Posted by: Angel Face | 2007/04/24

Slender Wonder Diet Programme

Dear Diet Expert,

I need to lose some weight, I've tried every diet in the book. I came across a diet called slender wonder by Dr Botha in PTA. My problem is that we are starting fertility treatment in May. Do you the think the injections and the supplements is safe to use, should I fall pregnant? I don't want to take anything that could harm my baby.

Thank You.

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Dear Angel Face
I would rather recommend that you use a balanced diet and avoid all injections, diet pills and potions while you are trying to fall pregnant as it is a golden rule that anyone who is trying to fall pregnant or may be pregnant should not take ANYTHING (including herbal supplements, vitamin supplements and over-the-counter-medications, unless prescribed by your dr or gynae), that could potentially harm the baby. Contact your local Weigh-Less or Weight Watchers branches and lose weight with a sensible diet that is fully balanced.
Holding thumbs that you conceive
Best regards

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Posted by: visitor | 2007/04/24

i copied some archives for you angel face
take care..

Subject: Update: Slenderwonder
Posted by: Elle
Well, who didn't see this one coming??? I've been advised by my doctor that I should stop with Slender wonder as I am really sick. I have such a big iron dificiency at the moment that I can hardly get out of bed and have bleeding fingers. I am so dissapointed with myself for failing once again. The doc recommended that I follow the 'Ultimate diet solution's eating plan designed by a dietician in Johannesburg. So I have picked up what I had lost on slenderwonder, I'm feeling sick, I'm on all kinds of medicines just to get me healthy again and I'm starting over... again. My advice to anyone thinking of going the slenderwonder way... don't. There is nothing wrong with my dedication, my self control or anything and I have been unable to stick to this diet for a week without feeling like I might die. I just hope that i didn't do too much damage...
Date: 4/4/2007

Subject: RE: Update: Slenderwonder
Posted by: Adele
I am so glad that you stopped, that is really a very unhealthy and dangerous diet. I did similar diet here in W-Cape called Dr Rossouw, where you also loose alot of weight and you actually inject yourself every morning and you eat so little and after everybody warning me not to do it, I did and I picked up 20kg I lost and 10kg extra.

I am so happy that you are going healthy way and yes it is going to take a while and you've learned your lesson, as long as you dont give up

Only damage I had was that my metabolism was totally messed up

Good luck and please keep us updated - we are all here or each other!!
Date: 4/4/2007

Subject: RE: Update: Slenderwonder
Posted by: Jane
Hi Elle,

You did not fail again. Please don't be so hard on yourself. You just chose the wrong diet and that was definitely not your fault.

Just start with this new eating plan that the doc prescribed and look after yourself.

Good luck and keep us up to date.
Date: 4/4/2007

Subject: RE: Update: Slenderwonder
Posted by: Laverne
Hi - Shame i am sorry to hear of your nasty experience but please dont beat yourself up about it...remember that failing is a part of succeeding!
You have not failed !
The diet failed ! That's it !
I am glad to hear you are going to follow a better and healthier diet advised by your doctor.
I have joined weigh less 2 weeks ago and am now feeling so so very good. Its definately a case of quantities of food that we eat and certainly not skipping meals as I have just found out.
Please keep us updated on your progress and dont be so hard on are going through a hard enuogh time as it is. Get some positive thoughts flowing through that brain now and through your blood. Good luck and if you need extra help and support you know there are a lot of us here for just shout
Date: 5/4/2007

Subject: RE: Update: Slenderwonder
Posted by: MeToo
Please do not feel a failure - I was on Slender wonder too, for 2 weeks and I felt just as you did.

Surely that specific diet does not work for us!

Dr Jan says it is a eating plan, but he is wrong, there is absolutely NO eating just pills and injections and that is WRONG.

Unfortunately they are so tight on their secret that all they advertise is the slimming bodies and the time they lost all the kg's but nobody tells you before hand what the diet is about.

I wasted R1,700 and felt as sick as a dog after 2 weeks. I was severely constipated, NO energy, moody, nauseas etc etc, just a general feeling of being very sick.

The Friday afternoon I got home and told hubby we are going to the Spur as I was craving meat. I finished the 500g steak that night!!! Maybe it was my body's way of telling me that I lacked iron too.

Those pills are just one too many! I am not a pill person and to take 5 pills on an empty stomach is not my idea of fun.

Anyway, just my experience and what I am actually trying to tell you is that I also followed the eating plan and I failed myself too, or so I thought, but as Jane said, we did not fail, we chose the wrong diet!!

Lets be positive and get ourselves into a 'healthier' body to get the courage to start a new diet!

All the best!!!!!!!
Date: 5/4/2007

Subject: RE: Update: Slenderwonder
Posted by: Fluffybunny
Is Slenderwonder the diet where you go to a chemist once a week for follow=up or something?

I have never dabbled in any diets that involve pills or cutting out entire food groups because I've always worried about what happens afterwards........ when there are no more pills and you have an occasional spoon of sugar again.

A friend of mine really gives me a hard time about the one sugar I have in my coffee - and I've always maintained that if I cut all sugar out completely, that one day when I crave even a tiny portion of sugar, my body will hang onto it no matter what.

WL works for me because I can still have a sugar in my coffee, or choose to use Canderel instead and maybe have a sweet instead. It's not removed from the diet entirely.

I'm really sorry that you are so ill. Doesn't it make you mad at these idiots who just 'develop' their diets with only their huge profits in sight? Dieting is a multi-billion rand industry and they prey on the desperation of us fatties to rake in their dollars! Bet you all these diet 'developers' have also probably been naturally skinny all their lives........... (okay Mary maybe not you..... you were a fat chick - just like me!) And here's a thought - I'm sure Mary makes a decent living out of WL - but she's certainly not a multi-millionnaire because of it - mmmm so it seems the healthier the option - the less popular - the less glamorous and profit-driven? Just thinking out loud.

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Posted by: visitor | 2007/04/24

hi angel face

i dont know all the facts, but the feedback from EVERYONE on the weight loss forum have negative thingst o say about this, eventually getting very sick, actually.

i really dont think it should, then , even be considered when pregnant/trying to fall pregnant.

just my 2 cents

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