Posted by: Me | 2012/10/22

She just want more

Ladies pls help
My girl friend just cannot get satiesfied with bonking. We do all styles for 4 rounds a night. My size is 18cm and around its bigger than tissue roller. Last night we did dog style for 1 hour.
Is this normal.


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Appetite for sex is not normal or abnormal but what an individual seeks .in the relationship it may vary and this can cause apprehension about normality . the need for you to relay your anxiety to her would assist in posssibly exp[laining how she views duration of sex . There are men who want to participate in many rounds of sex in a night /day and therefore talk about it

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Posted by: Sob''it | 2012/11/20

I''ve been in similar situation many years ago &  was also concern at that time that my girlfriend is a nymph. I''m not endowed with 18 cm &  found that size don''t matter at all. Technique &  love making satisfy women &  oral sex is part of it, by de way we still together for the pass 10 years and I became accustom &  enjoy several times a night or just any time. So stop pumping &  make her enjoy it.

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Posted by: Forrest Greene | 2012/11/19

You need to make love to your girlfriend instead of just having sex. And for the hour on one position, that can''t be true. LOL!

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Posted by: kiki | 2012/11/19

18 cm and more than 1 hour of sex is possible, you just hold back and not release. change styles often.

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Posted by: Guy | 2012/11/19

Women suffer from depth perception because they are always being told that 4 inches is six. It seems to me if you have a touch of braggadocio. That girth would lead to less sex not more because it would hurt her, guaranteed you are getting very little oral.

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Posted by: Tshepo | 2012/11/19

I am really amazed that they are readers who dont believe that a man can have an 18cm and that a woman cannot handle an hour of sex. All you lot are clearly still wet behind the ears. There are people who enjoy sex and it is not a race thing. My brotherly advice is that during an hour of dog style try to move her around and changing your thrusting rhythm and depth of penetration, she will enjoy it. Dont worry about sceptics, coz clearly they are novices in matters sexual.

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Posted by: MATSHE | 2012/11/19


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Posted by: Mdivori | 2012/11/19

Let''s admit, some people won''t get satisfied, no matter what.

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Posted by: masco | 2012/11/19

Ag, ma man size does not matter i think u both need to talk on this matter openly, maybe ur size is a problem to her or perhaps dude u do lot of ejaculation than the expected work. Be honest ndoda if ur claiming to have that size then she should be more than satisfy in 20min and refuse to go on. Talk to her bhla she is ur women.

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Posted by: Lovely | 2012/11/19

Dude u lying or there is something u not doing right. The whole hour and she is not satisfied go check urself sheim

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Posted by: diko | 2012/11/19

U lying, anyway size dont matter, but foreplay, technics &  you can sstisfy her in 1 hr, bring her to me and see

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Posted by: jockey | 2012/11/19

man your lying did you measure your penis with a toilet roll? i was doing it practically. just check 18 cm on the ruler now. you can satisfy a woman within 10 to 15 mnts, an hour that woman will be admitted to hospital.

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Posted by: ROBSEL | 2012/11/19


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Posted by: Ray Banter | 2012/11/19

I do not claim any expertise here  but, from a lot of reading and having studied Psychology, here is my submission:

1. There are people who are oversexed (nymphomania). This condition is mostly psychological.
2. She could be having a high libido  or she is merely experimenting.
3. She could be seeking solace from sex. This could be due to a deep rooted problem such as low self-esteem, abuse, or may other factors.

I can therefore boldly say that her demands borders on abnormality.

I therefore suggest that both of you discuss this issue before it gets out hand wher you as a man will end up failing to meet her demands.

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Posted by: Sharpi | 2012/11/19

Sounds to me like you want to brag!! I have a 18cm penis and can go at it for an hour....... ag please

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Posted by: QWERTY | 2012/11/19

You are lying about you penis size, bigger than a tissue roller u must be joking.Dog style for an hour what kind of medication are you on,you -|- for an hour and you partner is not satified........well size is not everything you need to have skills lovemaking is art my man

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Posted by: Nox | 2012/11/19

Do everything with love. Spend more than talking, foreplay with love instead of just bonking. You are hurting her with that size, its abnormal.

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Posted by: Luke | 2012/11/19

Bring her to me...

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Posted by: Scally | 2012/11/19

Had a lover who could not get enough . She could climax very quickly . Relationship lasted 14 mths and banged her in excess of 1000 times in that period . Loved it .

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Posted by: Jacko | 2012/11/19

Some thing is not right here... U can do it for an hour or 4 x a night and you do not blow your beans.. I wonder what u doing

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Posted by: Andy | 2012/11/19

Your Lady needs more foreplay and stimulation, as in oral stimulation to the clitoris and less pounding away.

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Posted by: Anon too | 2012/10/24

If my hubby do it an hour the same style, I''ll get bored!

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Posted by: NATHANIEL | 2012/10/23

she should get a hobby

Posted by: XXX | 2012/10/22

Maybe you should be giving her more foreplay and oral sex.She is possibly not actually having an orgasm by simple thrusting.
Don''t complain about her wanting a lot of sex as it will surely change in time (just read this forum long enough to attest to that)
Bonking for an hour does not mean satisfaction,with a better technique and more foreplay,she could be much more satisfied in half the time

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