Posted by: Dude | 2005/12/02

shyte state of affairs

Ey Doc,

Ope uz well an livin the good life on top of the hill…

Things r okish … am makin a few changes ere an there in life and shud b 4 the beta if things really work out likesay …

I ate banks doc … if uz borrow some money from em, uz end up payin 4 the rest of uz life, iz lucky enough to ave the ability now to likesay not borrow an invest ma own into anything iz wanna … thing is this society is so capitalist, em rich folks jus get richer … tis no good bitchin bout it cause if uz work ard an ave a bit of luck uz can cross over em lines of social distinction an enter a market of x5’s an pimped ouses if uz wanna … iz no interested in at an wud like to pimp ma cars an build ouses an sell em so that’s the plan stan … for 2007 at least …

Ma womin jus phoned an said er las practical exam didn’t go through an now she’s not getting er qualifications till prob end of next year …. Iz upset as iz funded er studies an also waz er model an saw ow well she did compared to otha womin on em coarses…. Iz think em gay boys doin make up aint ma cup of tea likesay an now iz enraged by em, she did so well in the otha ones an iz smell something shyte goin down…

Anywayz iz encouraged er an said tis ok baby, uz gonna get it next time baby, iz failed ma first exam bout 4 times an guess its jus not givin up wen uz down… she does oweva ave an already down an out feelin bout bein a failure in life from er upbringing an iz juz gonna give er support… iz feelin down bout it as well an in some respects can feel er down feelins as well …

So this weekend is er graduation an well, shes not gonna get er diploma now likesay … wud it b beta 2 give it a miss … iz gonna ave 2 ask er an see ow she feels …. Mmmm…

Life does ave its moments ey, maybe ma sis cud organise er a beta job in a new year an things will work out 4 the best, ard keeping a positive perspective on life wen life is life … f* doc… wot can I do besides comfort an support wif a few teddy bears ,…

Ma max is getting bitch slapped as weez baby sittin a friends doggie, this doggie is a girl an she umps max an we eee tries ee gets eez ears bitten … ee may start sufferin from a sexual identity thing if it carries on 4 much longa …


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Our expert says:
Expert ImageCyberShrink

ey Dude !
Remember, banks are only keen to lend money to people who are far too rich to need any.
Sorry to hear of your gf's problem --- a whole extra year sounds a bit much for a single practical exam not going well --- hope the situation turns out to be btter than she thinks. Isn't there room to appeal for a re-assessment / remarking ? Without sounding like an unelected politician wanting a recount. Your approach sounds righjt, and remind her the results were a few guys opinion of her performance on one occasion --- not a lifetime valid assessment of her worth. Nobody's a failure until they decide that they are, and then only because they decide that they are. You're right too about graduation --- see how she feels. And is the "not doing so well" her opinion, or has she got the final results already ? Keep up the comfort and support --- you'l be good at that !
Sorry to hear about max's problem --- could be troubling if it lasts for long. Maybe he could do with a teddy bear. We gave one to the new kitten, and she leaps on it and gives a better illustration of all-in wrestling than anything on TV.

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Our users say:
Posted by: blowersdaughter | 2005/12/02

shyte state of affairs has passed my way also.
but you know what.
am never gonna give up. NEVER.
am gonna fight the good fight.
feels powerful. not to give up.

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Posted by: fin/ex | 2005/12/02

dude your woman is lucky to have you in her life, - a few teddy's and some love will make her feel better. you cant be feeling so great yourself having funded the studies and all. i'm sure you were hoping she would pass.
yip i guess we got to take life as life - it's what i learnt being bipolar 2. t oride the waves, the ups and downs - i think it's more life than it is bipolar
cheers and keep on being positive
thanks for update on max ; )

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Posted by: Frusty | 2005/12/02

ey Dude! So sorry to hear about your partner. I know it is a cliche, but it is not the end of the world, really. You never know, maybe it has happened for a reason and next year she will get top marks and pass with flying colours. Imagine the party you can have then?!

Love your dog story. I have a 7 month old English Springer Spaniel that came on heat a little while ago and she was very confused as to what sex she was. No arm or leg was safe! Shame! Plenty of laughter.

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