Posted by: OBSERVER | 2006/07/27


I read the whole issue regarding Riana's daughter with compassion and interest.

The only thing that really amuses me is all the negative, cruel and hate responses she gets. You guys ask her questions over and over almost a sighn of trying to proof she is a fake.

When something as dramatic as this happens a person tend to change a story and forget a detail. Please try and be nice to her.

To all the other people sending her and giving her positive responses thank you for doing so.

She is in my prayers and I hope things will get better for her.

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Our expert says:
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Here here
Kate, are you being deliberately dof ? The daughter is in a psych ward, and visiting time is restricted, very appropriately.
And as I said, if the story was fake, it wouldn't kill you to be kindly, anyway. Nobody is being harmed by it. and if the story is true, just imagine how cruel you are being

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Our users say:
Posted by: Megan | 2006/07/28

I see the Annex groupies are here. Always the same oh, same oh. Get a life! They are probably here because they can't pick on someone on the annex site.

Reply to Megan
Posted by: Lola | 2006/07/27

okay okay so some people can be harsh. but its all opinions in the end. if that were my child i'd sit in the waiting room all day just to be close to her. sounds stupid and pointless but i'd feel like i was doing something. im sure keeping away the parents is in the childs best interest and can only benefit her. But that said, everyone deals with crisis in their own way.
i can say that this is pssibly Riana's way of expressing herself. Yet there is a point with regards to libby and riana being the same person.perhaps cs would have more insight nto that. so fort the meantime we sit in anticipation to the next posting or response...

Reply to Lola
Posted by: Soul | 2006/07/27

Hi Riana

I read your story and I must say my heart trully goes out to you and your hubby. I trully hope that things work out for your daughter and I hope justice is served to Jason.

I find you to be an incredibly strong woman you are holding yourself together well, despite all the negative remarks you are getting here on this site.

As for the folks who have nothing better to do than judge Riana and the hardship her family is facing, it makes me wonder about you and just who may be seeking attention. You folks seem to thive on attention and when someone else really needs some support it's like wait someone else has what I want so lets slam dunk them, and gee what do you know, yip you gueesed it the attention is back on you, well done you scored.
Why don't you just leave her be and be greatfull that you are not the ones facing this and having to deal with people like you.

Doc I couldn't agree with you more Kate you really are DOFF.

Riana my prayers are with your family.

Take Care

Reply to Soul
Posted by: Anon | 2006/07/27

Off the serious topic.... But Why do you care if this is the way she wants to entertain herself??

YOu dont have to support anyone here, but yet you lavish in the fact that you can break people down.

Leave her alone. She is hurting no one.

What if it is true? Just sit back and stop being bitchy for one second. What if it is true?

Are you normally this selfish and cold?

Forget the fact that you think she is lying!! What if it is true?

It is horrible man. Even if it is only a "what if"....

Once again: If you cannot say anything nice, then rather dont say anything at all.

Reply to Anon
Posted by: Me | 2006/07/27

the one thing i've observed, the writting style of Libby and Riana is so similar.. to me it the same person talking to herself. Libby is always there to respond to Riana, yet we hardly have Libby posting or responding to other posts. as soon as there is Riana, she appears....

it is just ironic that she has a critical child in hospital but sits here the whole day.. the excuse of her not being allowed to go to the hospital during certain times is just far fetched.

Shame girl, you trully have serious issues. Anyway, you are eventually going to be caught out. carry on. everything does come to an end.

Reply to Me
Posted by: Kia | 2006/07/27

Have you never heard of internet at home?

Poor people.

Reply to Kia
Posted by: Lola | 2006/07/27

Thats true "???" but come on Libby, arent you a little over eager to be on her "side" or defence? Let her speak for herself even if it in crap. No, the negative comments are what keep it a bias free and opinionated site.
As for libby using another nic-"Observer" then admitting to it makes me question all the other supporters of Riana....

Reply to Lola
Posted by: Delene | 2006/07/27

Riana. I am not anti Riana,

I did follow your story from the beginning. At first my heart was so sore to read it. But I honestly also have my doubts about any of is. When something gets too much.....It usually is.........

If I am wrong, I appologize. But thats my opinion.

Reply to Delene
Posted by: ???? | 2006/07/27

Internet at home? What crap is that? Have u noticed how she doesnt answer to sum of her slip ups??

Reply to ????
Posted by: Libby | 2006/07/27

Dear Anon

Not even I could of said it better.

Have a pleasant evening.


Reply to Libby
Posted by: Anon | 2006/07/27

I agree Observer. Jeez. If you cant say nothing nice.... Ya well, these people dont care really. I feel if you dont like it, just dont read it. I think it is a horrible reality she has to cope with and so what if the details dont match.

I do think the docters are in their right to refuse her time with her daugther. Exactly because this is what is needed. Not because Riana doesnt care and not because the docters are cruel. It is necessary.

In a time like this I would also be surfing the net to keep me busy!

Lets put it this way, I feel very sorry for Riana and her family. If it is true, I am glad that I have been on her side. If it is not, at least alot of people were entertained by following the story. NO one looses anything.

Reply to Anon
Posted by: Libby | 2006/07/27

Sorry for all the spelling mistakes.
I also asked her why she is on the net all day - she has internet access at home and she comes here for support something we should give her.

Reply to Libby
Posted by: Riana | 2006/07/27

Glad you think i am on here ALL day.

Would just about ask you the same question. Do you not have work to do?

Reply to Riana
Posted by: Libby | 2006/07/27

I think that she is trying to cope with this whole issue on her own. I do think as she said her daughter had to go throug a week of intense theraphy - she only went in last week and I think the week is finish tomorrow.

She will then be allowed to spend more time with her.

I do agree on some of the postings however if something like this happened to my child I would kill someone if they even tried to prevent me from being with my child.

Every situation is however diffirent. Reading the posting from Riana - she might not have been mentally strong enough to do so and maybe that is why she was asked to only come at night. Any child can feel when his / her parents are upset and it might be teh case here.

I jsut feel some of the postings here is so cruel and if people think she is a fake then they should not respons. I feel that she needs us and we should help her get through this.

I would expect this if this happened to me - we should be a happy family helping each other.

Sorry if I offended you or any one else.

Have a pleasant evening.

Observer alias Libby - What the hell I don't want to hide my feelings and people should know who I am.

Reply to Libby
Posted by: Kate | 2006/07/27

Then why are you on the net all day. Instead of being with your daughter?

Reply to Kate
Posted by: Riana | 2006/07/27

Thank you, i needed that though!

And Kate, if i could be with her i would have, she is my ownly child since her twin brother died.

I am trying my best.

Reply to Riana
Posted by: Kate | 2006/07/27

My only question was if she is worried her daughter is forgetting her, why isnt she spending more time there?

Reply to Kate

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