulle pm vir die -|- rak kry / en dan nog score hulle die vorige papsnaar se salaris ook).

My fokken verhoging was 8.50 laas jaar (dis rand nie persent nie) , yippee doo dah en my verhoging volgende jaar nadat hulle weer die PF upgejack het sal 2.5% wees.

Nou kla jy oor 'n 25%? ek weet nie eers wat 'n bonus of 13de chq is nie !!

Verstaan hoekom ek so fokken woedend raak!!??

Dankie vir die vent.

Reply to Paul
Posted by: Hank | 2005/12/15

Racists, like CP Dumb, are sooooo funny! Its neat to have these dinosaurs around, grumbling and muttering with no hope of the old apartheid era ever coming back. Life must be such a drag for them - hooray.

And quoting from the bible? Thats rich coming from CP Dumb who knows less than nothng about Christian values.

C'mon CP Dumb - moan some more, complain about how unfair life is, how you are mistreated...we need another laugh and I know, with certainty, that you will provide it.

Reply to Hank
Posted by: dee | 2005/12/15

CPmom do you really think using your own nic is making you a brave person? It's still a nic!!!! How about using your real name? Is THAT not the true test of bravery??

Reply to dee
Posted by: CP Mom | 2005/12/15

Nice way to act Dee being a christian and all....

Reply to CP Mom
Posted by: Tiekie | 2005/12/15

Hank will know hy spyker gereeld syne.

Reply to Tiekie
Posted by: Hank | 2005/12/15

Tiekie Brain

F*U*C*K you too. I hope the new SA (not so new anymore) is a miserable place for you to live each and every day of your life. Your misery will give me much joy. I'm glad that each time there is an election, you will choke on your bile.

Reply to Hank
Posted by: Hey | 2005/12/15

Who replaced the old term and when? Never heard of it. Maybe it should be Beverage Engineer?

Reply to Hey
Posted by: Dee | 2005/12/15

i love all God's peoples. even the racists. but i do feel sorry for hard it must be to live with so much hate.

Reply to Dee
Posted by: CP | 2005/12/15

Los hulle, hulle weet nie wat hulle doen nie soos die bybel se.

Arme wesies wat nie eens onder hul eie nics kan post nie. Shame.

Reply to CP
Posted by: Wit Zombie | 2005/12/15

Oh but you are proud of being a k-lover? THAT is sickening

Reply to Wit Zombie
Posted by: Tiekie | 2005/12/15

'n teagirl bly 'n damn dom swart meid wat niks beters kan doen as f*kken koffie maak nie.

Reply to Tiekie
Posted by: Dee | 2005/12/15

OK then, I will try and see the funny side of her in future.

but to me actually there is nothing funny in a person declaring "I am a racist and proud of it" (her postings, approx. 4 months ago).

Wonder if her BF will be giving her a big white sheet for Xmas so she can go the full KKluxKlan-hog?

Reply to Dee
Posted by: Hank | 2005/12/15

Oh no, Dee, she is really funny. Every time there is a new post from her, we ring the sales bell and someone reads her latest bitching session out. We all have a belly laugh as she has this idea that she is entitled to a free ride for something.

She really is FUNNY!!!!

Reply to Hank
Posted by: Dee | 2005/12/15

no Hank, she is not amusement. she is IRRITATION.

Reply to Dee
Posted by: Hank | 2005/12/15

CP Dumb

The old term has since been replaced with something less degrading: Beverage Assistant.

Of course, suffering from congential idiocy as you do, you will be unable to understand that the term "Tea Girl" is offensive and derogotary. Its insults the people it is applied to and dehuminses those that use it.

I'm so pleased to see that you have so many problems in almost all the areas of your life. You have the impression that you are special, wonderful, kind and loving. Wrong.

Your arrogance and stupidity is almost beyond belief, which why you have all the problems you do have. You bring them upon yourself. You deserve what you create for yourself.

Each day I look forward to your postings as your ability to be needy and whining and whingy and selfish is made bearable by all the crap you create for yourself.

Keep posting - you are a source of endless amusement.

Reply to Hank
Posted by: CP Mom | 2005/12/15

Hank you are an idiot since when is a TEA GIRL CALLED A TEA WOMAN ?


Reply to CP Mom
Posted by: Hank | 2005/12/15

Who, in 2005, still refers to a grown woman of colour as a "girl"?

Racist? Er, lemme, who are you kidding!

Looks like like the cosmos is paying you back for being the person you are.

Goed so!!

Reply to Hank
Posted by: lady nina | 2005/12/15

sorry girl

didn't read properly - you have reason to be upset
but the you have reason to be greatful aswell
you have the office all to yourself - just imagine what you can get up to - and no one will know


Reply to lady nina
Posted by: CP MOM | 2005/12/15

Nina I didnt get half a bonus I got a kwarter of a bonus!

Reply to CP MOM
Posted by: lady nina | 2005/12/15

hi girl

you only started in jul so only worked half a year and so you only get half a bonus - it makes sense to me

it's always the case that those who starts last has less perks that those who been with the compnay for a long time

take care nina

Reply to lady nina
Posted by: CP Mom | 2005/12/15

Luckily there are a lot of jobs on IOL and PNET - all im going to do next week is apply apply apply.....everybody's leaving here today at 2 but I must stay normal hours is this man mad ?!?!?

Reply to CP Mom
Posted by: Wanda | 2005/12/15

me thinks its karma coming back at you for all the racial slurs of a while back......

Reply to Wanda
Posted by: Sammie | 2005/12/15

Ja CP Mom ek verstaan helemaal waardeur jy moet gaan hoor. Ek het Maart nie my verhoging gekry nie weens rede ek verdien genoeg kommissie. Toe ons Bonus kry Maandag toe moes ons hoor ons kry net 50% van ons salarisse want ons trek in nuwe kantore in Feb06 en dit gaan baie groot uitgawes he. Maak jou mond oop hoor, want ek het omtrent tekere gegaan - sommer die base aangevat hoor! Hulle was almal al 3 keer oorsee die jaar, vroubaas het plastic surgery aan gesig gedoen verlede maand, en sy het n birthday bash gehou van R50 000 in Sept.

Maar jy sal nie wen nie, hulle wil niks hoor nie. Maar na die tyd het die een baas na my toe gekom en gese dat sy het na die tyd loop dink en regtig sleg gevoel omdat ek so die waarheid gepraat het. Maar nou ja sy kon niks doen nie, want GROOT baas het gepraat.

Jong wees maar bly jy het iets gekry.

Reply to Sammie
Posted by: V | 2005/12/15

Moenie verbaas wees as die baas homself dalk nog alleen daar opdaag om te kom "kyk" wat jy doen nie, dalk het hy 'n hidden agende met jou gewerkery, of nie?
Sulke mans, en daar is so baie van hulle moet sommer op die maan gesit word. Soos die gesegde gaan as hulle een man op die maan kon sit, hoekom nie hulle almal nie? (dit bedoel ek nie teenoor goeie mans nie).
In elk geval - sterkte hoop jy is darem ten minste veilig, en hoop jou 2006 is vir jou ook 'n beter jaar, ek myself het 'n absolute goor jaar agter die rug. Alles van die beste CPM

Reply to V
Posted by: CP Mom | 2005/12/15

As it is this place causes me to just want to get home and have a dop...not good.

Reply to CP Mom
Posted by: Liza | 2005/12/15

And a good book to go with the gummi-berry juice!


Reply to Liza
Posted by: Frusty | 2005/12/15

((((HUG)))). CP MOM, I don't know what to say to you. Get yourself some gummi-berry juice and enjoy! :-)

Reply to Frusty

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