Posted by: Single Girl | 2013/01/18

Sello and DH

i always did not like Sello but your response to DH when he was attacking women over 40 made me fall inlove with you. I am a woman who falls in that category and last year we married a best friend of mine 38 to a 40 year old guy. She is now expecting her first child. Where does he get it that it is not possible? I am 37 and still waiting for a good man. Women these days know what they want and fortunately there are men who also know what they want in life. You are now going to see us progressive people having children at 40 because we live healthy lives and we intend living until 100 like Mandela. So why rush and be married at 24 and have kids at 26 when you can build your career and have kids when you are financially stable?

Grow up DH and start buying mansions in secure estates before you have children, they will appreciate walking barefoot to a private school down the road because mom and dad can afford it.

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Posted by: DH | 2013/01/20

Its amazing how bitter singlegirl is. If I could do it all over again I would have had my daughters 10 years earlier and I would have had another two daughters as well. I enjoy my life and I enjoy my girls.

Our family''s life is not easy but we make the best of what we have and live to better ourselves each day.

I think that singlegirl needs to take responsibility for her own life and build a future for herself no matter what happenend in the past.

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Posted by: Leila | 2013/01/19

@single girl, maybe you can live in one of Sello''s mansions..

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Posted by: Bazinga | 2013/01/19

Tell a woman what she wants to hear and she loves you
LOLOZ @ single girl

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Posted by: Leila | 2013/01/18

Posted by: DH | 18/1/2013
hmm...interesting view...yes of course it works in some cases but from a practical point of view I simply cannot see a man waiting to be 45 to marry a 40 year old woman to only start a family then.

Thats exactly what I mean. If you intentionally plan to marry in your 40s then you lose out alot, but if it just happened because of circumstances then that is a different matter.

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Posted by: DH | 2013/01/18

Ag Anon, you''ve been married twice before and you hate your kids. Of course your life sucks because its all their fault!

If you could do it over your life would still suck because you would f*ck that up too.

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Posted by: YOLO | 2013/01/18

Im 30 and he is 49. he left his magogo fiance coz ov midlife crisis and i left my young stud coz i was getting tired of the rat race. I look 25 so that is an added bonus.

Logic behind it is......he is nearing the end f the midlife crises. He is gonna get tired. as my mom sed " lie low 4 nw, he will tire and by that time u will be at your peak" 

Gud genes r on my side so hav nothing to worry about.

Already he is slowing down

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/01/18

Woman at their 40''s are more receptive and experienced than woman in their 20''s and you are likely to get a more positive responsive attitude from a woman who is 40 than from a woman who is 24. Woman in their 40''s are warm and kind and they appreciate the difficulties and joys of life. They have been there and knows it. Come on who wants to stress at 40? No one. So i will not hesitate to go for a woman that is 40. They understand life and can make the right choices. They have lived life almost to the fullest. The danger with those in the 20''s is that they are still in the experimentation mode. There is no compelling argument to write these women off. So whilst some men would prefer a more younger girl, that does not neccessarily mean that the rest of us will go for the same thing. Some of us prefer stability which can only be brought by older women

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Posted by: Leila | 2013/01/18

I just like to give my input - you never know when it can come to good use..

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Posted by: Totsie | 2013/01/18

Leila. Shhhhh. You don''t always have to talk for just the sake of it.

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Posted by: Anon | 2013/01/18

Well, I am in my 40s have been married twice before and I think it is an extremely stupid thing to do - whether you are 24 or 44. If I had it over, I would not get married and I would not have kids. I woudl have the career, study, build up the assets and travel the world, rather than sweat and sacrifice my whole life, for what ? I don''t have anything to leave my kids anyway, so what was the sacrifice to make it day to day for? Nothing - absolutely nothing.

The majority of men in their 40+ are all fat and unhealthy and balding or greying or both, I would not want a man that is old. I would go for the 25 to 35''s who are still healthy and virile and will still want to go out and do things, not just lie on the couch and drink beer and smoke. EEEEEW.

Awaiting DH''s derogatory response. That''s all he knows - putting other people down. I LOOOOVEEEEE Sello putting him in his place. You ROCK Sello. Keep it up my man.

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Posted by: Leila | 2013/01/18

Why dont Single Girl go into the reeds maybe she''l get chosen by someone like Sello, perhaps??

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Posted by: DH | 2013/01/18

hmm...interesting view...yes of course it works in some cases but from a practical point of view I simply cannot see a man waiting to be 45 to marry a 40 year old woman to only start a family then. A successful man at 45 does not want a 40 year old woman, he wants a 25-35 year old. How many men do you know only marry after 40. If I were to get divorced I would not even consider anybody over 35.

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Posted by: Suresh | 2013/01/18

Hi Single girl,
I do not agree with your idea of getting married and having child at 40 years.
But I am 40 years and strong. My manhood size is amazing and have lots of stamina to give you sexual pleasure through out the night.
Agree ?

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