Posted by: Rade | 2007/05/31

Safe anal sex?

I have posted this on the Cyberdoc thread as well and thought I should share with you guys...

My question is this: How safe is anal sex in terms of stretching and damaging the spinchter muscle?
I have seen a sister at the sanatorium and she told me that when I grow older, I would have to wear nappies because the muscle would be stretched so much that I wouldn't be able to control the flow of natural bowel action.
Her attitude was quite biased and I thought that I should not take her opinion to be a true and credible reflection of the medical science.
What is your opinion?

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Hello again Rade, how are you?

We've answered this question several times already, as you may know, but none-the-less.... The so-called sister (at a Sanatorium? this all sounds frightfully dark, sinister, Brad-and-Janet-ish??) spoke ABSOLUTE garbage and she deserves to be fried alive or at the very least seriously spanked.

I also didn't like the response you posted here subsequently from Cyberdoc, so I went to her forum to check (she doesn't seem to be heavily into anal sex and seems to be skating on tricky ice) so who is ASV?? Explain??

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Posted by: Kyle | 2007/06/01

Spend a few minutes doing a search on previous posts on this to the forum, with the search function, you'll get far more reliable and real information. Good luck to you Rade and I hope the cyberdoc's response won't hold you back. There and millions of people around the world doing anal sex right now- do it safely and you're in for some serious pleasure. Which is what sex is supposed to be all about, right??


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Posted by: anon | 2007/06/01

Rade buddy, what you were told is 100% meaningless and seriously and absolutely WRONG! I'm surprised that a doctor can be so ignorant!

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Posted by: Rade | 2007/06/01

ASV was just the person that asked about the topic way back in 2003 and it was this answer (adressed to ASV) that I copied and pasted.

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Posted by: Spiderman | 2007/06/01

Anal sex is nice...if that means i have to wear a nappie at the age of be it! i'll still carry on!

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Posted by: Deon | 2007/05/31

I don't think the CyberDoc did anal sex herself? Not her fault! BUT she seem to negative and not enough scientific knowledge! Some of her stuff I reject outright 100% so let's see what the gay expert on health24 says. wrong WRONG WRONG wrong to say anal sex is a bad choice - unprotected vaginal sex is even MORE risky.

Gay Expert please comment???

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Posted by: Rade | 2007/05/31

Okay, I'm answering my own question as I am still waiting for a reply on my answer.
Traced back on the Cyberdoc forum and got this answer that I thought (medically) answered the question perfectly.

Posted by: CyberDoc
ASV, at this stage the scientific data seems to suggest that it’s fairly safe to have anal sex. It also shows that (in absolute numbers) there are more heterosexual people having anal sex than homosexual men. That said, the anus was not made for sex, so you can develop serious problems because of it.
1. It can cause tearing of the mucous membrane that may get infected and lead to abscesses that may spread inwards.
2. You can tear the anal sphincters and this may lead to incontinence of faeces.
3. You may develop rectal prolapse.
4. There is a higher incidence of STD’s.
5. You can develop an anal fissure.
6. Pain with passing stools.
As far as haemorrhoids are concerned; it will probably not cause them and might even improve them a bit.
If you decide to have anal sex, your partner has to understand that he has to be very patient when he penetrates you and not to do so without ADEQUATE lubrication. Wearing a condom would also be an excellent idea. You have to remember that you cannot relax the anal sphincters by will, it happens automatically. Once the sphincters have relaxed (all 3 of them), he can become more enthusiastic. If you experience pain at any stage the best would be to stop immediately – this is definitely not the time to grin and bear it.
I know you probably think I’m a boring old fart who disagrees with everything he hasn’t tried before, but I can assure you that I’m open-minded about any sexual practices that carry no heath risk and that are committed by two consenting adults. So please feel to ask me anything as as far as I know, there is no specialist that specialises in anal sex. Good luck.
PS If you do have more questions please post them as new questions otherwise I won’t get them.

Date: 30/8/2003

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Posted by: Deeve | 2007/05/31

Howzit absolute bunch of crud! The Expert will elaborate....go and search for similar postings on this topic.

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Posted by: LONEWOLF | 2007/05/31

Your answer is in your question - Her attitude was quite biased - Stop believing in old wives tales


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