Posted by: chappie | 2007/06/01


Hi, I would like to know why my toypom sometimes makes funny snorring sounds - he does that while he is awake - I then try to calm him down and then it stops. He is very energetic and playful and seems to me that there is nothing else wrong with him except to be constipated. I give him Bob Martins daily. He drinks a lot of water and eats mainly chicken and other meats because he refuses to eat commercial dogfood.
Thanks for your help

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Toypoms can have airway problems that results in snoring sounds. They need to be kept cool when it is very hot.

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Posted by: Joni | 2007/06/04

Hi Chill

All I was doing was countering your comment to Chappie

"You can't do better than a GOOD quality commercial dogfood and there is no such thing as him 'refusing' to eat anything but meat - just let him get hungry for a day or so and you'll see he will change his mind"

His dog is already RAW fed, mine won't even touch kibble anymore, when friends came to visit with their dog, mine ignored the kibble point blank.

So it was you who was trying to convert and not me, all I want is to help educate Chappie as to the dangers of commerical food out there and to help him balance his RAW diet.

It really isn't as hard as you think, I've got it down pat, it takes me 4 hrs once a month to to buy and pack the meals and 5 minutes to feed twice a day. So as far as I am concerned there is no time and effort in that.

As you will see I don't always push RAW, only if someone already feeds it like Chappie does. Many times on here I have helped and provided advice to people who want to feed kibble find the right and best kibble for their pocket. Referring them away from dodgy kibbles and low quality kibbles.

I have seen and read articles by reputable Drs & Researches into the commercial pet food industry, believe me, my research hasn't stopped and won't ever. Vets in the US have admitted to having only 6 weeks of small animal nutrition classes, which were presented by "experts" from the Pet Food Industry using text books written and donated by the Pet Food Industry. So this all smacks of conflict of interest.

But yes, you will see that I don't always push RAW and do actually try and help those that want to feed kibble find the right option for them.

That is why I put my email address on my posts, to send out information, e-books, not only on RAW but also BARF, home cooked diets etc. And I have had a huge response, without having to get too political or pushy.

Reply to Joni
Posted by: Chill | 2007/06/03

C'mon, Joni. Feed your dogs whatever you like, but stop casting aspersions on 'good quality commercial dogfoods'. I'm very happy that your dogs are so well, and long may that last - but my dogs, who eat a good quality commercial dogfood, are equally well - both have no health issues*, neither has EVER needed anal glands expressed, and their skins and coats are as healthy and glossy as anyone could wish for.

I too can quote horror stories about almost anything under the sun - lemme tell you about restaurant food, about vienna sausages, about what chemicals go into bread, or boerewors, or soft-serve ice cream. That doesn't make it true, or even necessarily harmful.

Fact is that veterinary science, in consultation with manufacturers of dogfood, have put huge amounts of research into the composition and manufacture of commercial petfood, and although of course there will always be those who disagree, there can be no question that for the vast majority of pets and their owners, the use of such foods is the best way to go in terms of health, nutrition, convenience and cost.

And before anyone sanctimoniously blathers that NO amount of inconvenience should EVER be begrudged for the sake of our pets - don't let's go there. Most of us simply do not have the scientific knowledge that is required to make up the right balance for our pets - leave that to the experts and let your pets benefit from this.

Joni: I've read your posts. Other than saying that for every quote you post extolling the virtues of RAW feeding, I could find you ten in favour of commercial - nevertheless, if it's working for you, then go for it. Most people do not have the resources or time or energy to follow the route you've described: face up to this and let the rest of us do things our way. I have no problem with what you're doing, nor with your enthusiasm for the regime you've chosen - but let it stand on its own merits, not on how bad you can make the alternative sound.

* for the sake of complete accuracy: the only health issue with either dog is a congenital one: hip dysplasia - nothing to do with nutrition. And it's not a matter of poor selection either - both my dogs are rescued ones.

Reply to Chill
Posted by: Joni | 2007/06/03

Hi Chappie & Chill

Chill - Yup, seems like we're going to have to agree to disagree here.

There are far better ways to feed your dog than so called "Good Quality Balanced Commercial foods" (junk food in my mind), which are overprocessed, overcooked, over & sometimes under supplemented and can contain ingredients of suspect origins.

Take these quotes from The New York Times on April 30, 2007 under the banner headline ‘FILLER IN ANIMAL FEED IS OPEN SECRET IN CHINA’)

Vet Bill Miller puts it another way:
‘It’s all about Least-Cost Formulation … using some fairly
sophisticated algorithms (based on a technique called Linear programming) which allow a least-cost (actually maximum-profit) ration to be formulated from a wide variety of ingredients (some of which are pretty unconventional for carnivores). The ‘constraints’ are things that get printed on the label e.g. Crude Protein, Fat and Fibre … how you get there and what gets included are ‘open season’ … this is how low-quality wheat gluten … which is a by-product of some other manufacturing process … gets included.’

"As one pet food manufacturer commented about turning cheap waste products into pet food: ‘Give me a tyre, an old leather shoe and a quart of oil and I can meet the specifications for the NRC diet.’"

My 5 dogs are on the RAW diet, and have never ever looked soo healthy, in fact for the first time in years, they've all received clean bills of health for their annual exams from their VET, no anal glands had to be expressed, no eczema, no allergies, no worms/parasites, no hairloss and no need for a dental for any of them.

I believe that as long as "Chappie" is feeding a balanced RAW diet (raw meat, organs, green tripe and bones), there is no reason his dog can't be healthy. Although I would stay away from Bob Martins, no need to supplement if you're feeding a good variety & diet.

I have before and after photos of each of my animals which can detail the improvements in their conditions and health.

Chappie if you want more info to balance your dogs diet correctly please email me jonivanderwesthuizen at yahoo dot com

Keep well

Reply to Joni
Posted by: Chill | 2007/06/01

The snoring sounds could be through excitement, but he could also have some problem with his airways - if he's otherwise ok, then just get your vet to look at this next time he goes for his vaccinations, which will be in about 3 months time.

However: His diet is inadequate, and this will at least partly be the cause of his constipation. You can't do better than a GOOD quality commercial dogfood and there is no such thing as him 'refusing' to eat anything but meat - just let him get hungry for a day or so and you'll see he will change his mind.

You are not being kind or responsible by giving in to him as regards what he eats. If you had children who liked ice cream, then obviously they would rather eat ice cream than broccoli - but you KNOW that you would not be caring for them properly by allowing them to eat only ice cream - this is the equivalent of what you are doing for your dog. You are the one in charge of what he eats, and you are the one with the brains and knowledge to do what is right to promote his health and make sure he lives a long life - face up to this responsibility.

Reply to Chill
Posted by: chappie | 2007/06/01

I forgot to let you know his age - he is 9 months old

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