Posted by: Sharon | 2012/09/06

Rectal pain after miscarriage

I had a miscarriage 10 days ago. I was 16 weeks pregnant. I didnt have any D &  C, the ultrasound showed a clean uterus.

2 days after i started having rectal pain. Its worse when i go to the loo. But it can jsut come at any time especially when im sitting. Its last for few seconds, its a sharp stabbing pain on the rectal passage &  the opening. Even when i fart i feel the pain.

Is this normal?
I am only seeing my Gynae in 4 weeks. The other problem they ultrasound showed fibroids, which i didnt have before the pregancy, she said they were caused by the pregancy so we must wait 6 weeks to see if they will shrink.

Is this unsual? Wouldnt the fibroids cause me problems should i get pregant again?

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Expert ImageGynaeDoc

I can't see how the rectal pain would be related to the miscarriage. Piles and rectal fissures can cause pain.You would need an examination to check for this.
Fibroids, if small should not cause problems and they often shrink after a pregnancy.

Best wishes

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Our users say:
Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/01/09

1. I have Endometriosis confirmed on my bladder & Intestines, as well as other areas 2. I had a natural miscarriage at 8 weeks - this is my 3rd the process has been ongoing for a week now and is starting to come to the end (I think) 3. The pain that I experience gets worse with bowel movements and seems to impact the bottom of my uterus and my rectal area. This is NEW and not my normal. My first follow up with the doctor is on Monday.

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Posted by: M. aldaco | 2015/11/02

I was 4 weeks when the doctor told me I am miscarrying since hcg was rising very slowly (396-460) and I was starting to bleed with minor cramps. Well my miscarriage lasted for 11 days I would say. Now is the 13th day after i started bleeding and on the 10th day after having mild contractions and bled heaviest compared to the previous, I passed a grayish bloody matter that I kept for my Doctor and them to examine, It was about 2 inches long but I could not describe how it looks like. A day after i passed that matter, I started feeling mild shooting pain on my tail bone and on the base of my vagina but my bleeding slowed down almost actually none I would say. The next day which was yesterday, it got worst and the amount of pain increased and felt like there is a pressure down there I cannot pin point, the bleeding still was the same as the previous day, only when I wiped. This morning the pain seemed to have subsided but there is still a little bit. what could this be?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/09/02

I have the same pain after a D&C a week ago. I called my gynae he says its the uterus contracting and its harmless just to take painkillers

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/08/10

Please help I had a termination 5 days ago and they had to use forceps to rover placenta it was incredibly painful ( worse than birth) and the doctor seemed to be digging around in there forever pulling bits out. I was in lots of pain for a few days after and bled. Now the bleeding seems to have vertually stopped but the pain seems to have moved around to my back passage and is painful to sit down on it. Also I still get a pain in the front when I wee and puts me off going. I hav no idea if this is normal, I have two children and can't remember having pains like this after their birth. I'm really worried something is wrong like bits of placenta left inside but I'm terrified of going back to hospital. Anyone got any advice please

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Posted by: Anonymous that had same issue. | 2015/07/19

i don't know if anyone is looking at this site anymore as the comments on here are a bit old. Gynaedoc is totally incorrect. I had these in the past and they lasted for approximately 2 years at which time I was diagnosed with Asherman's syndrome. It is the result from a doctor that "cleans" out the uterus more than is necessary, getting down and into the Deep Basal layer of uterus. With abortions, Miscarriages, D & Cs, some of the "Cleaning" can harm this layer if the doctor is "overzealous" or wants to "help" you not have periods for a while after the miscarriage, etc. This layer gets it's blood supply from another Vascular system. It would also get its nerve endings from another system which could be why the pain feels like a sharp intense pain - I think it felt more like somebody was shoving a knife up my rectum. I just wish the OBGYNs and other "Surgeons" would believe this real issue. It took me several years to learn about this. I had to research the uterus, surrounding tissue, nerve charts, etc. this is the only thing that I believe to be the cause for this intense pain. I hope I can help someone out there.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/11/19

I had a d&c this morning and my rectum hurts...I dont think that is normal. I'm concerned

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/07/30

im experiencing random sharp pains in my rectum many times during the day. i Had an abortion 7days ago and the pains have gotten much worse in the past 4 days. i also used to have them during my period but now they just feel so much worse.. occasionally i let out a scream and yesterday i fell to the ground. im getting really scared. does it have to do with the abortion having gone wrong?

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Posted by: mummybear | 2014/11/20

HI, i recently had an ERPC and have since then been suffering from rectal and abdominal pain( feels like when you are ovulating). Did you manage to find out eventually what was causing it?

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/06/07

I don't think Gynaedoc's comment is very helpful here,I am experiencing intense pain when doing a poo after an ERPC and there are hundreds of comments on the web about how this is to be expected after a miscarriage, so ignore the expert here!

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Posted by: lulu | 2013/10/12

me too i had miscariage 3weeks back im experiencing abdminal nd rectum pain t gets worse each day and the bleeding dnt stop.went to da doctor for a altrasound nd everting was clean my uterus ws clean bt for 3weeks im bleeding nd der clots a size of a golf ball .wats wrng with me!plz help

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Posted by: KBB | 2013/01/04

I, too, am also experiencing this problem. I did not have a D& C. The rectal and abdominal pain started about 2 days after I miscarried. At first it seems directly related to my GI system as it hurt when I had to make a bowel movement. My OB is at a loss of the etiology. It''s been a week since the miscarriage and the rectal/abdominal pain still persists, but is better. I''m also not bleeding nearly as much. I''m wondering if this endometriosis. Has anyone experienced this and had a confirmatory endo diagnosis? I''m going to meet with an endo specialist to rule in/out endo, as I''ve been given conflicting diagnoses over the years. Hope the pain gets better for each of you. This is really no fun.

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Posted by: Julie | 2012/11/24

I had a D& C just over a week ago. I too am experiencing sharp, shouting rectal pain. I''ve sometimes had this in the past during my period. Once the period ended, so did this " pain" . I told my co-worker about it and she said it sounded like contractions. When she was in labor, she had deep vaginal and anal pain that specifically felt like it was on the " inside"  as she put it. She also said that out lasted some time after she have for a few days longer. I feel like it''s probably related to uterine contractions. Your body may still be expelling and the uterus needs to contract to do that.

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Posted by: gynaedoc | 2012/09/12

I can't see how the rectal pain would be related to the miscarriage. Piles and rectal fissures can cause pain.You would need an examination to check for this.
Fibroids, if small should not cause problems and they often shrink after a pregnancy.

Best wishes

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Posted by: Lily | 2012/09/10

Hey Sharon

I have the same problem. I had a miscarraige two weeks ago. Had a D &  C on Thursday and the bleeding stopped immediately.
I had sharp pains in my rectum all weekend and also worse when i go to the loo or pass gas and yesterday i started bleeding slightly again. Also very confused as to if this is normal.

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Posted by: Annette | 2013/04/12

Hi, I have the same thing. I had a miscarrigae 3 weeks ago and still bleed (mostly when I wipe). Since a couple of days, Ive had a lot of gas and bloating with rectal pain. I was wondering if this was because I might be ovulating again (my breats are tender again, like after ovulation) or is the rectal pain a condition of having had an ectopic miscarriage ? Thanks.

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