Posted by: fed up | 2013/01/09

So ready to Divorce

Hi all, I have finally decided that now this new year is the time to divorce my hubby. He had an affair with colleague 7 yrs ago, never forgive him, our marriage, everything has not been the same, I cant trust him again, I have asked him for a divorce many times over the past few years, but he just does not want to. I have given him so many chances already. He has no time for anyone but himself. He just started working after 3yrs. He was at home yes for 3yrs and did nothing, helped with nothing, he did not want to even have christmas lunch with me and our 2 kids. Should I just apply for divorce or tell him before. Because if I tell him he will take it as a joke and try everything to not let happen by being nice and all, and as soon as he thinks all is okay he goes back to normal.

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Posted by: fed up | 2013/01/09

No i have made up my mind, I dont care what he says or does, I am going ahead with my decision. I wish I could get him to move out right now.He drivng me crazy, I am trying not to get angry and shout and swear at him, but it is so difficult, he is just going on with his daily things like all is ok. Like I said I have given him many chances. Before I thought about the kids, but now I realise in order to take care of the kids I need to take care of myself first, I need to be happy too.

Thanks for the advice. I work terrible hours, so hopefully by the new week I would started with the paperwork.

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Posted by: JR | 2013/01/09

Whether you tell him or not, he is going to find out when he gets served and can very well do his shenanigans to get you to witheraw it then.

It will be up to you whether you fall for his empty promises. You know they are empty promises so it''s basically a decision whether you are going to put up with it and just do the same old same old time after time, or are you going to take a stand and go through with what you decide?

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