Posted by: Dune | 2007/12/10

Sick n tired of ‘diet abuse’

Hi there I’m a 34 yr old single mother who lives a healthy life. I weigh 53.3kg and am visibly toned; I exercise regularly and eat small meals spread out thru the day. I don’t buy take out or get canteen food at work, I rather carry stuff like cereal, yoghurt, wholewheat/seed bread, some cheese or salad, protein shake fruit and nuts to work. Now and again I have a pig out day, usually Sundays. But during the week I am normally very good and this shows in the food I’m seen eating at work.

However nearly everyone I work with takes issue with this. Around 10am in my office, people make group orders for greasy breakfasts (there r a lot of restaurants around us that deliver). Around lunch they then make another take-out order and late afternoon they usually snack on crisps chocolate etc and some of them order toasted sarmies. I find this phenomenally unhealthy and incredibly expensive but I have never shared my views with anyone at work since we all have the right to eat what we want and I am the only one eating healthy food.

What I find disturbing and now even hurtful is the way I am the butt of office jokes because I eat differently. ‘Oh don’t ask her, she eats rabbit food’ or ‘Miss won’t eat a thing’ or ‘Miss forever dieting’. I am not dieting, I just eat healthily and I believe u r what u eat. No one subscribes to this school of thought and unbelievably, I am ostracized at work simply because I choose not to pig out. I am also told I am lying when I say I thoroughly enjoy the taste of the food I eat, which is true.

Sadly at my previous job this was exactly the case. Why is a health-conscious person such a target for discrimination? I don’t get it, instead of being able to answer any qs ppl may have on good foods and good eating habits or exercise, everyone sniggers when I take out my food. At this job and at the one before, I was in the best shape in the office. Yet I am in my mid 30s and have given birth. Evidently there is something I am doing right yet ppl choose to make fun of me simply because I don’t believe in compromise.

It really has gotten to the point of depressing me now, tho I know I shd just ignore my colleagues. This morning I was again upset because one of the girls said something about me never eating – meanwhile I eat more regularly than anyone else but it is simply not junk. Somehow this means I don’t eat at all.

I really am fed up and find the attitudes hurtful. Any advice?

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageDietDoc

Dear Dune
I am so sorry to hear that you colleagues are being so hurtful and downright spiteful. You must understand that their nasty attitudes are born of jealously. They are jealous that you are slim and trim and healthy and that you can eat healthy food without falling into the greasy take-away-trap. Just ignore them and whatever you do, don't get depressed. The next time they make jokes or nasty remarks, just tell them that you have nothing to prove - your body and looks speak for themselves. If this harassment continues you are entitled to complain to the management.
Hang in there and every time some stupid person makes a rude remark, imagine what they look like without clothes and start laughing!
Stick to your good habits

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Our users say:
Posted by: Happy | 2007/12/12

There's absolutely nothing wrong in what you're doing and you should keep it up, i also get comments on how i should increase my portion sizes and so on but no thanks i feel good and like the "weird"food i eat, i lost 5kg so far and feel great people are just jealous because you achieved what they couldn't and to see you constantly eat healthy food probably makes them feel resentful don't be depressed and keep eating your healthy food you will be very thankfull later

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Posted by: Dune | 2007/12/11

thanks so much for all the support. I did wonder if it was all ljealousy but why do ppl have to be so nasty, can't one be jealous quietly? also its happened that the girls in the office went for lunch and didn't invite me! But oh well I have decided not to give in to the abuse and I'll continue to bring my healthy food to work. The remarks are really hurtful sometimes but I'll not give them the satisfaction of seeing me down and i'll def never give them the satisfaction of seeing me eat junk at work.

thanks all :)

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Posted by: nuts | 2007/12/11

Hang in there girl. Eat your healthy food, those people are insanely jealouse of you.Sure they would die for a bod like yours and the only way to contain that envy is to be nasty. Grow a thick skin and remember when they reach old age they are going to pay dearly for all the many sarmies,oilly chips and the greasy junk things they put into their bodies. You can only feel good when you see them eating what they eat while you eat the proper fuel for your body.

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Posted by: anon | 2007/12/10

i'm quite short (1.53) and weigh 55kg. i'm careful and conscious regarding what i eat as it shows very quickly on my frame.

I'd like to lose 5 more kilo's so that i feel comfortable in my clothes, and my colleagues are constantly grazing throughout the day - chips, cookies, toasted sandwiches......And whenever I say no thank you - they say that I'm a snob, or i don't like them because I never eat along with them. I eat breakfast at home. At 10 when I get a bit peckish - i have an apple or a banana. At lunch, it's a green or chicken salad. And I enjoy it! Why would i want to have something heavy that would make me want to sleep for the rest of the afternoon. I also recently started goign to gym (and to my surprize - I enjy it).

But my colleagues ostisize me, and don't even bother inviting me if they decide to go out for lunch.

It has also come to the point where I'm considering looking for another job.

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Posted by: Kasandra | 2007/12/10

Yah i also know the feeling, i am not overweight but have high cholestrol and constantly at work bday parties have to listen to remarks of why i dont eat cake or pastries, its really annoying! Or the assume i am on a diet just cause i dont eat what they do.

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Posted by: Cabby | 2007/12/10

Oh my goodness, im not the only one who gets ridiculed for eating healthy. The only difference between us is that im still trying to get to my goal weight and be healty. So far so good, ive lost 12kgs since June. I feel wonderful. I wish i knew what went through these peoples minds when they say such negative hurtful things. Even though ive lost 12kgs, i get comments like" i dont know why you even bother to eat like a rabbit, its obviously not working for you" Ive cried so many times over this comment. 12kgs dow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are people so self absorbed that they dont notice a drastic change like that. Lucky when i go home, i have and amazing husband who loves me the way i am and loved me when i was bigger as well.

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