Posted by: Mom | 2013/02/08

So tired of this

I am so tired of women coming to cyberspace to say how lonely they are, goodness me were you born with a man? If your loneliness is unbearable then go to dating sites and pick up a man there, I can assure you there are plenty.

Can we please use these sites for what they are meant for and go try your prostitution somewhere else. You scare the man away by crying loneliness because they know you will be so clingy that you will be searching his cellphone as you cant live without a man.

Now girls please respect yourselves, back to basics were women were not heard but seen.

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Posted by: Namthi | 2013/02/11

I dont wanna sound judgmental bu Mom pls marn you are really not helping and pls be very careful of comes out of your mouth coz you might end up like malema. dont judge pple plzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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Posted by: pfull | 2013/02/11

Yeah , Mom who gave you the right to be judgemental? I bet you have a man in your life so just shut up

anyway why do you care Mom

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Posted by: Tom | 2013/02/11

yeah, shut up mom...

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Posted by: T | 2013/02/11

Mom. shut up!

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Posted by: Jessica | 2013/02/08

Thanks Bree, I think mom does not understand lonlyness, or mybe she has never experience what HIV Positive people usually experience. lots of us experience lonlyness like me, with few friends, yes we do deserve love , but that love i mean real love is hard to find if you are HIV Positive. the stigma is still rulling among us human. so the only place to feel like we are not judged is here. GIRLS let us encourage one another to live better and be better people, let us make one another to be strong, while we are waiting the blessings from God. we deserve happiness, success, Love, so i am saying let us walk tall everyday , with digniting and shinning all the way to our success, irrespective of our HIV Positiveness

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Posted by: Yhoo | 2013/02/08

Dankie Bree
@ Mom get off your high horse and surrup!

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Posted by: Ndosi | 2013/02/08

Well said ''Bree''

What PMS do to some of us

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Posted by: Bree | 2013/02/08


I''ve never posted about loneliness, but you need to take a chill pill and relax. You''ve never been in these women''s shoes, so you have no right to speak to them like that and be judgemental. Stating frustrations of being lonely is nowhere near prostitution.

The truth is, we all need and deserve to be loved, we all get lonely at one point or the other. But that doesn''t mean we were born with penises up our vaginas.

As for using the site for what it''s meant for, well if we need support about our frustrations of loneliness in our HIV infected lives, then there''s no better place then here.

You need to get off that moral high horse, yet again I''m sure life will get you off it eventually and you will realise that you are only just a woman with needs as well.

TO ALL THE SINGLE LADIES LIVING WITH HIV: Girls, let''s just hang in there, let''s be happy regardless of our status. If cyber space or this forum is what we need to get through what we need to, then so be it! They always say " You''ll never know until you try"  so if you think trying here would work for you, go ahead. If you feel like venting about it here, feel free to do so, some of us are here to listen and share your frustrations.

TO MOM: You must just shut up and take a sit \__

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