Posted by: Mom | 2013/02/18


Have you noticed how doom and gloomy the topics on Marriage Support are? Then we are surprised when fewer SAns are getting married. How do we get the dignity back in marriage and instill the values that we once held as a nation. I am fortunate enough to be married to a Pastor, not that girls in church do not smile at him all the time but because I trust the God inside him to see him through all those challenges.

I feel for men who do not know God because this loss of morals means that the nookie is freely available and which man will gladly pass a free nookie? Very few to the devastation of marriages. Everyone is looking for happiness outside their families. Why have children and get married when you know that you are not done with chasing fun outside. Children in the process are neglected because mommy wants to pay daddy''s wrong with another wrong by also going out.

Is it because we marry wrong people or it is just that the world is messed up to no return? Can we make this Marriage Support Forum an interesting place where we can share our joys of sharing wonderful time with our families. Is that too illusive a discussion that it cannot be held?

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Posted by: Shozi | 2013/02/19

Mmmmmhh JR
No disrepect dear am just curious to know how old are you...if u dont mind

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Posted by: JR | 2013/02/18

Interesting indeed. I think that people who are happy have no need for support - one reasonw why we only ever read about the problems of life, and not the joys.

I think that marriages don''t last because we live in a disposable society. Nothing is worked on or fixed anymore. If it is not working,we just throw it away and get something new and better - untill that is not working anymore, and then we get something new and better. I remember my mom darning our socks. You have to be seriously kidding me !!!! It''s just so much easier to go to the shop and very inexpensively get a new pair. And so it is with marriage and relationships. Why should we put in time and effort when we can just get a new partner who is going to be less stress and less work?

In the old days, divorce was a swear word. But look how easy it is now. Not even three minutes in court. You don''t even have to give a valid reason. All you have to say is irreconcilable differences. What is that anyway?

I don''t think it''s always a case of we marry the wrong people, even though I have heard of people that get married to be looked after financially, or to get out of their parents house. But I think the bigger problem is, we are so damaged and so conditioned by the messed up world, and I think we are so busy continuously trying to overcome the obstacles, that we forget and overlook the joys. As you think, so shall you be. If you are always seeing the mud, all you will ever have is mud. If you focus on the flowers, fertilise and nurture the flowers, imagine how beautiful the garden will be.

Personally, I like the flowers.

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Posted by: Amasi | 2013/02/18

I thought " support"  means support especially in times of hardship.

Maybe you are suggesting a forum called " marriage gloating"  where everyone has got to share how wonderful their marriage is.

Okay, start a thread saying that and you will see responses.


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Posted by: ME ME | 2013/02/18

Hi i understand and agree on what you saying. Best is you pray for your marraige every day. Even Pastors gets temped by woman sometimes even stronger than those man that isnt Godly
Remember the devil is out there to destry marraiges.

I say pray for your family and marraiges every single day and let God be the captain of your ship (marraige)

Stay blessed

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