Posted by: help me please | 2005/12/11

since when is suicide a temporary solution?

You said it's a temporary solution and I don't know what you mean by that? If you're dead you're dead. Why would you want to get angry with someone who is thinking of suicide?

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Wasn't the phrase used ( unless there was an unplanned typo ) that it was a permanent solution to a temporary problem ? I'm sure that was what was meant. And I don't think any of us were getting angry at the person considering suidie, but I commented on how extremely angry / aggressive his/her message was towards the reader.

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Posted by: lulu | 2005/12/12

help me please: You know what? People like you make me very angry. No, in fact, people like you make me sick. You obviously need the help you're asking for in your nic, but you don't seem to realise it.

What did you think coming here asking for advice on how to commit suicide?? Do you think ppl on here really need your suckie attitude towards life? Most of us are hanging on to life for all we're worth, and we don't even always know WHY we're doing it. And you know what else? It's DARN hard to do it too. I (for one) surely don't always see the benefits of hanging on, but desperately try to do it every day regardless.

If you've given up, it's your choice. Let me just say this: Your choice is the most selfish one you could have made... You obviously don't give a crap for anyone in your life.

All I can say is this: Try making as little a mess as possible, because your death will be leaving enough heart ache and sorrow for the ones who love you without them having to clean up after you too.

PS: Just in case you think my unsensitive: My sister-in-law committed suicide a year ago. A revenge suicide out of lots and lots of anger (not unlike yours). She left behind a husband and family mourning her death EVERY DAY. My brother is DESTROYED by what she has done.

It would have been her birthday last week. We had to take turns watching over him, because he has said that he is just waiting for the right opportunity to kill himself too. Birthdays and Christmas and anniversaries are the worst... We're just waiting for that call.

Get help. Phone your doctor or phone life line. You might think you'll be the only one who dies, but you'll be killing those who love you little by little by such a hidious act.

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Posted by: Bb | 2005/12/12

I think you may be a little confused, I origionally said that suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Similar sentiments have been echo'd since then so perhaps do a little reread of the post.

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Posted by: Deubel | 2005/12/12

It is NOT a solution at all (never mind temporary), becuse the people you are leaving behind will have to deal with it for the rest of their lives.

It is only a solution for YOU at that specific point in time, but that is usually the case with all suicides. At another time and under different circumstances even YOU will realise that it is not a solution.

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Posted by: figured it out | 2005/12/12

Not sure who said its a temporary solution, because its actually not even that! Suicide is not a solution, its sweeping everything under the carpet for others to clean up later, with great effort and pain.

As for the person who is contemplating suicide, I suppose its a thought based on a persons current situation. Unfortunately such current situations distort all senses of reality and rationality, so suicide does seem to be the only solution. But its only temporary, because once a clear perspective on reality is gained, the need for suicide disappears. Ask the many people who have pulled through, and then look back saying they are so glad they never did the deed.

Anger arises because we care, and we are the ones that suffer as a result of someones suicide. So the angeris two-fold: 1 because we dont want to be hurt and have clean up the mess and pay all the bills, and live with the loss and heartache, and 2 because when we see the life someone could have, and we see that person just throwing it away because they cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel, we get angry with the person for wanting to do something seemingly so stupid.

The simple saying is this: Just because you cannot see whats around the corner, does not mean its not there. When you are contemplating suicide, you cannot see anything good and so dont believe it exists. That often becomes motivation enough to do the deed.

Imagine being stuck in a forest, and not being able to see the way out. But up on a mountain looking down is the rest of the world, who can see where you are, and can see the route out. So we know there is a way out, and we can direct you, if only you would listen and have faith, and understand that a forest is not infinite, and there is an end to it where the sun does shine. You may not know the way out, but the people looking down who can see veerything, can show you the way out.


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