Posted by: Gross | 2007/04/03


Hello all,

Please help-i have a ringworm! i have no idea how it got there. it started out as an insect bite. there were three little holes in my arm. i scratched it and now its this red & dry ring that wont stop itching. i've stayed away from the dogs they are not even allowed in our home, the kids were dewormed a month and a half ago and hubby is clear-what caused this and will i be able to get something over the counter-will it harm my baby?
I'm 21 weeks.

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You will have to see your gynae as soon as you can.

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Posted by: Nuffing | 2007/04/04

Hi Virgo.

Ok I spelled it wrong it's pityriasis rosea.

"Pityriasis rosea is a common skin disease. It appears as a rash that can last from several weeks to several months. The way the rash looks may differ from person to person. It most often develops in the spring and the fall, and seems to favor adolescents and young adults. Pityriasis rosea is uncommon in those over 60 years old. It may last months longer when it occurs in this age group. Usually there are no permanent marks as a result of this disease, although some darker-skinned persons may develop long-lasting flat brown spots.

The skin rash follows a very distinctive pattern. In 3/4 of the cases, a single, isolated oval scaly patch (the "herald patch") appears on the body, particularly on the trunk, upper arms, neck, or thighs. Often, the herald patch is mistaken for ringworm (tinea corporis) or eczema. Within a week or two more pink patches will occur on the body and on the arms and legs. These patches often form a pattern over the back resembling the outline of an evergreen tree with dropping branches. Patches may also appear on the neck and, rarely, on the face. These spots usually are smaller than the "herald" patch. The rash begins to heal after 2-4 weeks and is usually gone by 6-14.

Sometimes the disease can cause a more severe skin reaction. Some patients with this disease will have some itching that can be severe, especially when the patient becomes overheated. Occasionally there may be other symptoms, including tiredness and aching. The rash usually fades and disappears within six weeks but can sometimes last much longer. Physical activity, like jogging or running, or bathing in hot water may cause the rash to temporarily worsen or reappear. In some cases, the patches will reappear up to several weeks after the first episode. This can continue for many months.

The cause is unproven. It definitely is not caused by a fungus or bacterial infection. It also is not due to any known type of allergic reaction. This condition is not a sign of any type of internal disease. Since it is neither contagious nor sexually transmitted, there is no reason to avoid close or intimate contact when one has this eruption.

There is more info and picture at these links (take the brackets out of the link when you copy it):

I hope that helps.

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Posted by: Virgo | 2007/04/04

Thanks a million Nuffing this sounds exactly like the ones i had, becoz I went to 2 docs the one had no clue what it was, and the other said it was a ringworm even now there are still visible I am using bio oil to try and get rid of the spots. Please give me more info there are quiet scary even my partner was so scared to touch me.

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Posted by: Nuffing | 2007/04/03

Hi there.

Firstly I assume you know that ringworm is a fungal infection and not a worm?

Then when you mentioned that they were all over your body, have you checked to make sure it is actually ringworm?

I got a strange dermatological condition called pitiarisis rosea 2 years ago.

It looks a bit like ringworm, but comes out all over. No one really knows what causes it, but it seems to be stress related. It goes away on it;s own after a while. It is not contagious, and not dangerous and is just unsightly and a bit itchy... They are spots that grow into rings that grow and grow and then fade away.

Does that sound like it? I can tell you more if so...

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Posted by: Gross | 2007/04/03

Pregnancy Chatline, is it that serious-i can only see my gynae in two weeks time!

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Posted by: Gross | 2007/04/03

thank you Virgo and Anon! i thought that i was the only one! i really appreciate this.

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Posted by: anon | 2007/04/03


I had one a few years back. Don't scratch anywhere else on your body because you will get it there as well that is what i did and i end up having three of it. I know i bought something over the counter but can't remember the name to long ago but not sure if it is save to use in pregnancy i suggest you go the the chemist and ask it is difficult to get rid off i know it was some cream not pills. Good luck

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Posted by: virgo | 2007/04/03

I also had the same thing but unfotunately mine spread on my whole body it was horrible I am 21 weeks. The doc prescribed Medaspor topical cream she said it's not as strong as the other over the counter creams that might harm the baby i had to use it for 4 weeks mine were so severe i went through 4 tubes.I don't have any pets as to now I don't know what caused them. It's best to treat them early coz they spread so fast i mean even down there i had them . Now i am left with spots all over my body
Hope this info helps you !!!!!!!!!!!!

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