Posted by: Justine | 2013/02/06


Last night my brother-in-law arrives at my home with STRESS AWAY tablets/capsules which he received from a friend of his. He tells me that my 14 year-old (who is on Ritalin) is slowly being poisoned as Ritalin contains Warfarin which he says is rat poison. He spews all this BS in front of my son, who obviously becomes quite nervous at the thought of ingesting rat poison!! We had this huge argument as he maintains that Ritalin is bad for my son and that we are supporting the system - which system I ask - the system he claims is making millions from the sale of Ritalin, which includes the child psychiatrist who prescribed the medication (after conducting a thorough assessment of my child) to the educational psychologist who referred my child, to the pharmacies who dispense the medication etc. etc. etc. He also maintains that psychiatrists and therapists are free masons (LMAO)!!! I normally ignore ill-informed, ignorant people such as he is, but he really got my back up last night when he tried to convince me to use Stress Away tablets to subdue my son and improve his concentration. My son has experienced only headaches (ocassionally) and loss of appetite as side-effects of Ritalin. He and his wife give their four year old son Stress Away tablets to " subdue"  him as he is too active. He tells me to " google"  Ritalin and see how damaging it is for my son. My son''s marks at school have improved drastically over the past two years, he can sit still and concentrate on a task without getting distracted, he no longer feels inferior to his classmates as he is achieving the same and often better results as they do! I know I should treat his comments with the contempt that they deserve, but I get so mad when others try to tell me what to do when it comes to my child. He says that it''s all a big conspiracy that the doctors and therapists have going to control children - seriously, this monkey does not know what he is talking about!! We take our son to the child psychiatrist every six months where he is assessed, weighed etc. His weight and height is almost always as it should be. We were advised by the said doctor that there is a possibility that either my husband or I could have had ADD as a child, which was undiagnosed (many parents years ago attributed bad marks/poor performance to naughtiness, laziness etc.) and therefore did nothing to help their children.

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Obviously your brother in law is very dangerously misinformed. As with every possible medicine or remedy, there are some problems with Ritalin. But there has never been Warfarin in Ritalin, and if you fed it to rats you'd probably just get some annoyingly hyperactive rats. There isn't a shred of good scientific evidence I've seen so far, that Stress Away is of any value at all in properly diagnosed ADHD.
It was almost abusive in its degree of frightening and damaging the child with wild lies. Do ask your brother-in-law to gie you copies of his medical degree and his psychiatric and pharmacology qualifications.
What wildly irresponsible conspiracy theories. Gosh, if prescribing Ritalin was so dar profitable, why would anyone prescribe anything else, whatever the diagnosis ?
He illustrates the dangers of googling, in that it finds ALL sites mentioning, say, Ritalin, the expert, the informed and the downright loony.
He really must send me directions to my Masonic Lodge, as I must be lissing out on something good.
At least your son has a recognized disorder receiving what is recognized as appropriate treatment. Unfortunately, for your bro-in-law's condition, as my cat says, "There's no cure for Stoopid".
And I do love BMJ's relaxation technique. I really must try it !

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Posted by: kekana SS | 2013/03/09

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Posted by: Sue | 2013/02/08

I too have a child on Ritalin, and have had numerous people over the years giving their uneducated and unwanted opinions. These people are always the ones who know very little and have a elevated sense of their own value.
Ritalin helps enormously, and those of us in the know, with ADHD kids live with the issue daily.

If I were you, I''d ban my brother in law from the house, and tell him to take his uneducated drivel else where.

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Posted by: Mum | 2013/02/07

Justine, you are not the only one to be put in this position. I have been in this position a number of times, but the funny thing to me is that the person who claims you are such a bad mother for giving your child the meds, doesnt have ad/hd, have a child with ad/h and doesnt live with it day to day... In fact they have no clue what is involved with the condition or the meds. Yep if you google ritalin some horrific articles come up, but if he bothered to look further he would also see how much good the meds can do for kids who are properly assessed, monitored and medicated...

Thats my normal response - i just politely ask them if they or their child or anyone they know actually has Ad/hd - most of the time they dont, to which i just reply that they shouldnt comment on things they know so little about.

The day I opened a kid friendly magazine and saw an article in there from a pharmacist saying how the meds are abused and the parents giving them out are just too lazy to discipline their children, was when i lost the plot. my response which i sent back to the magazine in response to her ridiculous letter, won the star letter the next month :-) :-)

I also have a 14 year old son on meds. I tried every alternative treatment going before he finally went on meds. I can tell you that all that stress away and omegas do, are put a huge dent in your pocket. They may be good for some things, but not for adhd.

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Posted by: Justine | 2013/02/06

Thank you for your responses. BMJ thanks for the giggle - I may just try that in future. The saying " empty vessels ..."  comes to mind when my brother-in-law opens his mouth! lol

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Posted by: Purple | 2013/02/06

oh dear. The conspiracy theorists. Perhaps it would be helpful to find some accurate information for your son and to explain to him how some people fall for every bit of nonsense peddled but are quick to go around accusing other people of being gullible. I suspect they can''t spell irony.

It may be worthwhile to ask the psychiatrist to explain a bit about the scientific method to your son and that its a way of thinking and that many many studies are conducted and viewed and when medication is prescribed the risks and benefits need to be balanced.

Herbal medicines are not without side effects. There is however no regulatory control of them though, so they might or might not contain what they say they do and might contain all sorts of other things. At least pharmeceutical products are regulated and held in check. Of course they have side effects.

What a distressing incident for your son.

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Posted by: BMJ | 2013/02/06

I have a son on ritalin as well and I understand totally how you feel. When someone once made some stupid comment to me - why dont you just give him straight heroin as he is going to be a drug addict anyway. I looked them sweetly in the eye and said because I a a horrible mother, who hates my child and want to do the worst I can possibly do despite informed warnings from experts like them. I dont know if it was what I said or the shock that I actually verbalised what they were really thinking that shut them up - but it certainly did.

The other thing that I stil find helpful is picturing a beautiful calm lake with trees and grass and birds and silence. Then I imagine holding the person''s face under the water....:)

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