Posted by: Blondie.. | 2007/12/11

Quit smoking

I have been trying - emphasis on TRYING - to quit smoking, my fiance and I are both attempting to better our health and kick the habit once and for all. He is stonger willed and has been doing great. Me, on the other hand, have been struggling to control my mood swings and smoke a siggarette just to spare my fiance the drama. I feel so childish and can't understand why this is so difficult. I used to smoke one pack of twenty a week and reckon it was more a habit than an addiction. So it's more a mental than a physical thing. The smell irritated the living daylights out of me and I also hid the fact that I'm a smoker from my colleagues. I never smoke during the day (at the office), but for some reason I now crave to smoke during office hours??? My fiance got me that nicogel stuff, it smells and I don't feel that it's working.

I'm gonna go for a jog when I get home - any other tips, please. I'm desperate.

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Nicotine, especially as packaged in cigarettes is a seriously addictive substance. There are a range of products that can help you to rid yourself of the addiction, including nicotine chewing gum, patches, etc. And exercise is useful, and try some programmes like Smokenders.
And John's comments are brilliant --- copy and print them and re-read them daily till you've finished quitting the weed

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/05/21

Where can I find information on Nicobloc and Nicogel?

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Posted by: Blondie.. | 2007/12/11

Okay - lets say 20 over a 5 day week. Some days I would smoke one in the mornings and two in the evenings and then on days when I'm really stressed I'd have 5 or 6. I have smoked for a great number of years.

Gosh this is hard, but I'm gonna do it!

Thanx everyone.

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Posted by: Sky | 2007/12/11

Will power is all you need. I stopped 3 months ago after watching a rugby match I said to my daughter thats ny last smoke and it has been.

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Posted by: Britty | 2007/12/11

Are you sure you are only smoking 20 a week, that is about 3 a day which should be easier to give up than a 20 pack a day!!! Whatever you and your finance are smoking calculate what you would both smoke in a year, maybe not too much money but calculate what you spend in a lifetime and you might just get annoyed or upset enough to give up 3 a day!. I reckon if you are smoking 20 every day you will probably spend at least R250,000.00 in your lifetime, probably more. What couldn't you do with that kind of money. Good luck.

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Posted by: Dude | 2007/12/11

I did it with ZIBAN.,... a cur ein a pill, and it works f* in well, will keep ur moods down...

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Posted by: John | 2007/12/11

I quit smoking 4 months ago. At the time, for the first two weeks, it seemed like an impossible task. Looking back now, I can't understand what was so hard. I used the chewing gum and it worked well for me. Also, it helped to remember a few facts:

1 - If you smoke, you have an excellent chance of getting cancer. By all accounts, this is an unpleasant way to die. Cancer of the lip, tongue and throat are particularly nasty, according to my ENT specialist and I believe him, and he says those that have cancer in their mouths lose their face bit by bit. Sounds off-putting, no?
2 - Your food tastes a zillion times better when your sense of taste returns. Believe me, a freshly baked roll with some decent cheese and a well-made cup of tea tastes ridiculously brilliant. Who knew, a simple meal that could taste so great?
3 - You will save money and could possibly pay for a small car over your lifetime with the money tossed away on cancer-causing cigarettes. It may be worth your while to take the time and whip up a simple Excel spreadsheet to be amazed, shocked and awed by the power of compounded interest over a few years. Stunning stuff. And you're burning this dough now.
4 - Non-smokers are sexy: when I see two hot chicks, the one that does not smoke looks, well, smoking hot. The smoker looks like a loser with no self-control and definitely smells bad. Yech. You don't want to be this chick, do you?
5 - Life, believe it or not, is possible without cigarettes. Really. I was amazed to realise that I could get through a day without smoking. And I smoked for decades, literally, so this little miracle occurs on a daily basis for me and gives me a gril every day.
6 - I have zero will-power. None. Zilch. I'm simply too terrified to get cancer and I can now admit that I have the occassional flutter at the lotto millions and I hope to win. This is not useless but interesting trivia from my life - check this out: to win the lotto I have to accept a 1 in 14 million (yep, million) chance. These are crappy odds. Chances of getting a life-style disease from smoking? 1 in 10. Yes, 1 in 10 - this includes high-blood pressure, heart attack, cancer of the anywhere (pick a spot on your body), and erectile dysfunction. Whats that? You're a woman? Hah! You will suffer from it if your husband smokes, believe me.

So you can do it. And your choice is a simple one: cancer or life? Or do you think you can win the lotto but not get cancer?

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