Posted by: BETTY | 2005/11/23


i just had sex for the first time and it really hurt like carzy. my bf & i did not use any protection and he cummed inside me i am only 12 and dont want to fall pregnant what to i do plz hlp. it was the 1st time for both of us he is 15

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Having sex before the age of 16 ia illegal and wat your boyfriend has committed is statutory rape. The way in which you have had sex clearly shows you are not ready for a sexual relationship. You will only know if you are pregnant by having a test which you can get from a pharmacy or be tested by your family doctor.

I strongly suggest you wait a few years before engaging in sexual relationships, and get yourself educated now.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: The Nice Guy | 2005/12/09

I am 17 and im only thinking now of when i should do it with my girlriend who is 14, i came to the conclusion that if i had sex with her it would lead to unwanted things happening, so i decided maybe with a different girl in the future! She is too young and you were too. What is happening in this world, there is girl in my street that will give free blow jobs, just cause it's "cool" or she likes it. I think thats fuc*ed up! I just get all confused thinking about it!?

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Posted by: rose-in-the-rain | 2005/12/08

loosing ur vigintey is like looseing a huge pice of your heart never get it back. I am almost 17 and still have alot of fears about sex
betty , best of luck. i can see that u have lernt from your mistake . please please remember take more care next time ........having sex is a big thing and can really screw u up if u arent ready for it.
when i was 12 i wasnt even Thinking about sex all that much! i was still playing with dolls at that age.
still guess times have changed a little.
Take care of urself, Betty . be strong in every way
rose-in-the-rain xx

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Posted by: BETTY | 2005/12/08

hi to everyone that has written i know that i am only 12 i have only had sex once my cousin bought me a home pregnance test kit. i am going to use tomorrow. i am not going to hahave sex again till i am older rreading what everyone i know now that what i did is very stupid but it hard not to be in with the cool crowd if you are not having sex or getting drunk with them your a loser so that is why alot of girl my age have sex and do what every one else is doing. i have learnt my lesson and wont do it again till i am ready

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Posted by: Tragedy | 2005/12/08

M you don't have any place to be telling anyone else to "pay attention in english class." Your spelling reminds me of that of an 11 year old. And I strongly hope you were being sarcastic when you said that "having an abortion is just as easy' because it is NOT an easy thing to do, weather it's something you do because you CHOOSE to, or something you do because you HAVE to. I understand everyone is frustrated by the fact that this girl is 12 years old and having sex, but it isn't your place to lecture her and to say that you hope she does get pregnant and have an STD, that makes you really immature as well. What she needs is someone to listen to ehr and help her through this. People come to this site for advice, not to get a lecture.

BETTY- I'm not lecturing here, just giving my opinion. Yes, there are a lot of people your age and younger that are sexually active, but in the lnog run it could cause a lot of problems for them, both physically and emotionally. Sometimes people do these things to get attention that is lacking elsewhere or just to fit in better. Having sex the first few times does hurt, exspecially if your body isn't ready for it. You need to think with your brain, and not your hormones in these types of situations. I regret having sex with the people I dated. I only talk to one of them now, and we're in a serious relationship. Everyone else doesn't matter to me anymore, and I'm just thankful nothing bad happened from those times.

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Posted by: Anon | 2005/12/07

I agree with M.... She is arrogant on top of all of it as well... No sorry little girl in sight.... Hope you fall pregnant, contract STD's and have a nice big reputation on your name.... Good luck!! You are pathetically stupid. Sex is not a toy... go back to your dollies.

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Posted by: A little wiser | 2005/12/01

Betty...IF what you are saying is true, it's kids like you that make me SICK. You make me not want to have kids in this sick perverted world! What's wrong with you!? You need some serious role models in your life. Quit taking advice from TV and live life without all that crap! You don't need it now...take it from me! Many of my friends have wrecked their lives because of sex.

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Posted by: lala | 2005/11/30

betty, what where you doing, remember u are only 12 and he is 15, can you please stop playing with fire, u are still very young, is it possible that yuo can leave this for the grown-ups day you'll grow up and learn this things and i promise you , you gonna enjoy it...............................some of those who are HIV+, like myself it is because i/we started having sex at a very early age, i started as early as ten because i took advantage of my big body with big boobs and bums, i thought i was old enough to engage myself to sex but i was wrong, now iregert it and there's nothing i can do i can't turn back the hands of time on this one, now i am 25 i have a 15 year old daughter...........................i'm sure you don't wana end up like me or people like me, STOP DOING WHAT U ARE DOING PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by: m | 2005/11/28

maybe you should concentrate when going to your english lessons little girl cos you cant even make up a decent sentance...dont waiste our time here okay!

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Posted by: BETTY | 2005/11/28

well tx to everyone. Anoy i dont how you are or when last you where in school girl younger than me are already giving guys bjs and allow the guy to muff then. my frien who has just turned 12 has been having sex for over a yr now ao wake up an smell the rose kide my age know alot more than you think

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Posted by: anoy | 2005/11/26

The way this girl speaks, I would'nt even think she was twelve. Come on, what twelve year old, knows what the phrase "cummed" is. I didnt learn that stuff til at least fifthteen. Somethings not making sense here.

Reply to anoy
Posted by: m | 2005/11/25

Hi G

I understand that totally...its just that when i was twelve and im sure that when you were twlve things like that werent on your mind...its just soo scary that kids at the age of 12 is doing these things already..what will they have to look forward to when they are older and more mature??

I apologise for being so abrupt but if children want to experiment...firtly i would say to them..learn more about pregnancies,sexually transmitted diseases and of course protection...if they have that knowledge and still wnat to try it out then go ahead...but dont be silly and just do it cos every other teenager is doing it....

Reply to m
Posted by: G | 2005/11/24

M this forum is for kids with problems, we all agree kids should not do things like adults, but the deed has been done and we should be able to help with good advice, wishing things on them because they mad a mistake is not helping. If we all have this attitude then kids will be scared to ask for help and do other irresponsible things.

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Posted by: m | 2005/11/24

You know...this pisses me off...12 years old!!!! I mean what the hell is going on???
I hope she doe sfall pregnant and get std..cos these little children that want to be grown ups...well they must suffer the consequences....oh yes...she wouldnt have to hey...cos having a abortion is just as easy......

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Posted by: Justin | 2005/11/23

Betty - please you must learn to be more responsible.

Did u consider the possibility of STD's?
The possibilities of Pregnency?
The fact that you would be giving away ur virginity?

These things are not myths. they are reality. at ur age of 12 u really sholdn't be having sex. Don't u think it would be better to save urself for that that special person in ur life?

but if u do decided to still go ahead, educate urself & for God's sake use protection.

I'm sorry that I sound so angry but it drives me insane that someone like you with so much of potential and youth could fall prey to horrible diseaeses such as AIDS for a little "pleasure"

God Bless.

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Posted by: Lalies | 2005/11/23

Go to your nearest pharmacy and get the morning after pil.

Remember if you want to do the things grown ups do, you have to face the responsibility of a grown up. If you can't don't do it.

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